Three basic european football betting markets for new gamblers

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When it comes to football betting, anyone who has looked for information that newcomers to the sport can use will usually find very little available. This is because football gambling is so popular that everyone thinks that everyone out there is an expert. However, that is not always the case, and we all have to start our football gambling journey somewhere.

If you are new to football betting then the first piece of advice is that you will eventually find your own unique and individual way of placing bets, whether that is with the markets you use or the types of bet you place. The options are almost endless with football, and what you do will be completely different from what someone else does. However, if you are looking for a place to start then here are three basic betting markets to get you started as a football gambler.

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The Outright 90 Minute Win Market

As easy as football betting can be, this football betting markets is the perfect place for newcomers to start. Forget anything too complicated, all you are doing here is betting on one thing; who will win the game? We all speak to friends and family about football and who we think will win, this market gives you the chance to back up your soccer predictions by placing a bet on them.

Depending on your gambling experience, there are a number of ways in which you can use this market. Those with a bit of experience may want to place an accumulator bet on this market, selecting a number of different teams and putting them in one bet together. If you do this then each one of your teams has to win for your bet to be a winner.

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Those with little experience may be better sticking to singles at the start, this means one bet on one team to win one game, the easiest and safest way to kick things off.

When you’re betting here forget about who scored, what the winning margin was, what the score was at half time and everything else like that, all you want is for the full-time outcome to be correct and in your favour.

The market is known as the 90-minute market because it does not include extra time and penalties, although it is worth noting that injury time after the 90 minutes are up does count.

Both Teams to Score

If you are looking for a way to place a bet on a football game but you don’t want to select a team to win, or you are not sure who will win then this could be the way forward for you. The both teams to score betting market is relatively new compared to some football markets, but already it has become an increasingly popular way to bet.

Here you are again just focusing on one thing, and that is for both team who are playing in the game to score a goal. It doesn’t matter which one wins, it doesn’t matter how many they score, or when they score, all you are looking for here is that both teams find the back of the net for you.

both teams to score betting

The majority of punters will use this market to back ‘yes’ which means that you are backing both teams to score. However, it is worth noting that there is also a ‘no’ option for this bet, which is the opposite. This means you are betting on both teams not scoring. Here it doesn’t matter whether none or just one of the team’s scores, as long as both teams don’t find the back of the net then your bet is a winner.

The both teams to score market is a great way to step into betting on a game without actually betting on the outcome and who will win. This is something that is becoming increasingly popular and there are many more advanced ways in which you can do this when you become a more accomplished and experienced football punter.

For newcomers, the both teams to score market is ideal and it also allows you to cheer on goals in the game, which is exactly what you want to see if you are watching live so that it is an exciting contest.

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Anytime Goal Scorer

In the past we used to have first goalscorer betting but nothing else, something that has changed in recent years. Now, in many games all across the world there are multiple goal scorer markets and perhaps the best one for newcomers to look at is the anytime goalscorer market. This gives you the best chance of winning, and also gives you an interest throughout the game, unless your chosen player scores early in the game, in which case you will be happy as you have a winning bet.

This is a simple market. You simply pick a player in the game you are watching and use this market to back him to score a goal at anytime in the game. It doesn’t matter when or how he scores, what the full-time score is and if his team have won or not, all you are concerned about is your chosen player scoring a goal.

With people playing fantasy sports type games, either on a daily basis or over an entire season, this is a way in which the bookmakers can keep up with that by offering what are known are ‘player prop’ bets. These are where you are backing a particular player to do something during the game, and you are not actually betting on the outcome or anything else to do with the game itself.

If you have a favourite player on your team or a particular striker that you like to watch then this is a great way to nail your colours to their mast and back that player to be a success and score goals. If you are new to football betting, use this market instead of the first and last goalscorer markets for more chance to win, and an interest in the whole game.

If you want find more information about football betting strategy or euro betting tips, visit our football betting guide page.

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