NBA Regular Season and Playoff Betting

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For the first time since 2005, the NBA playoffs won’t feature LeBron James.

At the end of the NBA regular season, we move into the playoffs. This is where the top eight teams from the Eastern Conference and the top eight teams from the Western Conference battle it out to see who will be crowned the champion after what is always an incredibly exciting but tough set of games.

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What is the Difference Between Betting in the NBA Regular Season and Playoffs?

The playoff games have a completely different feel to them compared to the regular season, and this is important to think about when you are placing your bets. While in a regular season game, just one win is on the line, in the playoffs, someone’s entire season could be on the line, and that gives us a higher tempo, with more at stake and often a great game. When teams meet each other in the NBA playoffs, we often see some of the very best games of the season taking place, and ones that are well worth watching.

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Each playoff series is played as a best of seven series, and the situation that the series is in will always have a big impact on how the game is played out. For example, if the game is the first game in the series then although this is vitally important, it won’t have the same edge as a game would if someone is winning 3-2 and they have the chance to clinch the series. When you bet on the regular season there are few other things to think about other than the actual game itself, whereas in the playoffs it is vital you look at and understand the bigger series picture and the implications of the game on the series.

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Golden State “Wariors” winning titles because they have best defense in NBA

Defensive Play Key in NBA Playoffs

Defensive play really comes to the fore in the NBA playoffs, and if a team is playing red hot defensively then they are likely to have success in the postseason. With a series of at least four games taking place, teams will single out the best players on the opposition and put plans in place to try and stop them. Those that can carry out those plans and keep the opposing stars quiet are going to have success.

While we all think about the big names and the big points scorers in the playoffs, if someone can manage to stop those players then that really swings things in their favour. We often see defensive matchups in the playoffs for a full series, where one person will be tasked with stopping the opposing star, and those battles can often be fascinating to watch and they can determine who wins the series. Strong defensive play is needed, and if a team gets it then they are likely to be successful in the postseason.

NBA Playoffs Betting Markets

One great thing for punters that the NBA playoffs offer is many additional NBA betting markets to use that are not available for the regular season.

NBA Champion

Want to place an outright bet on who will win the NBA Championship? This is the market for you, and it gives you an interest in the full playoffs, not just one game. Either go with your favourite team for a bit of fun or pick out the team you think will go all the way this season and take home the biggest prize of them all.

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Conference Champion

If you want to keep things just on one side of the draw then you can also back which team will win each of the two conferences. When we get to the playoffs, the east and west battle it out and they remain separate until the final when the eastern champion meets the western champion. This betting market allows you to back a team to win the east or west, but they don’t need to be the NBA champion.

Series Betting

This is a real favourite market for many people, me included. With the potential for seven games, you do not want to be betting on every single game when two teams play, which is where series betting comes into play. Here you do not bet on individual games, but the overall series matchup, betting who will come out on top. It doesn’t matter what the series score is, or when it is won, you are simply betting on who will come out on top. If you are looking for an interest between two teams, this offers you the chance to have that just by placing one bet.

Top Mistakes Made by Inexperienced NBA Playoff Gamblers

If you have not placed a bet in the NBA playoffs before, then it is always advisable to step back and double check what you are doing. The biggest mistake that people make is seeing all the new betting markets and placing too many bets, which means they are going to have too much to keep track of. Stick to one betting market, whether that is series betting, or something longer term like conference betting, and go with your selections on that market.

The second thing that people do on a regular basis is they don’t always look at the bigger picture in the series when looking at an individual game, because normally in the regular season we don’t need to do this. However, this is vital in the playoffs and can have a big impact on how teams play.

For example, if a team is winning 1-0 and they are away from him, this is likely to be a game where they have a normal amount of pressure on them. However, if a team is at home and winning 3-2, and they have this game to clinch a series, the pressure is going to be increased. Reading how a series is going, judging the importance of a game and using all of that to determine how you are going to bet is all key for someone who is betting on the NBA playoffs for the first time.

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