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The way that many people bet is changing. Rather than placing a wager before an event begins, people are starting NFL live betting. This involves placing your bets while the game is taking place, with the betting odds changing when something happens to reflect the current state of play.

Live betting started slowly, but many people are now turning to it and over the coming years, that is only going to grow further. However, it is fair to say that not every sport is perfect for in play betting, in fact, some are pretty poor for it.

There is one US sport that stands out from the crowd though as being an excellent sport for in play betting, and that is American Football. The NFL is the flagship league, and betting on the league is hugely popular.

Each week players rush to bet, from singles on the primetime games to accas on those that kick off together on Sunday afternoon. However, you bet on the league, if you haven’t tried an NFL live bet yet, maybe you should. Also we recommend to try cryptocurrency betting, betting with Bitcoin you can get up to 7 BTC first deposit bonus.

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The Speed of an NFL Game

It is the speed of an NFL game that makes it the perfect match for betting in play. There are some people, who don’t like the NFL, that will complain because the sport is full of stop/start moments, and there is no real flow to things.

nfl in play betting

Now, translate that into a betting perspective of the sport. There are many breaks in play where you can collect your thoughts and place your bets without being rushed. This is what makes it perfect. In soccer, for example, you are betting on the go while the action is unfolding, a few seconds late and you may miss your opportunity. This doesn’t happen with the NFL, instead, you can look at the betting opportunities and make your picks while the game isn’t being played.

Something else that the number of stoppages does is it breaks down the game into segments. Yes, we do see long touchdowns scored, but mostly we see a team creep up the field into the red zone and then score. By moving up the field, you can assess where they are compared to the odds on offer at each stage, and choose where to bet when you think you have value.

Again, this is not something you can do with any other sport out there, it is unique to the NFL.

nfl live bet

Judging the Odds and Getting Value

For the reason just mentioned above, the biggest key to being successful with your in play bets is judging the odds on offer and getting value.

Let’s say for example that you are going to back Green Bay to win and they have the ball in play. You can back them as soon as they get the ball, wait for them to play a couple of downs, wait for them to get to the halfway line, or even wait for them to hit the red zone.

It is not so much what you choose to do here, but the fact that you have a choice, which is great for punters. However, you need to make the choice count and jump in at just the right time to get the best value.

Let’s say the team you are backing are 6/4 to win, they need to score and have the ball in their own half. Fast forward a couple of plays and they are at the halfway line and priced up now at 5/4. Although this is only a small change, you need to weigh up which one is value.

nfl live betting

Yes, you are getting a better price by backing early, but you are also adding risk to your bet that you don’t have on the second one. Then the team may go 4/5 when they get into the opposing half, followed by going 4/7 when they get into the red zone.

These all need looking at and carefully considering. Jump in when you feel ready to place your bet, go with conviction but try to get the best possible value when compared to other parts of the drive and what odds were available then.

NFL In Play Betting Tips

Alongside making sure you do all you can to get the value when you bet, there are other things to consider when betting in play. The first is if you are betting very early in a game because you have missed kick off.

nfl betting guide

If you can, wait until your team doesn’t have the ball. If they have the ball, even straight from the kick off, their odds will shorten. Hope for them to not do anything with their first drive and when they punt and give the ball over to the opposition, their odds will go back out again.

Bookmakers will always side with the team that has the ball and shorten them because of that, even if they are still in their own half.

The second tip would be to try and split the game down into sections. You can’t do this properly with pre-match betting, but you can in play. Look for how the game is flowing and then bet on what is going to happen in the current or next quarter.

If you can read a game, and for example, you see a team struggling or one taking risks to get points you can bet either for or against them to win that quarter based on what you are seeing. Momentum swings happen in the NFL, betting on the NFL outright market will not always work as the game may change again later down the line, instead focus on small patches of the game by splitting it into quarters.

This and trying to find value should give you enough to get started with NFL betting. The sport is perfect for those who wish to give NFL in play betting a try, and it is only going to get more popular. More article about NFL you can find in NFL betting guide section.

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