The Best Ways to Increase the Odds When Betting on Football

Many people enjoy a wager on football and we all have our different ways of placing our bets. Some go for a low risk betting strategy, short odds and just one selection, or two at the most, while others prefer to have a higher risk strategy, either betting on numerous selections together or placing bets on one selection at much bigger odds. If you want bet with Bitcoin or other crypto, check out best cryptocurrencies bookmakers.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to betting on football, what you should do is find a way to bet that you enjoy, one that is successful for you and one that matches the situation you are betting in.There will be times when you want to increase the odds when betting, this does mean more risk but obviously, if you do win then you will win more money. 

This can be done by betting on something you would normally bet on, but then adding another stipulation to the bet, putting two things together to create a wager with higher risk and high reward. If you are looking to do this, then here are several markets you can use to give yourself this type of wagering.

increase the odds over 2/5 goals
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Change from Anytime Scorer to Score 2 or More

If you are backing a player to score anytime in the game, you are betting on him to score once. If you want to take this to the next level then you can simply change your bet for the player to score twice. This adds risk, but the rewards on offer suddenly become far more appealing. 

Example. A player who is around 1/1 to score at any time in the game will be around 5/1 to score twice in the game. 

You go from a betting win that gives you the chance to double your money to one that gives you 5x the reward if a player scores twice rather than once. The best games to look out for here are those where you think goals will happen and where you think a team, in particular one player, can dominate the opposition. 

low risk betting football strategy over 3.5

Match Results + BTTS or Over/Under 2.5

When you are placing a bet on the match result, you have two options for increasing the odds. What is great about these options are that both can be used in two different ways, so although you are putting together two football betting markets here, you can create a total of four different bet combinations. 

Example. A team who are 1/1 to win the game can be backed with BTTS or without BTTS at 3/1. A team who are 1/1 to win the game can be backed with over 2/5 goals at 2/1 and under 2.5 goals at 4/1.

These are four options you can use, each of them increase the odds on a team to win the game. The best on offer here is 4/1, but this does require a low scoring game. The BTTS betting option is always a popular bet, you can bet a team to win and no for the BTTS element if you think the winners can keep a clean sheet, or bet yes if you think the game will be a high scoring affair with both finding the net. 

If you think both teams will score in the game then the win & Both teams to score betting market offers better value than the win & over 2.5 market, in the example these are 3/1 and 2/1 so far better odds are on offer. This is usually slightly more difficult to get right, which is why the price is bigger, but if you fancy it, the value is certainly there.  

both teams to score betting

Handicap Betting

For those that think a team can win comfortably, there is no better way to bet than on the handicap line. This requires the team to win by more goals but there is no other element added here about both teams scoring or choosing the number of goals. If you want betting on handicaps, you need to know best Asia bookies, which have a lot of asian handicaps to offer.

This bet will be very useful when you are backing big favourites, this market can make them a backable price rather than being too short to get involved. 

Example. A team that are 2/7 to win the game can be backed at 4/5 -1 or 2/1 -2 on the handicap lines.

The -1 line requires your team to win by two goals or more while the -2 line needs them to win by three goals or more. The more risk you put into the line, the bigger the rewards on offer. 

The score with this type of bet can be anything, all that matters to you is the margin of victory. If you have a strong favourite and you want to place a bet on them to not only win but to win comfortably, then this is one of the best options open to you for betting in this way. 

over 2.5 goals btts betting

Move Up from Over 2.5 to Over 3.5

There has been a real rise in the number of people betting on the total goals in a game. One of the main reasons for this is because you don’t have to select the outcome of the game, you are just betting on goals

The most common line to use is the 2.5 line, people bet on over or under goals on this line on a regular basis. If you are betting football over on the line then the way to add value here is to simply add another goal. 

Example. A game that is 4/5 for over 2.5 goals should have over 3.5 goals at around 2/1.

If you are expecting a real goal-fest in a game then this is a line you can use to gain added value on that contest. Betting on over 3.5 means four goals or more in the game, so that is either a 2-2 tie or one of the teams scoring plenty by themselves, so it’s not easy to get right. Having said that, if you are looking for ways to increase the odds, this is certainly one of them. 

Here you can find more detailed article about Over/Under 2,5 goals strategy.

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