MuchBetter Betting Sites 2024

MuchBetter betting sites make paying and getting money quick and easy. This app-based wallet is perfect for anyone who wants a simple way to bet without trouble. 

In this review, we look at the best MuchBetter sportsbooks chosen by our experts. So, you can get their pros and cons, as well as payment methods, in detail. 

Top MuchBetter Betting Sites

Here we have the top betting platforms that use MuchBetter for money transactions:


22Bet started as a gambling company in 2007. In 2018, they got a UK license from the UK Gambling Commission. This helped them grow and become well-known worldwide. 22Bet also has a license from Curacao. 

You can bet on football in South America, basketball in Asia, and big American leagues like the NBA, NFL, and NHL. They also cover global sports like golf, tennis, and cricket. This service makes it easy to bet on games from all over the world. 

At 22Bet, you can deposit money in many ways. Use bank cards, transfers, mobile pay, e-wallets, terminals, or crypto. For crypto, pick from 25 types. For an easy option, you can use MuchBetter digital wallet app, too.



✅ Live betting options for many sports

✅ Mobile app

✅ Many sports and leagues

✅ Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies


❌ Limited rewards


Bittech BV runs 888Starz and is known for being trustworthy. The company started with a good reputation and has a Curacao eGaming license. It uses the latest SSL encryption technology.

888Starz makes paying easy. They accept many payment types, such as cards, Neteller, Skrill, and Paysafecard. Plus, they also use the MuchBetter app for quick payments. 

There is a minimum deposit of 1 USD and no fees for deposits with MuchBetter. As for withdrawals, there is a minimum amount of 2 USD. It takes 15 minutes to proceed. No fees apply.

You can also use cryptocurrency to make a bet here. They’re great at this. You’ll find Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular options. Plus, the MuchBetter digital wallet app makes it easy to manage your funds. 



✅ Very high odds

✅ Accepts 40+ cryptocurrencies

✅ You can mine 888tokens


❌ Bonus is difficult to claim

❌ A new platform


MegaPari offers a user-friendly betting platform created by 1xBet, a top-rated sports betting software company. The sleek, up-to-date software reacts quickly, creating a pleasant user experience. 

If you enjoy betting with cryptocurrency, MegaPari is a great choice. They accept about 25 different cryptocurrencies. They include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, DigiByte, and many more.

MegaPari makes adding and taking out money fast and easy. You can deposit instantly for free using a bank transfer, e-wallets like Skrill, Pay4Fun, Epay, and WebMoney, or Visa and MasterCard. 

They let you deposit as little as 1 EUR. Don’t forget you can also use the MuchBetter app to manage your money smoothly. There are no service fees for withdrawals, which are processed very quickly.



✅ Nice design

✅ €100 bonus with your first deposit

✅ Weekly money back

✅ Takes 25 types of crypto

✅ Great football odds


❌ No cashout-out option

❌ No mobile app

What Is MuchBetter Wallet App and How To Use It?

MuchBetter is an easy-to-use app that works like a wallet for people who play games and bet online. It’s safe because the Financial Conduct Authority keeps an eye on it. Users like it as an alternative to Paysafecard. Anyone from any country can use it.

The app is free to set up. You can choose from different ways to pay. MuchBetter makes it easy to send money to gaming and MuchBetter sportsbook. It also lets these betting sites pay you back quickly. 

To use MuchBetter, you need to download the app and sign up. Once you’ve registered, you can send money to play at online casinos using just your phone number. 

But MuchBetter isn’t just for betting. You can also shop online, pay friends, or buy things in stores.


Here’s what you need to get started:

✔️ Install the MuchBetter app on your phone.

✔️ Make sure your phone can connect to the internet.

✔️ Create a MuchBetter account.

You can also get a free prepaid MasterCard from MuchBetter. With this card, you can pay without cash almost anywhere. 

MuchBetter Benefits

When betting online, smart users want to get the most out of their money. MuchBetter helps by offering special bonuses and promotions. 

Claim Bonuses on MuchBetter Betting Site

Using MuchBetter for online betting is great for grabbing bonuses easily. Unlike other e-wallets, such as Skrill or Neteller, it’s often allowed for welcome bonuses and free bets.

  • You can get all sorts of bonuses without the usual e-wallet limits.
  • Pick MuchBetter when you deposit and follow the site’s rules to get your bonus.
  • Money goes into your account right away, so you can play and get bonuses quickly.

Always check the rules for any bonus, like how much you need to bet, the smallest deposit, and when the offer ends. 

Offers for MuchBetter Users

Using MuchBetter for your online betting can get you special deals. Here’s why it’s good to keep an eye on these offers:

  • Some sites give special bonuses just for using MuchBetter.
  • You might find extra promotions for MuchBetter users during big sports events.
  • MuchBetter sometimes has special offers with betting sites that you can get through their app.

Make sure to check the betting sites you like and follow MuchBetter on social media to know about the latest special deals for users. This way, you’ll always get the most out of your money when betting online. 

FAQ about MuchBetter

⭐ What is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is a payment app designed for online betting. It lets you safely add or take out money using your phone number and a four-digit code. 

