NBA Player Props Betting

One of the best and most fun ways to bet on the NBA is to back individual players for success rather than bet on a team to win. What we have seen over the past few years is people looking for alternative ways in which to bet on NBA games, and many of these involve betting on the game but not on who will win.




Things like points betting have led the way with this, but we are also seeing a lot of NBA player props betting markets come to the fore and be used on a regular basis. 

With the NBA and US sports, in general, having a strong connection with fantasy sports, bookmakers know that people take an interest in players and what they do while playing.

Those who play fantasy sports are not interested in the game, just on how their player plays and they are the perfect target for markets like these.

It would give them the chance to bet on the NBA alongside their fantasy sports gaming while allowing them to continue backing players for success rather than beginning to choose teams to have success. 

If you like the idea of these markets and want to try them out or you enjoy playing fantasy sports and want to move across into betting on the NBA and use your knowledge that you have gained then here is our guide to NBA player prop bets markets. 

nba player point betting props
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NBA Player Points Betting Market

This is the easiest way in which you can back a player for success and a market that many bookmakers offer to their players. On this market, you are betting on the total number of points that a player will get during the game. This is an over/under market where you go over the line if you think they will have a good game or under the line if you think they can be stopped. 

For example, a line of 25.5 means that for those nba player betting on over you need the player to score 26 points or more, while those betting on under the line are looking for the nba player performance betting to score 25 points or less. 

This is a great way to get involved without having things too complicated. Those who watch the NBA or play fantasy sports will know how point-scoring works and that makes this a simple and easy market to understand and use, even for new gamblers. 

nba player performance betting

Alternative Player Markets

With bookmakers that offer a strong number of player in NBA prop bets markets, you are also able to bet on many other things. These are still single events, so, for example, you can bet on the number of assists a player will have, the number of rebounds, steals, turnovers and blocks. These all give you an opportunity to place a bet on one single player to perform well or poorly across one discipline without things becoming too complicated for your bet. 

Something else you can bet on is the number of three-pointers a player makes, which is a fun and exciting market to use. Seeing a three-pointer scored by a player is always great and if you are watching them being scored by a player who you have backed to scored three-pointers then it is going to be even better to watch. 

nba live stream

NBA Player Props Markets Covering Multiple Disciplines

Props for today betting, there are two ways to bet where you can put two or more things together and bet on those. The most used of these is the market where you can back a player to score a ‘double double’ or a ‘triple double’. These are seen as fantastic achievements, but ones that players can do fairly regularly, so they are certainly of interest to gamblers who are looking for a fun bet at a bigger price. 

Then the other way in which you can bet is to use the markets that are put together by your bookmaker. Those who don’t cover much NBA may not offer these, but the best NBA bookmakers will have a strong offering for you to choose from. 

These can include things such as betting on points and assists together, points and rebounds together, assists and rebounds, steals and blocks or a treble market of points, assists and rebounds.  If you want make NBA bets with cryptocurrency – check best crypto bookies rating.

These markets can all allow you to put something together at a bigger price which is ideal for punters who are looking to have a fun bet and want bigger odds. With many NBA games covered on TV or NBA live stream services online, people like to watch the action and place a bet on that particular game, these markets are perfect for that and can be a great way to back something at a bigger price than what you will find elsewhere on other markets. 

Just like with many other sports and types of betting, the more different elements you put together in a bet, the bigger the odds will be in general. This means if you are looking to place a bet that has a strong chance of winning you should be looking at the single markets, while those who want something for interest at a bigger price can look at the markets that put more together and use those. 

props for today

Player Prop Betting Markets Offer Excellent Choice

The great thing about these markets is the choice they offer. Whether you are new to betting and want to bet on similar outcomes to those you look out for in fantasy sports, or you are an experienced punter looking to bet on a new line because you are bored of the ones you use, these lines can be good for you. 

They don’t need the outcome of the game to be decided too, which is something that a lot of punters like to have in their betting now. Instead, with the player prop markets you are betting on player performance, either good or bad, and you are hoping that you have got those right rather than who it is that actually wins the game. 

If you want find more information about nba betting, visit nba betting guide page.

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