List of UK Bookmakers Online 2024

When you are searching for somewhere to bet, you should always look to find the best possible service, never be happy with a second-class service. One part of the world known for offering a high-quality betting service is the UK, and bookmakers who are from here or licensed here have exactly that on offer. Top bookies UK out there are known as being some of the biggest names in the industry, and they have got there by standing out as being the best and constantly offering a great service for .. Show more
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What makes a great UK bookmaker?

A great bookmaker is something we all want, and the good news is there are many out there who offer this kind of service. The best bookmaker UK is a matter of opinion and what suits your needs. For example, if you have a friend who likes to bet on basketball and they have a UK bookies online that has many offers and deals surrounding basketball betting, they are naturally going to favour that bookmaker (read this – best basketball betting sites). If you bet on tennis, and that bookmaker has no tennis offers then you are not going to like them as much as your friend.


💸 What are the biggest UK betting companies?

Biggest UK betting companies are Betfair and William Hill.

💸 What is bookmakers offers UK?

Standart bookmakers offers for UK players are free bets, but to get these free bets you need to make a small deposit.

💸 UK bookies list which accept Bitcoin payments?

Bitcoin deposit and withdraw accept Casobet and Betflip, they are not UK bookies, but they allow UK punters to bet with Bitcoin.

💸 What is newly licensed UK bookmakers?

Newly licensed UK bookmaker is Betiton.

💸 How to find best bookies in UK?

If you want find a UK bookmaker, first of all you need to look for a betting site that has fractional odds, second thing look for a UK license. Best UK bookies should accept British pounds, have British customer support and bookies should have been orientated to British sports.

💸 Top UK betting companies for mobile betting?

Great mobile betting apps has Energybet and Tonybet bookmakers.

There are two steps to take when it comes to finding your perfect match with a online UK bookmakers.

The first step is to find a competent bookies UK list. These are ones that have good offers on for their players on a regular basis, competitive odds, extensive betting markets and good options when it comes to payment methods and customer service.

Then the second step is to take all of these top uk bookmakers online and compare them based on exactly what you want. Look at the sports you bet on, the markets you use, the time you bet and as many other things as you can think of that are personal to you and your betting and use them to cut the British bookmakers list down into just a handful that all have the right service for you.

best online bookmakers uk biggest betting companies

While there are millions of people who place bets on a daily basis all over the world, betting is actually quite a personal thing between yourself and your bookmaker. What suits one person, could be a negative to another and it is at this stage where you need to be clear about what you want from a bookmaker and how they match that.

While you are looking around for a shortlist to consider then it is fine to take recommendations from a variety of different places, and reading reviews can be good at this stage. However, at the final stage, you must make your own mind up based on the facts you have, and your betting style.

Best sports betting website in UK for mobile betting?

If you are looking for something new and fresh, then EnergyBet is the place for you. They were established in 2012 as Energy Casino and launched their sportsbook only a few years ago. EnergyBet is licensed in Malta and the United Kingdom. They operate under the parent company “Probe Investments Limited” with their main offices being located in Malta.

EnergyBet is created in house and enhanced by BetConstruct, one of the top bookmakers in uk software providers. The sports range is monstrous, since they offer 32 different sports, where a great variety of leagues and major competitions can be found. Furthermore, there is great number of different betting markets (that can amount to 170 selections on football). Also this company has one of the best UK betting app – Energybet app, where you can quickly make your bet.

Key points to look at when choosing a UK bookmaker

As you look and decide which online betting UK bookmaker you would like to sign up with, here is a list of key points that you should consider: betting markets, odds, welcome offer, regular offers, mobile betting, in play betting.

Betting markets

When moving from one bookmaker UK to another, try and avoid moving to one that offers you less than your previous bookmaker. You should always look to get the same, or even more when it comes to sport betting opportunities and markets that are available to you. Even though you may only bet on a select number of markets now, should your betting change in the future you may look into using alternative markets. By going with a bookmaker that offers great choice, if you ever do decide to change your betting style then you may still be able to stick with the same bookmaker.


We should all strive to get the best possible odds every time we place a bet, although this is not achievable if you have just one betting account. If this is the position you are in, and you don’t want to hold onto multiple accounts then the best thing to do is to look for a bookmaker that has above average odds on offer compared to the competition.

how to become a bookmaker in the uk

Welcome offer

When you sign up with a bookmaker, you should always go with one that has a welcome offer in place. This can consist of a free bet, multiple free bets, money back offers and many other things, all with different money values attached. While this is not the sole reason for signing up with a bookmaker, and you should also look at the further offers for regular customers, finding a good welcome bonus will give you a great chance to get off to a winning start with your new best betting sites UK.

Regular offers

After taking advantage of the welcome offer, the best bookmakers in UK will have a variety of other regular offers that you can take advantage of when you bet with them. These are very different, and suit different betting styles, so it is important to find a bookmaker that has an offer on the type of bets that you place. On this page you will find not only best uk bookies, but also best 2024 bookies in the world – the best betting companies. 

