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nba summer league betting tips

The NBA Summer League takes place every year and this year we will have 32 teams heading to Las Vegas. All 30 NBA teams will take part, and they will be joined by the national teams of China and Croatia to add a different element to the tournament. This is the first time that the league will feature two international teams, we have seen one in the past and that includes China playing in the tournament back in 2007.

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NBA Summer League Format

This is a feast of basketball for fans of the sport, with 11 days of non-stop action. A total of 83 games will take place across those days, and that begins with all teams playing four preliminary games to decide who makes it through to the knockout round.

The top eight are seeded and go through to the quarter-finals, followed by semi-finals and a final that takes place on July 15. For those that don’t make it into the top eight, they will face one final consolation game, meaning everyone will play a minimum of five games in the tournament, and those who make it through to the final will play the maximum of seven.

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NBA summer league 2018 winners – Portland “Trail Blazers”

Last year was the first time that all 30 NBA teams took part in the Summer League and it is great to not only see them back but also back as well as the international teams that are joining in. This shows the Summer League is continuing to grow in popularity and that is great for fans, giving us something of interest throughout the summer to keep our eye on.

The 2018 edition smashed the overall attendance record and matched the individual day attendance record, so fans are clearly on board with this competition. Viewing figures were also good, showing that fans are looking to keep tabs on their teams through the summer and see what is coming through the ranks at events like these.

Back in 2018, it was the Portland Trail Blazers who came out on top, beating the Los Angeles Lakers in the final. The Trail Blazers were led by final MVP K.J McDaniels, who had a great game to take his team to the title, but the overall MVP of the event went to someone on the opposite side. That was Josh Hart and their performances put them both in the spotlight and highlighted their skills to the clubs they are contracted to.

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This NBA tournament for coaches and fans to evaluate the young talent they have on their team.

Different When Betting Between NBA Summer League and NBA Regular Season

Those who are looking to bet on the NBA Summer League betting markets should note exactly what the competition is before they start placing their wagers. Main NBA summer league betting tips is this summer league is diffrent when betting NBA regular season. This is simply a summer tournament for coaches and fans to evaluate the young talent they have on their team. We will see a lot of younger players here, including many 2019 draft picks plus those from former years, all doing what they can to earn a place on the full NBA squad for the 2019/20 season. So sometimes it hard to make good NBA summer league betting predictions.

While these are not quite exhibition games, they are very close so when you are betting it is worth treading carefully and proceeding with caution as you are not betting on a full paced regular season NBA game.

However, it is also worth noting that the individual players on show here have a lot to play for and a win, combined with a good individual performance, could be what gets them into the NBA this autumn.

When the rosters are released, one of the best strategies to employ if you are betting on the Summer League is to look through and see which teams have the most experience on their roster. This could be players who have played in the NBA last season, or those who were draft picks in earlier years, not this year, who are perhaps a little closer to NBA action than those who were taken this time around. It is those players that have the most to prove and play for, and often those who come close to winning the overall tournament.

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Zion Williamson age only 18, but his jersey sales shatter NBA rookie record

2019 Draft Picks Playing in the NBA Summer League

Perhaps the best part of the Summer League for fans is seeing the players that have been drafted most recently on the court. These players may still need another couple of years to develop their skills, but by watching the Summer League, fans are seeing a glimpse into the future of their franchise.

There has been a long list of NBA superstars come through the Summer League ranks, with the likes of Steph Curry, Kevin Durrant, James Harden and Russell Westbrook have all participated in the Summer League and those who were lucky enough to watch them will have seen some of the NBA’s best talent at a very young age.

This year, it is hoped that we see a large number of the 2019 draft picks heading to the event, although full rosters have not yet been confirmed. The top ten won’t look as good as last year though, when we had nine out of the top ten draft picks heading to the league. This year, we have already had two players rule themselves out from the top ten, second pick Ja Morrant and tenth pick Cam Reddish.

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The rest will be announced in due course but we are hopeful that the remaining eight picks in the top ten, including number one pick Zion Williamson, will be at the Summer League. Alongside these top players, we will also get the chance to see a number of youngsters who were hidden in deeper rounds of the draft. If you want see all 2019 NBA draft picks and future league stars live, get tickets to Las Vegas, buy NBA summer league tickets and watch event live. But dont worry its not the only one chance – will coverage this event.

Every team usually has a sleeper that no one was predicting would do well in the Summer League, but they surprise us all and come to the fore. This may be a player picked in the later rounds, who few people have heard of and this is what makes the league exciting and special. This is a genuine chance for players to show what they are worth and try to earn a place in the big league, and play in front of packed houses against the top players in the world, night in, night out.

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