Revolut Betting Sites 2024

Revolut is one of the newest and most popular digital wallets available in the world of betting. Thousands of sports wagers are placed each month using stakes added by this digital wallet. Gamblers and bookies that accept Revolut support it because it is secure, fast, and easy to use. As a bettor, there is only one thing to keep in mind; not all betting apps that accept Revolut as a method of payment.  If you want to use this digital wallet for sports betting or Revolut casino sites, you’ll .. Show more

Revolut allows customers to control all banking aspects through its dedicated app to make things much easier. Both iOS and Android users can download and install the app on their devices and enjoy the wide range of banking products and services that it offers, including crypto betting options, currency exchange, peer-to-peer payments and insurance offerings. As you can see, this digital payment platform does it all.

What is Revolut Bank?

Revolut is a financial technology that provides banking services. With its main office in London, Revolut was founded by Vlad Yatsenko and Nikolay Storonsky in 2015. It provides accounts featuring debit cards, Apple Pay betting, virtual cards, currency exchange, commission-free stock trading and cryptocurrency commodities, among other services.


💰 Is Revolut safe for sports betting?

Revolut is a safe and convenient way to bet on sports. It offers a wide range of markets and features, making it one of the best banking options for gamblers. The service is secure, and you can make payments and withdrawals quickly and easily through their app or website. There are no transaction fees bookmaker or online casino that accepts Revolut, and deposits can be made instantly.

💰 Where is Revolut located?

Revolut is located in the United Kingdom. They are a mobile-only digital bank that aims to make banking simpler, more accessible and cheaper for customers around the world. With no monthly fees or minimum balances, Revolut lets you hold and exchange money in multiple currencies, send free international transfers and spend with a multi-currency card.

💰 How to deposit cash into Revolut UK?

Unfortunately Revolut cash deposit don’t accept. All deposits to your account must be made through a UK bank account in GBP. To make a deposit:

1. Tap ‘Transfer’ on the main menu

2. Tap ‘Deposit’

3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and tap ‘Continue’

4. Select the account you wish to deposit into and when you can gamble in Revolut online casino sites

💰 How to withdraw money from Revolut?

To withdraw money from your Revolut account, simply go to the ‘Withdraw’ section of the app and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. You’ll then be asked to choose your preferred withdrawal method – either a bank transfer or an instant withdrawal. Once you’ve selected your preferred withdrawal method, simply follow the instructions on screen to.

💰 What is Revolut alternatives for gambling?

Skrill, Paypal, and Neteller are some popular alternatives to Revolut. Skrill is a digital wallet that allows customers to send and receive money online. Paypal is an online payment system that helps businesses and individuals accept and make payments. Neteller is an e-money transfer service that offers fast and secure online money transfers.

💰 What is Revolut exchange rate?

Revolut has some of the best currency conversion rates in the business. You can save a ton of money on international money transfers with Revolut.

💰 Is Revolut sign up bonus available?

The Revolut bonus for sign up is not currently available. However, Revolut does offer some great perks for new and existing members alike. And the sign up bonuses may return in the near future! So if you’re interested in joining this innovative banking service now, make sure to check back on Revolut web app often to find out.

Since its establishment, Revolut has stretched into new markets and expanded employees from 1,500 to approximately 5,000. As a financial institution, Revolut has two licenses, one from Australia and another from Lithuania. Since Lithuania is part of the European Union, Revolut’s banking license allows it to offer financial services across Europe.

Users of Revolut are able to use it as a payment option in different industries. They can send funds instantly and request payments from any contact within the Revolut app. In terms of security, this banking method has various features, including fingerprint identification and the option to turn off some features that can boost the risk of phishing attacks.

How to Use Revolut App?

The Revolute application has a user-friendly interface that is convenient for all customers. To use online casino that accepts Revolut, you need to go through three simple steps, which include:

Download the app and register an account: You need to download the Revolut app for your device before doing anything else. Depending on your device’s type, you can download the application from either the App Store or Google Play. Once you have installed the app, start the account creation process. To sign up with Revolut, you need to provide your phone number, and your card will be available after that.

where is revolut located sign up bonus

Fund your account: It is a perfect time to fund your account. To achieve this, open your application and navigate to the Accounts page. Once you arrive on the page, press the Add Money button. Next, input the amount of money you want to deposit and then fill in your credit or debit card details. Your Revolut account should have funds within a few minutes.