For example, if you are an accumulator punter then acca insurance or acca boost offers are what you should be looking for. However, if you place football correct score bets then these will not be any good to you and instead you should be looking for money back offers on 0-0 draws, which some bookmakers offer.

Mobile betting

Pretty much every bookmaker now has a mobile site or an app you can download to place your bets on. These apps are designed to be easy to use and the right app can really transform your betting, turning it into something you enjoy and find easy to do without confusion and struggling to find your selections.

most popular list of bookmakers in uk

The aim of a good bookmaker is to make betting accessible and easy for their customers, and with a great working mobile app they can certainly do that, so be sure to watch out for app reviews when you are looking at new bookmakers. Tonybet mobile and Betsafe mobile has great pages for your bets via mobile device. Tonybet and Betsafe they not uk biggest betting companies, but they are uk licensed bookmakers.

In play betting

More and more people are turning to in play betting, either as a replacement for pre-match betting or alongside it. This has seen a big growth in the number of bookmakers offering live betting, and the size of the live betting sections on each different bookmaker website. Even if you are not betting in play yet, with the way the trend is going, a lot more people will be trying it out over the coming years, and if you eventually decide you want to bet in play then finding a great bookmaker that offers a big in play section is vital to you enjoying your new betting experience.

Why Should You Use UK Betting Sites?

When you are looking to place bets, you can use many different bookmakers. Best uk betting sites list you can find on this page. The choice is fantastic, but there are things you should look out for with the bookmakers, such as their location, the customers they accept and the licenses they hold. It is for this reason that the best practice for UK players is to stick to best UK bookmakers list.

This assures you that they are above board, and you can go on to have a great time betting with them, enjoying yourself rather than worrying. Gambling is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime, and it can only be that if you get the right bookmaker on side. Do this and you are going to have fun and hopefully win a few bets along the way.

Key Characteristics to Identify a UK Bookie

There are many ways in which you can identify a UK betting company, but to help you get started here are a few things to look out for:


This is the most important as not only does it prove they are for UK punters, but it also shows they are a reputable company who you can trust. How to become a bookmaker in the uk? The UK Gambling Commission gives out the UK license for bookmakers, and those that have this license will display their license number at the bottom of their website. By going with a bookie that has this license, you know you are betting in a safe environment.

To get this license, the bookmaker has to pass a number of tests from the Gambling Commission including how they deal with funds, proof they have funds to payout, how they store details of their players and much more. With a UK GC license, you have all the reassurance you need that you are betting with a legitimate company, and you can focus your thoughts on the wagers you are placing, rather than worrying over your details and funds.

British Pounds Accepted

Another big sign that shows the bookmaker is for the UK market comes with the currency they accept. Many bookmakers will accept a variety of different currencies from all over the world in an attempt to pick up customers from those parts. It doesn’t matter how many they accept, or which ones, as long as British pounds are one of those that they do accept.

best biggest uk online bookies bookmakers bookmaker

This will allow you to deposit and withdraws as well as bet in your native currency, without the need to think about exchange rates or transferring funds across to them. If you want find UK bookmaker list to bet with, make sure they accept UK currency. Many in this list of UK online bookmakers accepts UK currency.

Customer Support

The hope is that when you are betting with a bookmaker, you will never need to use their support team. However, it is great to know that someone is on hand to help you out should you ever need it. Look at this service before signing up and there are two things to look out for. The first is that the operators all speak English so you can communicate and the second is that their opening hours are listed in British times. This will mean that should you need someone they are there, because they will be open during your time zone, and they will be able to understand you and communicate properly with you because they speak English. If you have both of these boxes ticked then you know the customer support team will always be there for you should you need them at any point whilst betting.

best bookmaker bookies in uk energybet app

British Sports

A clear sign that a bookmaker is a British bookmaker is the sports and events they cover. You should see a large number of British events covered here, which will include things such as lower league football from the UK, local horse racing events (list of uk bookmakers online for horse racing betting), and regular coverage of the national leagues in sports such as cricket and rugby.

If you are a British person then these are the events that are most likely to be the ones you enjoy watching and betting on in British bookies, so coverage of them is very important for you. It also highlights they are focusing on the UK market as a whole, and the customer experience they offer is going to be based around that. While you can expect to see worldwide coverage of the big sports from a bookmaker, having key British coverage is a sure sign that they are for the UK market.

Fractional Odds

This is something that British focusing bookmakers will have that many others won’t. British betting sites use fractional odds on their website as the default, so you will see this when you first visit their page. The majority of European bookmakers will use decimal odds while American bookmakers will use American odds.

top bookmakers in uk online bookies list

This sets out the difference between the bookmakers, so when you are looking for a list of British bookmakers you need to be looking for one that offers fractional odds as the default when you first log on. You can change this if you wish after signing up with them, but fractional will be the default setting for best bookies UK.

