Asian Handicap Total Goals Betting

We have seen a trend over the past decade where Asian handicap betting has grown, with more people using the lines on offer. Alongside that, betting on goals has also grown, with markets such as over under goals and both teams to score both having a lot of people play on them. 

Now we are seeing a fairly new asian handicap over under market created, which aims to bring those two together and if this works out well, this could be the start of something very big and popular. Asian total goals handicap betting brings you the flexibility and chances that regular Asian handicap betting lines have, with the thrill of betting on goals and alternative match goals markets, rather than on the outcome of a game. 


⚽ What is Asian total in betting?

You can use Asian total to many betting situations: total goals, total corners, total cards.

⚽ What is the difference between Total and Asian total?

Asian total difference compared to standard total is that in certain scenarios you can receive 50% of your stake back if you half lose you will receive 50% of your winnings if you half win.

⚽ How Asian total is calculated in multiple bets?

Asian total calculated in multiple bets same as in single bets. For example if you bet 200$ on Chelsea to win a match and Asian total 1.25 on another match. The bet is halved, so you calculate 50$ for Chelsea bet and 50$ for asian total bet.

⚽ What is goal line bet?

Goal line bet is when you bet on the total number of goals scored in a match, it’s the same as over/under total betting.

⚽ What does under 1.5 goals mean?

Under 1.5 goals mean when you bet that the team will not score 2 goals or more, because if they do that you will lose your bet. So winning under 1.5 goals bet, your team can only score 1 goal or 0.

⚽ What does over 1.5 goals mean?

If you make a bet on over 1.5 goals total, you need 2 goals or more that your bet will be successful.

Together this could develop into one of the most popular betting markets we have for football, and here is a look at exactly how this asian handicap total goals works for players. Here you can find best asian betting sites 2024 .

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Understanding Asian Betting Lines. Asian Total Meaning

The first part to say here is that you must understand the Asian betting lines if you want to get involved. Any bet on these lines is not good for punters if you don’t understand them, which line to use and what you need to happen for you to have a winning bet. 

meaning of asian total goals over 2.25

There are five potential outcomes when using the different Asian lines on offer. These are win, loss, stake returned (push), half win and half loss. Not every line has all five outcomes available, but each one will be a factor at some point, depending on the line you are playing. 

A win comes in full, and this is when your bet is a clear winner. These can come on any Asian line. 

A loss is an opposite when your bet has clearly lost and again these can come on any Asian line. 

Stakes returned happens on full lines, so for example on the 0.0, 1.0 and 2.0 lines. If your bet falls exactly on the line, your stake is returned as the bet is classed as void. 

Half wins and losses come on the quarter lines, which are 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, 1.75 and upwards. With a half win, you have half of your stake deemed to be a winner on the line and get paid out for that with the other half going down as a loser. With a half loss, you get half of your stake back, with the other half being lost. 

goal line bets explained asian total meaning

Before you place any Asian handicap bets, make sure you understand these. If you want understand what does asian handicap mean, read this asian handicap explained article. Then look at the line you are thinking about betting on and work out what is needed to win, what brings a loss and if and pushes or half wins and losses are involved. 

Betting on Total Goals. Asian Total Explained

It is easy to see why asian over under betting market is liked by many punters. Rather than being forced to bet on the outcome of a game, punters can bet on something we all love and want to see more of, which is goals in a game. 

If you are watching a game of football at home as a neutral fan, you are looking for goals to be scored. This betting market allows you to follow that up with a wager to cheer on, wanting the same thing. 

Asian Handicap Table – Asian Total Table

We put information into the asian handicap explained table, where you will find how over under asian handicap  total bets are settled in different scenarios and what is meaning of asian total.