⭐ Are there fees for using MuchBetter?

Creating an account costs nothing. However, using a credit or debit card to add money may cost up to 5%. Taking money out to a bank has a fee of 2-2.5%

⭐ Can I use MuchBetter with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, MuchBetter lets you use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum on many betting sites. It’s simple to put money in and take it out at online betting sites MuchBetter

⭐ What betting platforms support MuchBetter?

You can easily deposit and withdraw money on betting sites that use MuchBetter like 22Bet, 888Starz, and MegaPari using MuchBetter. It’s a quick and safe way to handle your cash. 

⭐ Is MuchBetter available worldwide?

Before signing up, make sure MuchBetter is available where you live. Local laws may limit its use in some places. Check if you can use it in your area. 

MuchBetter: A Closer Look

In this section, we look at how MuchBetter works, including costs, how to use their Mastercard, and how to handle different money types. 

Fees and Charges

Using MuchBetter is free when you sign up. But, some things you do with it might have fees. If you put money in with a credit or debit card, they might charge you up to 5%. Taking out money to your bank can cost you between 2% and 2.5%. 

  • Credit/Debit Card Deposits – up to 5% fee
  • Withdrawals to Bank Accounts – between 2% to 2.5% fee

When you exchange money between US dollars, euros, and British pounds, MuchBetter charges a low fee of just 0.99%. 

MuchBetter Mastercard

MuchBetter offers a special deal for people in the European Economic Area (EEA)—a free Mastercard. This MuchBetter card works like any other Mastercard, letting you take out cash from ATMs and pay for things in many places. 


Here’s what you can do with your MuchBetter Mastercard:

  • It has a dynamic CVV. This means you get a new code for each purchase, which helps stop fraud.
  • You can turn your card on or off using the app. This is good if your card is lost or stolen because you can quickly stop anyone from using it.

You can watch what you spend and add money to your card hassle-free. 

MuchBetter App’s Security

MuchBetter is a secure way to handle money on your phone. It uses your phone’s safety features, like your fingerprint or face, to keep your account safe. 

When you set up the app, you just need your phone number and a 4-digit code. This makes it harder for someone to steal your password and keeps your account safe.

MuchBetter also checks your phone to ensure it’s you, uses your fingerprint for safety, frequently changes security codes, and double-checks payments to stop fraud.

Accessibility and Restrictions

You can use MuchBetter digital wallet in over 150 countries. However, it isn’t the same everywhere. 

In some places, like Ukraine and Poland, online betting is a popular choice. But this can change depending on local laws and business deals.

Before using MuchBetter, checking if it’s available where you live is a good idea. There are some countries, like the USA, Afghanistan, and Iran, where MuchBetter can’t operate due to rules or other issues. People in these areas might need to find other payment options that meet their local laws. 

MuchBetter Support

If you need help with MuchBetter, you can email them at [email protected]. They’ll get back to you with the help you need. You can also check out their Help Desk for quick answers. It has FAQs and tips that can solve common problems right away. 

MuchBetter offer help on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This way, you can get in touch easily. You can find quick help, news about updates, and info on any problems. 

Licensing and Regulation

MuchBetter is safe and follows strict rules, which helps users trust it. The app makes sure all money matters are fair and legal, giving users confidence when they use it. 

FCA and NOG Licenses

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has approved it. The FCA is known for being strict and protecting customers. This means MuchBetter is secure and trustworthy.

It also has a Romanian National Office for Gambling (NOG) license. This shows that MuchBetter follows European rules, especially where online betting is popular. 

Electronic Money Association

MuchBetter has teamed up with the Electronic Money Association (EMA), which helps build trust. 


The EMA is a group that works with companies that handle electronic money and new financial services, and they focus on being open and fair. MuchBetter follows the EMA’s rules to look after its customers. 

MuchBetter Pros and Cons

MuchBetter stands out for being easy to use and fast. However, users should know its downsides before picking it as their go-to payment method. 


Quick Deposits. Add money to your betting account fast and keep playing without delay.

Speedy Withdrawals. Get your winnings faster than with many other payment options.

Simple Setup. Start using MuchBetter easily with just your phone number and a 4-digit code.

User-Friendly App. The app is easy to use, making managing your money straightforward.

Secure Phone Link. Pairing with your mobile adds extra security, as transactions are locked to your device.


Fees. You might pay up to 5% for using a credit or debit card to add money, and taking out money to a bank can cost 2%-2.5%.

Not Everywhere. Some places, like the USA, Afghanistan, and Iran, can’t use MuchBetter.

Need a Phone. You have to have a smartphone to do most things with MuchBetter.

Final Thoughts on MuchBetter Betting Sites

MuchBetter betting sites make online betting easy. It’s a payment app that works fast for depositing and taking out money. You can use it on sites like 22Bet, 888Starz, and MegaPari. 

The app lets you use different cryptocurrencies and works great on mobile phones. But, remember, there might be some fees and it’s not available everywhere.

MuchBetter is licensed, so you can trust it. It’s a good choice for people who bet online and want a handy way to handle their money. 

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