British Terminology

We all know the terms we use when placing our bets and talking to friends about what we fancy. Look out for these terms on your bookmaker’s website if they speak in the same way as you do then they are also British. Alongside looking for things you know and understand, make sure you look out for terminology you haven’t seen or used before. This could be a sign that the bookmaker is not British and they are not catering their service for British users, which is something you want to avoid.

online top best uk bookmaker bookies bookmakers

What Should You Use Multiple UK Bookmaker Accounts?

If you want to get the most out of your betting and put yourself in the best possible situation each time you want to place a bet then you should have more than one UK bookmaker account. By having multiple British betting companies accounts, you have the upper hand and this is because of two important reasons, you can compare odds on offer and you can take advantage of more bonuses.

Compare the Odds

If you have one account only then you have to take the odds that your bookmaker is offering. If you have multiple accounts then you can compare the odds in uk online bookies list that each one has and take the best on offer. By doing this, you are guaranteeing yourself the biggest possible profit from every bet you place. By not taking the best odds, you are leaving some of that profit on the table every time you have a bet and over the course of a full year, this can really add up. This is how biggest bookmakers uk make money. You don’t want to do that, so go for multiple accounts and use them to your advantage, choosing which one to bet with for each occasion.

First Deposit Bonus

Bookmakers have offers available for both new players and existing customers. However, the offers available for new players are far bigger than those for existing customers and the best time to get an offer is when you first sign up with a new bookmaker. In this list of bookmakers uk you can see that with the vast majority of bookmakers offering these new player bonuses. You can take advantage of one with every bookmaker you sign up with.

The more accounts you hold, the more first deposit bonuses you will be able to claim and the better overall deal you will get on your betting. These bonuses usually give you a number of free bets that you can use, and with these, you can try to win some profit. Over the course of the year if you use free bets from many different bookmakers, then the profit you gain from these is going to really add up and help you become a more profitable punter in the long run.

Bookies Online UK vs High Street Bookies in UK

In the UK, you have two main ways in which you can place your bets. You can use an online bookmaker to put a wager on, or you can visit one of the many high street bookmakers that we have. The new way of betting is certainly online, with more and more people turning to online betting for many different factors. Here are just some of the reasons why online betting is taking over and more punters are betting online rather than visiting their local high street betting shop.

More Accessible

UK Online bookmakers list are far more accessible, even for those who live close to a high street bookmaker. If you want to place a bet in best uk online bookmaker then you don’t even need to leave the house to do so. You can bet via a computer or you can use a mobile app to place your bets, this is the most accessible and easiest way to bet for punters. Top uk bookies list on this page.

Live Betting

Best uk online bookies has a fantastic live betting platform that you can use to place bets while the action is taking place. This is something that shops don’t really offer, and if they do you are not able to access it in the same way. More and more people are turning to live betting alongside placing bets before a game begins and if you want the best platform for doing this then that can be found with an online bookmaker.

No Bonus Offers in Betting Shops

Best online bookmakers UK list have fantastic offers available for their new players, if you go inside a betting shop you will not find these. The welcome offers are exclusive to online customers only, so if you want to take advantage of these, you will have to bet online. Even the existing customer offers that you find online will usually be better than those you can take advantage of in a shop, so for the full experience when it comes to bonus offers, things are better online.

Deposit and Withdraw Funds Quickly Online

One area where online bookmakers have really improved recently has been their handling of payments. They have made things both quicker and far simpler, which is great news for punters who bet regularly. If you want to make a deposit then you can do this in just a few clicks, allowing you to bet within seconds of logging onto your account. Withdrawals are completed just as quickly, and then take the designated time to receive your payment wallet. This side of the online bookmaking service is something that has improved a lot over the past few years.

Who are Biggest Bookmakers in UK and How Many Betting Shops are in the UK?

When the last count was made in 2019, there were over 8000 betting shops in the UK, which shows that they are still most popular bookmakers in uk. The main and biggest uk bookmakers in the betting shop industry are WilliamHill, Ladbrokes, Coral and Betfred, which makes up for around 7000 of the 8000 shops that we have. There are other list of UK licensed bookmakers who have a small number of shops in the UK such as Paddy Power and BetVictor, while we also have a number of independent shops in operation. These are a smaller business with just one betting shop or a handful in a very localised area.

The high street biggest betting companies uk all have their own online service that players can use and this attracts a lot of punters who wish to place bets both in a shop and online. They can use the same bookmaker to do so, while the offering will be different as there are more offers and sometimes even better odds available online as it is a far more competitive market. In 2019, WilliamHill took the title for having the most betting shops. They were the only company to have over 2000 shops listed. They have had a big relationship with the UK betting market thanks to their retail business and the recognisable name that they have with punters is one of the big reasons why their online service is the success that it has been over the past two decades.

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