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As the online betting and gambling world expands, so does the number of payment methods available to bettors. One of the freshest methods that players can use today is Apple Pay. This payment method is only available through a mobile device that runs on the iOS operating system. It is available on iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and MacBook devices.  Providing punters with instant payments and outstanding security, Apple Pay looks certain to become one of the most popular sportsbook deposit options. .. Show more

What is Apple Pay and How Does it Work?

First, it’s important to emphasize that there isn’t much to the set-up procedure of the payment method. The Apple Pay app comes pre-installed on your favourite device, so you’ll not go through the hassle of visiting and navigating the App Store and downloading it yourself for use in sports betting companies or just shopping.

Once you purchase your device, all you need to do is open the app and link your debit or credit card. To do that, you just need to scan your card using the camera of your device.

For you to be able to link your card, your bank must support this payment method. If everything is okay, just follow the instructions of your bank, and you’re good to go. It is possible to link multiple cards, but the number depends on your device’s operating system version. For example, if you have iPhone 8 or newer, you’ll enjoy a 12-card limit. Older devices can only support eight cards.


💰 Is gamble with Apple Pay legal?

Yes, casinos and betting sites that use Apple Pay are absolutely legal and safe.

💰 Is it difficult to bet with Apple Pay?

❌ No, use betting sites that accept Apple Pay is very simple:

  1. Open an account on the bookmaker website and verify it.
  2. Choose Apple Pay as payment method.
  3. Confirm your transaction in Apple Pay app with Face ID, fingerprint or passcode.
  4. Check your bookies account and start betting.

💰 How long does it take to make payment to Apple Pay sportsbook?

Sports betting with Apple Pay biggest advantage is the speed of deposit your funds. You will not have to wait hours to start betting when you make a deposit with Apple Pay – your funds will be transferred within a few seconds.

💰 Can I withdraw money from Apple Pay gambling sites?

Major gambling sites that accept Apple Pay do not allow withdrawals. Normally you need to find another way to withdraw your winnings.

💰 Where can Apple Pay be used?

In today’s world where everything is moving online, you can use Apple Pay almost everywhere – stores, restaurants, gas stations, taxis, etc.

When it comes to using it at Apple Pay bookies, you need to check to be sure that this option is available. All top and reputable bookies have a section of their sites dedicated to mobile payments.

Once you access the payment section, you will find a list of methods and further information like time-frames and limits. If you find the Apple Pay logo or the banking method is mentioned by name among deposit options, it means that the sportsbook’s cashier will allow Apple Pay transactions.

How to Make a Payment to Apple Pay Bookies?

At the time of creating this guide, Apple Pay was only used to make deposits. To make deposits at your favourite Apple Pay sports betting site, you need to open an account and verify it. Your name must blend smoothly with that of the Apple Pay account.

After verifying your account, you can then navigate to your Apple Pay bookies casher page, choose Apple Pay as your method of payment, enter the amount that you want to deposit and complete the transaction.

betting sites bookies that accept apple pay

Since Apple Pay is one of the most secure payment services, and the company deeply considers the safety of your funds and sensitive information its top priority, you must confirm your transaction before completing it. You can do this in different ways, including Face ID in newer iOS versions.

If you have an older iOS device, you can use the fingerprint scanner to confirm your transaction. If Touch ID or Face ID isn’t available, a passcode is a workable option.

Once your transaction has been processed, check your sportsbook account balance and start your online betting journey. In terms of withdrawals, bookmakers do not support Apple Pay. This means that you’ll have to pick another option when you want to withdraw your winnings.

In most cases, sportsbooks will provide you with electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies or bank wire transfers as alternative withdrawal options.

Advantages with Apple Pay Bookmakers

The obvious benefit of playing at Apple Pay bookmakers is the speed of depositing your funds. By far, the fastest depositing method is through electronic and mobile wallets like Apple Pay, as you do not have to provide a username and password if your face or finger identification is configured properly. 

That means your funds will be transferred to your sportsbook account within a few seconds, which is a positive step if you’re looking to place an in-play wager and need to transfer funds quickly so that the betting odds don’t change. With online betting Apple Pay, you will not have to wait for hours or even days to start betting.

What is more? Bookies that accept Apple Pay is safe and secure. First, you are protected with finger or face identification and then the latest SSL encryption technology that sportsbooks use to protect their customers. This means nobody can gain access to your sportsbook as well as your Apple Pay account.

sports betting sites bet with apple pay

Also, since Apple Pay is available on a mobile device, you can place bets on the go. You can make payments and bet from anywhere, anytime, as long as your device is connected to the internet. Another massive benefit that Apple Pay bookies offer is that there are no deposit fees. A nice advantage as it means that you can deposit the amount of money you want without worrying about fees.

Another thing that makes Apple Pay betting apps popular among punters is that it is simple to use. Instead of going through lengthy processes, trying to remember passwords or confirming payments through text messages, the application takes care of everything.

Disadvantages with Apple Pay Betting Sites

Like any other payment method, Apple Pay comes with some drawbacks. It’s usually difficult to find Apply Pay betting sites, and there might be some service restrictions, making this method unattractive to most gamblers.

One of the significant disadvantages of Apple Pay bookies is that players cannot withdraw funds from their accounts after winning. They need to find alternative methods such as electronic wallets or bank transfers in order to receive their winnings.

gambling sites that accept apple pay

Another disadvantage is that there is a limited number of betting sites with Apple Pay. Additionally, the option may not be available in some parts of the world. Apply Pay is also available on iOS devices only. That means players who have other devices cannot use this method of payment.

While there isn’t any charge when depositing at Apple Pay betting websites, there are possible extra charges. Since you must link a credit or debit card to your Apple Pay account, some transaction fees apply when moving funds from your bank account to the sportsbook through this mobile payment option.

Betting with Apple Pay Conclusion

If you want to deposit funds instantly into your sportsbook account, you should be betting with Apple Pay. This method of payment isn’t only faster, but it is also more secure. On top of that, sportsbooks offer lucrative bonuses and promotions that you can take advantage of once you make deposits and place bets.

where can apple pay be used

Before you can sign up with any sportsbook that claims to support Apple Pay deposits, you need to check if it blends smoothly with all of your needs and requirements. Some of the features that you need to keep in mind are bonuses and promotions, security, mobile compatibility, range of markets available and VIP rewards.

To pick the best site, you should always visit the recommended list of sportsbooks and choose your favourite one. All of the Apple Pay bookies that experts recommend offer everything that will provide you with the best betting experience. So choose one of our top betting sites with Apple Pay and take your betting journey to a whole new level.

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