Total Goals BetTotal Goals MatchBet ResultTotal Goals BetTotal Goals MatchBet Results
Over 0.50LostUnder 0.50Won
Over 0.51WonUnder 0.51Lost
Over 0.750LostUnder 0.750Won
Over 0.751Half WonUnder 0.751Half Lost
Over 0.752+WonUnder 0.752+Lost
Over 10LostUnder 10Won
Over 11PushUnder 11Push
Over 12+WonUnder 12+Lost
Over 1.250LostUnder 1.250Won
Over 1.251Half LostUnder 1.251Half Won
Over 1.252+WonUnder 1.252+Lost
Over 1.50 & 1LostUnder 1.50 & 1Won
Over 1.52+WonUnder 1.52+Lost
Over 1.750 & 1LostUnder 1.750 & 1Won
Over 1.752Half WonUnder 1.752Half Lost
Over 1.753+WonUnder 1.753+Lost
Over 20 & 1LostUnder 20 & 1Won
Over 22PushUnder 22Push
Over 23+WonUnder 23+Lost
Over 2.250 & 1LostUnder 2.250 & 1Won
Over 2.252Half LostUnder 2.252Half Won
Over 2.253+WonUnder 2.253+Lost
Over 2.50, 1 & 2LostUnder 2.50, 1 & 2Won
Over 2.53+WonUnder 2.53+Lost
Over 2.750, 1 & 2LostUnder 2.750, 1 & 2Won
Over 2.753Half WonUnder 2.753Half Lost
Over 2.754+WonUnder 2.754+Lost
Over 30, 1 & 2LostUnder 30, 1 & 2Won
Over 33PushUnder 33Push
Over 34+WonUnder 34+Lost
Over 3.250, 1 & 2LostUnder 3.250, 1 & 2Won
Over 3.253Half LostUnder 3.253Half Won
Over 3.254+WonUnder 3.254+Lost
Over 3.50, 1, 2 & 3LostUnder 3.50, 1, 2 & 3Won
Over 3.54+WonUnder 3.54+Lost

Outcomes When Betting on Asian Handicap Total Goals

Now, let’s take a look at some lines and how many goals you need to win or lose on the line. 

what does over under 1.5 goals mean

Simple Asian Handicap Total Goals Lines

Let’s start with the easiest lines, those which are either whole numbers or include halves. The lines including halves have just two outcomes, which are win or lose, while the whole numbers have win, lose and stake returned. 

For 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 goal line bets explained

If the number of goals is less than the line, betting on over is a loser and under is a winner.

If the number of goals is more than the line, betting on over alternative total goals handicap is a winner and under is a loser.

If the number of goals is the same as the line you play, all bets will have their stake returned. 

Here are some asian goal line betting explained examples: 

Bet under on the 2 asian handicap goal line and the game ends 1-0, your bet is a winner. 

Bet under on the 3 asian alternative goal line bet and the game ends 3-2, your bet is a loser. 

Bet over on the 2 asian goal line and the game ends 2-0, your stake is returned.

For 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 goal lines

If the number of goals is less than the line, betting on over is a loser and under is a winner.

If the number of goals is more than the line, betting on over is a winner and under is a loser. 

asian total over 0.75 goals 1.75 meaning

These are the only two possible outcomes on these lines, here are some examples: 

Bet under on the 1.5 goal handicap line and the game ends 2-2, your bet is a loser.

Bet under on the 2.5 goal line and the game ends 1-0, your bet is a winner. 

Bet over on the 0.5 goal line and the game ends 1-0, your bet is a winner.

Bet over on the 3.5 goal line and the game ends 2-0, your bet is a loser. 

Complex Asian Handicap Goals Total Lines

These lines involve half wins and losses, which make them a little more complex but offer a great way to cover your bets. 

alternative total match goals

Here are some examples to help you understand them better. 

Manchester City Over Asian total 0.75 meaning Total goals 0: Bet over 0.75 goals lost Total goals 1: Bet half won Total goals 2+: Bet won

Arsenal Under 1.25 goals Total goals 0: Bet won Total goals 1: Half won Total goals 2+: Bet lost

Liverpool Under Asian total 1.75 meaning Total goals 0 or 1: Bet won Total goals 2: Half lost Total goals 2+: Bet lost

what does over under asian handicap mean

Chelsea Asian Total Goals Over 2.25 goals Total goals 0 or 1: Bet lost Total goals 2: Half lost Total goals 3+: Bet won

As you can see in the examples above, if you win a bet, but only by the smallest of margins, you are given just a half win, rather than a full win. However, if you lose by a small margin, you are given a half loss, rather than a full loss, so this can be used in a way to cover bets and try to limit losses.

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