Betting on Oscars 2024 – Predictions And Review

The Oscars event is also known as the Academy Awards. It’s a massive award ceremony for technical and artistic merit in the entertainment and film industry. Shortened as AMPAS, the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences presents the Oscars yearly. This event is televised live.

Now, when it comes to betting on Oscars, the process isn’t much different from other sports, and you’ll learn everything today. This article will take you through everything you need to successfully place your Academy Awards bets.

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Oscar Awards Predictions – Lily Gladstone To Win Best Actress @ 2.75

When awards season began, Lily Gladstone was the favorite. She starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Killers of the Flower Moon. The season also started well with a triumph in the Golden Globe Awards. After that, Emma Stone took big wins at the Critics Choice Awards, BAFTA Awards, and more.

This makes Emma Stone the favorite going into the Oscar show. But there was a big surprise at the SAG awards: Lily Gladstone won. And the SAG Awards have proven to be the best indicator award ahead of the Oscars.


Since 2010, it has only happened twice (2011 and 2018) that the actress who won a SAG Award did not go on to win the Oscar.

Emma Stone has already won an Oscar once before. Two triumphs would push her into an exclusive category at a very early age.

It may not sway voters, but it starkly contrasts with Lily Gladstone, who doesn’t have the biggest filmography. A triumph for Gladstone would result in her becoming the first Native American to win one of the acting awards at the Oscars.

This Oscars prediction is for guidance only and we are not responsible for your bets.

From the latest odds to markets available on the forthcoming event, this comprehensive Oscars betting guide has everything you need as a punter. Let’s read on to learn more.

Key Highlights:

  • Oscars Betting Overview: Betting on Academy Awards has gained popularity over the last decade, with sportsbooks offering wagering lines on the award categories. There are 24 categories, but the focus often centers on the “Big Six”: Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Picture, and Best Director.
  • Types of Bets: Betting options include prop bets, which cover various aspects of the awards ceremony; winners, involving money line wagers on specific categories; and futures, where bets are placed before nominations are announced, providing potentially competitive odds.
  • Oscars Categories to Bet On: Punters can place bet on Oscars on various categories, with a focus on major awards like Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Director. Consideration of strong directing, screenplay, acting, and films with a political message can be crucial for Best Picture bets.
  • Boosting Chances of Winning: Tips for improving Oscar’s betting success include choosing a reputable betting site, placing bets early, watching other awards shows, paying attention to critics, favoring sentiment, and considering newcomers.
  • Oscars History: The Academy Awards, initiated in 1929, have evolved. The Oscar’s history includes the iconic design of the figurine and its first recipient, Emil Jenkins. The 2024 Oscars mark the 96th ceremony, highlighting changes in voting history for diversity and genre representation.
  • Future Expectations: Future Oscars events are anticipated to continue recognizing outstanding movies, stories, and performances from the previous year, with an ongoing commitment to diversity and genre representation.

Betting on the Oscars

While the Oscars started in 1929, betting was first conceptualized a decade ago. This was when almost every sportsbook started to offer wagering lines on the would-be trophy lifters at the grand event.

Since then, betting availability has expanded, and every reputable bookmaker in the UK, the US, and many other parts of the world offers competitive odds on this event.

A total of 24 categories will receive awards in the next Oscars ceremonies. Some Oscar betting sites offer competitive Oscar betting odds on all of these categories, but almost every participating bookie will offer lines for the Big Six, which include:

  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Actor
  • Best Picture
  • Best Director

These Big Six categories hit the headlines before, during and after the event and drive most of the media attention. The awarding committee will occasionally award winners of other categories while television cameras are distracted or during commercial breaks, heightening the visibility of these Big Six.


🏆 What is the Oscar Award?

The Oscar Award, officially known as the Academy Award of Merit, is a prestigious accolade presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to recognize exceptional achievements in the film industry. The iconic gold-plated bronze statuette depicts a knight holding a crusader’s sword standing on a film reel.

🏆 How to bet on the Oscars?

First, choose a reputable Oscars betting site with competitive odds and create an account. Place your bets early, consider watching other awards shows, pay attention to critics, favor sentiment, and don’t discount newcomers. 

🏆 Who decides who wins an Oscar?

Oscar winners are determined by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences voting members, comprised of professionals across various film industry branches. Members nominate and vote for the winners in their respective categories, with the nominee receiving the most votes in each category ultimately winning the Oscar.

🏆 Did Casino win any Oscars?

No, the movie “Casino” did not win any Academy Awards (Oscars). Despite being a well-received film directed by Martin Scorsese and featuring strong performances by its cast, it did not receive any Oscar wins.

