Easiest Football Bets to Win

Football enjoys not only the massive football fans base, but it is also the most bet on sport in the world. This is why it’s important that you, the gambler, deeply understand all the key markets of football. Today you will learn the 5 easiest football bets to win.

As we already know, the massive volume of games and competitions has helped the football betting sector to grow. It allows punters to place bets on a wide range of options, with many betting platforms offering competitive odds and special deals. 

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the easiest way to bet on football and win real money. By understanding these bets, you’ll be able to cut through any confusion surrounding football markets. So keep reading to discover more more about the easiest way to win football bets.

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What Makes an Easy Bet?

Before traversing through the list of easy wagers, first, understand what makes an easy bet. In simple terms, this bet has little risk, but its odds of winning are higher. Punters aren’t doing some cheat things in order to beat the betting company, but only working out the possibilities to keep their money safe.


⚽ How to identify an easy bet?

To identify easy bets, look for situations where one team is significantly better than the other. This is one of the best way to bet on football. This could be due to a number of factors, such as a strong home field advantage or superior talent. When you find these situations, bet on the favorite and expect to win more often than not.

⚽ What is the easiest bet to win in football?

Are you always wondering how to win on football bets? In theory, any bet can be an easy bet if it wins. However, in practice, there are certain types of bets that are more likely to win than others. For example, a bet on the favorite in a football game is more likely to win than a bet on the underdog. Similarly, a bet on a team with a strong offense is more likely to win than a bet on a team with a weak offense.

⚽ Which football bets are the most risky?

Accumulator bets are the most risky, as they involve betting on multiple outcomes. This means that if just one of your selections loses, then your entire bet will be lost.

⚽ When should I choose an over/under football bet?

Over/under bets are usually placed when the game’s final score is expected to be close. This bet is a good choice if you think that the teams playing will cancel each other out, or if you think that one team is slightly better than the other but not enough to win by more than a touchdown.

⚽ How do I find a football bookmaker with the biggest odds?

The answer to this question is quite simple. There are a few online bookmakers that offer the biggest odds on football matches. You can find these bookmakers bin our football betting sites rating. Once you have found these bookmakers, you can then compare their odds and choose the one that offers the best value for your money.

Furthermore, the chances of losing cash are reduced significantly to a bare minimum in these wagers. Hence, these wagers differ from the arbitrage bets since you’re not laying a wager completely when placing an easy bet.

For example, wagers with a 50 per cent chance of winning might have betting odds of around 2. Easy bets, in most cases, have odds as low as 1.02, which suggests a more than 90% chance they’re correct. Here are five easy football bets to win.


The over/under market is one that’s offered by pretty much all bookmakers in the world. And it is available across all football games and competitions. The principle of the wager you’re placing is whether or not there’ll be less or more than X goals, corner kicks, free kicks, or points in a specific match or competition. So why is this bet easy?

The over/under betting market offers tiered options meaning you can be able to flex your wager and the odds of winning quite easily. An over/under bet can have a much higher chance of being correct, especially when you choose an over wager for a low number of corners or goals. On the other hand, your under bet can have a high chance of football winning bets if you decide to choose a large number of outcomes, such as 6.5 goals.

best easiest way to bet on football

For instance, a wager of over 1.5 goals means that a minimum of two goals needs to be scored across the normal playing time, which is 90 minutes. For many games, this is no difficult task, so the odds for this wager can be as low as 1.05. If you decide to go for an under bet and choose under 7.5 goals, it means that your wager will win as long as less than seven goals are scored across the game.

First Half Over/Under

The most common variant on the over/under bet is either first or second half over/under. Based on its name, this type of wager involves guessing the number of outcomes that’ll be scored in the first half of the game.

Since the first half over/under bet imposes a given time limit, it is less likely to win than a full game over/under wager. However, the first-half bet for high numbers of goals or low numbers of goals can still have a high chance of win football betting.

easiest way to win football bets

Double Chance

Double chance betting is another football wager that provides you with the opportunity to place a bet on any two of three possible results for a given game. The most common options for double chance include:

  • Home or Away: The away team wins, or the home team wins.
  • Draw or Away: The game ends in a draw, or the away team wins.
  • Home or Draw: The match ends in a draw, or the home team wins.

Since this type of bet allows you to wager on not only one but also two possible results, it is more likely to be correct than straight away draw or home bet. Based on the strengths of the two competing teams, the odds for a draw or away and home or draw bets can be as low as 1.01.

Draw no Bet (DNB Betting)

What is DNB in betting? In a draw, no bet, your wager is cancelled, and the stake is returned to you if the game ends in a tie. Thus, it’s between the double chance market and game result market in terms of value odds. While the game outcome has odds of 1/2, those of the double chance stand at 1/8, and the chance for draw no bet is 1/6, providing you with a better opportunity to win.

As your sportsbook cancels the bet due to the tie result, the wager works excellently when the favourite team isn’t clear. In such a game, a tie is a strong possibility. To minimize the chance of loss and take advantage of better odds, you can choose a draw no bet. The best part is that you can combine this type of bet with other types of wagers, including an accumulator combo, to increase your odds.

double chance betting

Both Teams to Score

Both teams to score also falls under the easiest football bets to win. With this bet, you just need to choose a game and then pick either no or yes to whether the two teams will score. So, where does the easy bet tag come in? It comes in, in regards to the yes response.

As a punter, you just need to choose a match that you strongly believe both teams will score. The order of the goals, the final score, and the time of the goals affect nothing. To win your wager, both the away and home team needs to score. And you lose the bet if either or both teams do not score.

No matter what football competition you plan to bet on, these are the five football betting markets that provide you with the best opportunity of winning football bets and real money. Before you can start taking advantage of these wagers, you should be sure to choose one of the recommended and top-rated bookies.

Dalius Mikalauskas

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