NFL Playoff Betting 2024 – Predictions and Odds

The NFL playoff starts on 13 January. Twelve teams will compete in the first round, 6 of which will advance to the conference semi-finals.

The anticipation rises as the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, the AFC and NFC conference champions, have already secured their berths, setting the stage for exciting NFL Playoff betting opportunities.

The teams that will compete in the first round are the Philadelphia Eagles, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, and Cleveland Browns.

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NFL Schedule



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Key Highlights:

  1. NFL Playoff Schedule:
    • Starts on January 13.
    • Weekly rounds with finals on February 11.
  2. Betting Tips:
    • Single-elimination format increases game importance.
    • Home-field advantage varies across rounds.
    • Quarterback experience crucial for success.
    • Balanced offense/defense vital in matchups.
  3. Top Teams:
    • San Francisco 49ers (3.15 odds): Rested with a complete team.
    • Baltimore Ravens (4.10 odds): Aggressive style, strong defense.
    • Buffalo Bills (7.40 odds): Good form, playoff experience.
    • Dallas Cowboys (8.60 odds): Undefeated at home, challenges on the road.

NFL Playoff Schedule

The NFL Playoff will start on 13 January, the first three rounds will take place every week, and the finals will take place on 11 February. Full schedule:

  • First round – 13 – 15 January.
  • Round 2 – 20 – 21 January.
  • Conference Finals – 28 January.
  • Final – 11 February.

NFL Playoff Betting Tips

The NFL differs from other US sports leagues because the regular season and the playoff are relatively short. With 17 games in the regular season, the value of each game is much higher than in the NBA, MLB, or NHL.

The playoffs are a game of one win. It means that the importance of the games is even greater than in the regular season.


We usually associate the playoff with a series of at least two wins, but the NFL playoffs consist of just one game, which is one of the reasons why this sport attracts so much interest.

From a betting point of view, one game means that the teams on the field won’t be saving energy because you have to win here and now. Similarly, it is essential to note that some teams do not play home games in the playoff.

Below, we have highlighted a few key points to consider before the start of the NFL playoff:

  • Home-field advantage – home crowd support is often associated with a better chance of winning. Home teams in the first round of the NFL playoff won less than half of their games from 2010 to 2020 – 47,8%. It means that one in two teams wins on the road in the first round. The situation is very different between the second round and the conference finals – 75% and 68% respectively.
  • Players experience – In American football, almost everything revolves around the quarterback. History shows that since 2002, quarterbacks with no playoff experience have won 27 first games and lost 50. These playoffs will feature four games featuring quarterbacks without experience – C.J. Stroud, Tua Tagovailoa, Mason Rudolph, and Jordan Love. Two of them will play their first game against NFL champions Patrick Mahomes and Joe Flacco.
  • Offense/Defense – It is said that offense wins games and defense wins championships. If we look at the NFL playoff from 2010 to 2019 when the Top 10 offense played against the Top 10 defense, there were 22 such meetings, and both sides shared 11 wins. However, if we look at the TOP 5 offense and the TOP 5 defense, there have been eight such games, all of which were won by the TOP 5 offense.


🏈 When do NFL Playoffs start?

The 2024 NFL playoffs are scheduled to begin on January 13th.

🏈 How NFL Playoffs are determined?

The NFL playoffs comprise 14 teams: the top four division winners and 3 wild card teams from each conference. The teams’ seeds are based on their regular season records, leading to a single-elimination tournament. The tournament culminates in the Super Bowl, considered the NFL season’s final game.

🏈 How many NFL Playoff games are there?

There are 13 NFL playoff games in a standard postseason, consisting of 4 Wild Card Round games, 4 Divisional Round games, 2 Conference Championship games, and 1 Super Bowl. The playoffs culminate with the Super Bowl, where the champions of the AFC and NFC face off in a single championship game.

🏈 How much does NFL Playoff tickets cost?

You can purchase NFL Playoff tickets for as low as $71, with an average cost of $1370.

🏈 Who are the favorites to win Super Bowl 2024?

NFL Playoff favorites to win Super Bowl 2024 are San Francisco 49ers.

The Best Teams in the 2024 NFL Playoff

Almost every year in the NFL playoff, there are surprises. They are inevitable when the playoff is just one game long, and teams only need to win four times to win the championship.

Teams are given very high odds before the season’s start and before the playoff, as even the favorites do not have it the easy way. We’ve picked the four teams with the best chance of becoming the 2023-2024 NFL champions.

San Francisco 49ers Prediction

The San Francisco 49ers, NFL Playoff favorites, are currently given the lowest odds of 3.15 by the US bookmakers to become champions. The NFC Conference Champions will start the playoffs in the second round, so they will have an extra week of rest. Also, they are just three games away from being crowned champions.

It is unclear who they will have to play against in the second round, as the teams will be re-ranked after the first round. However, with 75% of home games in the second round being won at home, there is a good chance we will see the 49ers in the conference finals.


Looking at the 49ers chances, they look like the most complete team. The team’s quarterback, Brock Purdy, is healthy and showing great form.

There is plenty of talent on both the offensive and defensive lines. Add to that that the 49ers rested in the last regular season game, and the key players will have as much as a two-week break before the second-round matchup.

Baltimore Ravens Prediction

The AFC Conference winners, like the 49ers, will have extra time to prepare for the playoffs, as they also start in the second round. The team’s key player is undoubtedly QB Lamar Jackson, also one of the candidates to win the MVP award.

The Ravens have a very aggressive style of play, with great players on all three key lines and a lot of talent. Wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Zay Flowers give the team many options on offense.


The team’s x-factors are the defensive duo of Michael Pierce and Justin Madubuike. Both players are having a solid season, and there is no doubt they will be a big problem for their opponents in the playoffs.

At the end of December, the Ravens showed their strength when they defeated the 49ers, one of the favorites, 33 – 19. Betting sites priced The Baltimore Ravens at 4.10 to become NFL champions.

Buffalo Bills Prediction

The AFC division winners come into the playoffs in good shape. They finished the regular season, winning six out of seven games, with their only loss coming in overtime against the Eagles.

In the last game of the regular season, the Buffalo Bills beat a solid Miami team on the road. It showed that the Buffalo is ready for the playoffs.


In the first round, the Steelers are without T.J. Watt, one of their most important defensive players. Even with T.J. Watt, the Steelers are one of the weakest teams in the playoffs, so the Bills should have no problem making it to the conference semi-finals, where the main challenges will begin.

The Buffalo Bills are currently given odds of 7.40 to become champions. One of the main positives of the team is that the line-up has been playing together for many years. A large part of the roster has playoff experience.

Dallas Cowboys Prediction

Of these four teams, the Dallas Cowboys have the highest odds, 8.60. However, this team is the only one that has yet to lose at home this season. In the first round, the Cowboys will face the Green Bay Packers, who are considered favorites.


The Cowboys are undefeated at home and will be playing against a team where the QB has no playoff experience.

One of the most significant advantages for the Cowboys is that the lineup is capable of blitzing and making plays when things are going well and winning tough, intriguing games. The biggest challenge will be away games.

The team is undefeated at home, but in the regular season, they won 4 times and lost five on the road. A high ranking means they will play at home in the first and second rounds, but the conference finals may have to be played on the road – just like the NFL Finals in Las Vegas.

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