🏆 What is Oscar statue made of?

The Oscar awards, officially known as the Academy Awards of Merit, are gold-plated bronze and stand about 13.5 inches tall. The figurine depicts a knight holding a crusader’s sword, standing on a film reel, and weighing around 8.5 pounds.

Types of Bets on the Oscars

The Oscars event doesn’t have many bet types. That means it is pretty straightforward to get your head around the Academy Awards betting system. With that in mind, it’s important to understand every bet type if you want to land some reasonable wins.

Each sportsbook will have its unique selection of wagers. However, in most cases, they’re more likely to fall under these three categories.

Prop Bets

The Oscars prop bets unrelated to the winners in every category. They can offer some light entertainment for punters. These wagers could be related to the awards, the event itself, or something unique. Examples of popular prop bets may include:

  • Whether certain films will win multiple awards
  • Whether there will be any profanities called out of the broadcast
  • Which deceased star will be honored last in the In Memoriam show portion
  • How long the event will last

Some prop wagers might be related to the event circumstances and can easily reward left-field thinking.


A winner’s bet is simply a money line wager. It involves wagering on the winner of a certain Oscars category. That means it’s the simplest and most popular Oscars wager you can place.


Oscars bookies will usually provide betting odds on Oscars after the nominees have been announced, some months before the ceremony. These odds will fluctuate until the night of the Academy Awards.


Futures bets are similar to traditional category winners. The only difference is that you will be placing wagers before the announcement of nominations. So bettors will have more than their five or ten options since there is a limitless list of potential nominees.

As a result, there is enough room for more value compared to futures betting markets. A futures bet is usually a riskier move but can offer very competitive Oscars odds.

In our recent article, we also discussed parlay betting and strategies around it – check it out!

Oscars Categories to Bet On

The Academy Awards has a wide range of exciting categories for punters to bet on. New categories have been included to celebrate varying parts of the movie-making process. Also, numerous others have been discontinued. Let’s find out more about the biggest Oscars categories.

Best Picture Oscar Betting

The Best Picture Academy Award is traditionally the final one of the event night. It’s widely considered the most conspicuous honor of the event.


This award goes to the producers of the movie. It is the only category where each Academy member is eligible to provide a nomination and be able to vote on the ballot to determine the final outcome. 

As a punter, you should be able to find competitive odds at any bookie that covers the Oscars event. Critics usually expect strong directing, dialogue, screenplay and acting in this category.

The Academy members usually go for a hard-hitting choice. That is why it’s advisable to consider films with a strong political message.

Best Actor Oscar Betting

The best actor or actress receives this award. The winner must have delivered an outstanding performance with a leading role in a film released the previous year or that year. Traditionally, the winner of the previous year presents the award. 

Various actors have won this award several times. It is challenging to pick the winner since few strong contenders are nominated each year. However, this is good news for punters since the odds are usually higher. In some years, strong candidates emerge early enough and win the award. 

Best Director Oscar Betting

The Best Director award is given to the movie director who has shown and exhibited exceptional directing. This award is also presented by the winner of the previous year. The Best Director and Best Picture awards have been interlinked closely throughout the history of this event. 


In most cases, you’ll see critics honor directors who’ve been around for many years and have not won the award before, especially when it’s a close competition. Also, young directors are favored. In recent years, the Academy has acknowledged the work of foreign directors.

How Can You Boost Your Chances of Winning the Oscars Bets?

You can crack the Oscars betting system by keeping in mind a few vital tips, which include:

  • Find a reputable Oscars betting site that offers competitive odds and create an account
  • Place your bets early enough
  • Watch other awards shows
  • Pay attention to the critics
  • Favor sentiment
  • Do not discount newcomers

With a sports betting account from a leading Oscars sportsbook, you can be sure to take your betting experience to the next level.

The Oscars History

The Academy Awards ceremony was first presented in 1929. It took place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. While Cedric Gibbons established the design, George Stanley later sculptured and used it as the trophy. 

Emil Jenkins was the first Best Actor. He received credit for his massive roles in The Last Command and The Way of All Flesh. Since then, more awards have been included, including Best International Feature Film. 

The 2024 Oscars is the 96th ceremony. It’ll air from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The Oscars mark the time to honor the best in the film sector. The winners and nominees at the 2023 Academy Awards massively offered a fresh alteration to the event’s voting history in relation to diversity and genre.

The 2024 Oscars and future Academy Awards events are expected to follow the same path. Some of the best movies, stories and performances of the previous year that are not apt to be forgotten will receive rewards.

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