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    Most Anonymous Cryptocurrency Sports Betting Sites

    The world of cryptocurrency betting is on the rise, with more and more people turning towards betting with crypto such as Bitcoin. 

    There are many reasons why people turn to this type of betting, and the great news is that we have multiple bookmakers who all accept crypto from their customers. Some of these offer crypto-only betting, while others combine accepting crypto with other methods to give the best of both worlds. 


    ⭐ Is cryptocurrency really anonymous?

    ✅ Cryptocurrencies is entirely anonymous, you hold a crypto address without revealing anything about your identity in that address and there would be nothing to link those addresses together or to indicate that the person owned them.

    ⭐ What is the most anonymous cryptocurrency?

    The most anonymous cryptocurrency is Monero. Here you can find best Monero crypto sports betting sites.

    ⭐ Why are crypto bookmakers anonymous?

    Crypto only bookmakers are anonymous because its how this payment methods works. So when you bet with cryptocurrency and make money transfer to the bookie with no name, no bank accounts name or anything else that will identify you to them.


    ⭐ Can you buy bitcoins without id?

    ✅ Yes, you can buy Bitcoin without id. You need to find peer-to-peer marketplace that does not require ID.

    ⭐ Which crypto betting sites are anonymous?

    Most crypto betting sites are anonymous, but best ones is, 1xbit, Cloudbet, Nitrogensports. Here you can find all cryptocurrency sports betting sites.

    One of the reasons why people turn to cryptocurrency betting on sport is because it offers anonymity to those taking part (read this – anonymous crypto betting). Some people want this, either to keep this secret and away from other financial transactions in their life, while some want their own identity to be kept away from the bookmaker.

    Whatever the reason they choose, and you if you are betting with cryptocurrency to remain anonymous, there are many bookmakers out there who can cater to your needs. 

    Here is a look at some of the most anonymous cryptocurrency sports betting sites 2024 where you can bet anonymously.

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    The bookmaker Cloudbet offers crypto only betting on their platform, so they are only good to those who solely want to bet with cryptocurrencies. The good news is that they accept multiple different crypto payments from their players, so you don’t have to just stick to betting with Bitcoin for example. 

    Founded back in 2013, this is one of the most experienced crypto only betting sites out there, and you can certainly see. They have used their experience to create a wide range of betting markets, you will find many sports, leagues, competitions and ways to bet on this site. 

    On top of all of this, they have worked hard on their site, making it as user friendly as possible. This is clearly with new gamblers in mind, but whether you are new or old, you are going to really benefit from this as it will make your betting much easier and quicker.

    buy bitcoins without id

    Use one of the crypto options on offer to place bets anonymously with this bookmaker, allowing you to keep your betting separate from any of your other finances. Cloudbet has great US sports betting markets, also you should bet in Cloudbet if you like MMA betting with Bitcoin.

    If it’s a specific crypto only bookmaker you are looking for, and you want a company that has a lot of experience in the field, Cloudbet betting site can certainly offer you that. If you interesting to find more information about this bookmaker, read Cloudbet review.


    If you are looking for one of the biggest crypto betting sites then 1xbit certainly off that. This company was founded back in 2016, which isn’t too long ago, but since then they have really pushed forward with their gambling platform. 

    Sports betting is one of the many parts of their service, and they offer over 1000 daily sporting events for you to bet on. This is a huge site, if you want to bet with cryptocurrency and you don’t want to sacrifice anything when it comes to the number of betting opportunities, 1xbit is the site for you. 

    On top of this, there is another huge part of their service, which is going to be perfect for those who want to use more than just Bitcoin. Each account that is created can use multiple currencies when betting, and with 25+ different cryptocurrencies available, you can move around and change which one of those you use to place your bets. 

    1xbit cloudbet betting review crypto bookmaker

    Of course, when you deposit with these, you can keep your details safe and anonymous, so you can bet using any of the available cryptocurrencies and remain anonymous from your bookmaker. 

    This is something that many people are after, and 1xbit crypto offer it is a great way thanks to them accepting 25+ different types of crypto from their players.  If you interesting to find more information about this bookmaker, read 1xbit review.

    If you are looking for somewhere to place your sports bets anonymously then offer this. They accept a range of different payment methods from their players, and one of these is to use Bitcoin betting, while some other cryptocurrencies are also accepted. 

    You can make an anonymous transaction with Bitcoin into your account and play that way to keep our identity and your betting a secret. The service on offer from is good, they do not offer a large range of sports to choose from but inside the ones they do, you will find a good range of leagues and competitions covered, as well as plenty of ways to bet on each game. 

    betmaster bitcoin anonymous crypto betting transaction sites

    The site is extremely easy to use, which is important as some crypto betting sites can be hard to use for new players, especially those who are on the site opening their very first online betting account. have a very good reputation with players of all different types, those who use them for traditional betting and those who use them for crypto betting. If you are looking to get involved because you want to find a bookmaker where you can bet anonymously then are one of the companies you can go with. 

    Nitrogen Sports

    The final website to look at is Nitrogen Sports, another experienced crypto bookmaker who launched back in 2012. There is one potential issue with this site, some won’t mind but others will and that is they only offer Bitcoin betting, no other cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies are accepted on this site. 

    what is the most anonymous cryptocurrency

    Nitrogen Sports offers a wide range of different sports to their customers, and since beginning back in 2012, their sportsbook has certainly grown into something very impressive. Inside each sport, you won’t find anything minimal here either, you will have a wide range of competitions to bet on, and many ways in which you can bet on each individual game. 

    You can do all of this anonymously with a Bitcoin deposit into your account, which will appeal to many players. If you are looking for a big sportsbook then Nitrogen Sports can give you that, they stand up well even to the biggest traditional bookmakers.

    On top of this, they have the advantages of crypto betting too, which is why they appeal to so many players. 

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