Sign up with a Revolut bookmaker and make a deposit: Once the funds reflect into your Revolute account, find a recommended betting website, open an account, navigate to the cashier section, choose Revolut as your deposit method, enter the amount you want to bet with and confirm your transaction. That is all you need to place your first bet. Online casino Revolut users can also deposit funds into their game accounts instantly and easily, whether they’re playing slots or roulette.

Advantages of Revolut Betting Sites

Betting sites that accept Revolut offers some important benefits. Revolut online gambling allows you to bet with your Revolut account anywhere Mastercard is accepted. This gives you the ability to use your Revolut account for online gambling at any time or place that suits you. Here are some of them:

no revolut withdrawal fee atm fees No fees for both deposits and withdrawals: Most digital payment and baking options charge a certain percentage of the fee for either adding or withdrawing funds from their accounts. Some of them add an additional fee for betting and gambling-related transactions. With Revolut, you will not pay any fee, whether depositing funds to your sportsbook account or withdrawing your winnings. Revolut withdrawal fee is also 0%.

revolut online casino sites bookmakers

no revolut withdrawal fee atm fees Instant Withdrawals: It is 2022, and no gambler wants to wait for days to receive winnings. Luckily, Revolut betting sites allow you to withdraw your winnings and receive them within the shortest possible time. In most cases, you’ll receive your winnings within seconds or a few minutes if there are delays. This is the best period that you can wait to receive your money.

no revolut withdrawal fee atm fees Convenience: You can access Revolut services 24 hours and seven days a week from any device. That means you can withdraw your funds wherever you are and whenever you need them. The Revolute mobile application is also well-optimised and user-friendly, with your current balance updated in real-time and everything clearly illustrated and identified.

no revolut withdrawal fee atm fees Security: When betting online, keeping your funds safe is the main priority for every gambler. In terms of security, Revolute is one of the strongest banking institutions as it uses the latest technology to protect the funds and information of its customers. Apart from keeping your banking information safe, extra protective layers like fingerprint authorisation are available.

no revolut withdrawal fee atm fees Multiple languages and currencies: Revolute supports all of the leading currencies like the USD, Euro, Croatian Kuna and Swedish Krona, among others. The application is also available in more than 20 languages, ranging from Spanish and English to French and Danish.

You’ll, therefore, likely be able to make a deposit in your country’s currency, along with using the application in your favourite language.

Disadvantages of Revolut Gambling Sites

While Revolut has proven to be one of the best digital banking options available out there, there’re also downsides to gambling through this method of payment. These downsides range from regulatory restrictions to being an online-only banking service. Here are more details about these Revolut gambling sites disadvantages and others.

revolut online gambling app You need the app to use all Revolut features: To use Revolut, you must have the application downloaded and installed on your mobile device. Also, you need the mobile application in case you encounter an issue, like losing your card. On top of this, you cannot make a deposit or request a withdrawal through a physical outlet or the company’s main website.

is revolut safe web app

revolut online gambling app Restrictions on the betting platforms: From April 2020 going forward, the United Kingdom banned gambling and betting transactions through credit cards. Following the introduction of this directive, Revolut withdrew from the United Kingdom gambling market.

And that means British bettors can’t place bets using this banking method. However, Revolut betting sites can still be found in the UK online space.

revolut online gambling app No physical branches: As already mentioned, one of the disadvantages of using Revolut bookmakers is that it is an online-only banking institution. It does not have any physical stores. While this isn’t a huge problem for online gamblers, it can prove to be an inconvenience, especially when you are looking for a quick response.

how to deposit cash into revolut

revolut online gambling app Limited free ATM withdrawals each month: Customers using the Revolut standard package can only request withdrawals of around £220 from physical real money machines per month. These Revolut ATM fees aren’t attractive at all.

revolut online gambling app Slow customer support: The Revolut customer support crew provides all the information that customers need. But getting feedback from the team is, in most cases, slow. You cannot get help through social media platforms, and therefore you must either go to the main website or the mobile app. This is an issue when waiting to transfer your funds elsewhere or receive your winnings.

Revolut Review Conclusion

There’re several reasons why Revolut is one of the best digital banking options that gamblers can use during their betting journeys. First, it provides different digital banking services and products. It is recommended to use either crypto or the Revolut debit card option. Using any of these options will allow you to enjoy all the betting benefits that Revolut sites offer. 

With these Revolut options, you can enjoy not only instant deposits but also super-fast withdrawals at all betting sites. Revolut also allows you to control your betting expenditure. In line with this, you can block betting payments or use some of the budgeting features available to prevent overspending. All in all, Revolut is a perfect banking method if you want to take your betting experience to a whole new level.

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