Mobile Betting

  • 04 May 2019
    9 min. read

The days of having to put any work or effort into placing a bet are over for punters. Now, we are in a situation where betting is as accessible as it has ever been, and we are all just seconds away from placing our next bet if we want one. The reason behind this has been the rise of mobile betting, something that has completely transformed the way that punters are able to get their wagers on, making it incredibly easy and efficient.

You don’t have to go back too long to find a time when the only way to place bets with your bookmaker was to walk or drive to your local betting shop and put them on there. Then we had the introduction of telephone betting and after that internet betting on computers, both of which seemed like huge steps forward for the industry at the time. Then came mobile betting, which feels like an even bigger step, and something that is only going to grow in the future. The percentage of bets placed on a mobile device right now is big, but don’t be surprised to see that go even higher over the coming years. Could we be in a situation where nearly all bets placed in the future are through a mobile device? Or will something else come along and prove to be even bigger and better?

Whatever the answers to those questions, one thing is for sure and that is that punters have it very good right now. Betting is accessible, easy and perhaps most importantly due to the nature of the busy world we live in right now, betting is quick, and that is exactly what punters are looking for right now from their bookmaker and exactly what mobile betting delivers.

What is Mobile Betting

In simple terms, mobile betting is placing a bet with your bookmaker using a mobile device, and all you need to do it is a mobile device and an internet connection. A mobile device is something that you can take with you if you are going out, which means it can be a tablet or a mobile phone. While a phone is the most common way to place a mobile bet, and something that pretty much everyone has with them at all times, don’t forget betting on a tablet if you have one of those. The bookmakers all have apps you can download onto a tablet, which will work in the same way as their apps for mobile phones, giving you a couple of options to choose from if you have a tablet and a mobile.

If you hold an online account with a bookmaker, you are able to use this account either on a mobile device like your phone or on the computer, you do not need to have separate accounts for both. Your one online account can be used across both formats and will become your one-stop shop for placing bets with a bookmaker.

How to Place a Mobile Bet

There are two ways in which you can place a bet on your mobile device with your bookmaker. Many bookmakers have an app that you can download from your app store and keep this on your phone. This is certainly the most secure and also the quickest way of placing bets on a phone. Simply head to your app store, if you have an Apple phone then look out for the iOS app, while those on an Android device should be downloaded that version.

The advantage to using an app is that when this is on your phone, all you need to do is press on it from your home page and you will be logged into your betting account and on the homepage of the app ready to place a bet. If you are a regular mobile punter then it is advisable to download the app and use that when placing your bets.

The second way to place a mobile bet is to use your mobile browser and point that towards the betting website that you want to bet with. This is essentially the same as logging onto your computer and pointing your browser to the website you want, although when you do this on a phone you will usually get the lite mobile version of the website, not the full one. When betting this way you will have to log in each time you visit the page and the experience is generally not as fast as using an app.

How you bet is all down to preference, although it is worth noting that the mobile betting apps that have been created as specifically designed with punters in mind. They make betting as easy as it can be, and they are usually set out in the same format as the online website, giving a familiar feel to them. Betting through a mobile browser is still easy and something that you can do on the go, but it may be slightly slower or more complicated than using the app.

The History of Mobile Betting

Mobile betting began when bookmakers first began to make mobile versions of their website, which were compatible with the browsers on smartphones. This was the first time that someone was able to log onto their phone and place a bet. As faster internet speeds were available to people around the world, betting companies worked out that people wanted to bet on their phone, and soon all companies had a mobile-friendly website that their players could use.

Then we saw an introduction of the mobile app for players to bet through. As smartphones advanced and people used them for a lot more than just simply ringing someone up and speaking to them, whether it was betting or something completely different, everything on a phone had an app you could download and use.

The leading bookmakers in online betting were the first to go for it, creating simple betting apps that their customers downloaded to their devices and this allowed them to log on and place bets. We had two big advancements at this stage. The first came due to the weight of people using these apps, that caused all the other bookmakers to follow suit and quickly design an app of their own to release and market.

Then after that, the second advancement was how complex and fantastic these apps became. Not only could you log on and place a single bet, but you could sign up, deposit funds, take out your winnings and even live stream events, such was the capabilities of these new apps. Over the years, mobile betting apps have taken over from placing bets through your mobile browser, and they are now an integral part of any bookmaking service for an online bookmaker.

How to Choose a Good Bookmaker for Mobile Betting

When it comes to choosing a good bookmaker for mobile betting, putting a little time and effort into making your decision will go a long way to helping you choose the right partner. If you are looking to become a serious mobile player, placing a lot of bets on your phone then it is vital that you find a site with a mobile app you can download, and you download the app straight away.

Regardless of whether you intend to use every feature on the app or not, it is always best to try and put yourself with a bookmaker that is a leading light in terms of mobile betting, and one that will continue to be at the forefront of any technological advances. This way, if something else comes along in a couple of years that changes mobile betting, it is likely your bookmaker is one of the first to implement it, and you can stick with them instead of having to find a new bookmaker. Here are the key things you should look out for when comparing mobile betting apps

  • Auto-login to allow you easy access if you are short of time
  • Quick links to big events if you use these, for example, a one-click link to the Premier League football page
  • Ability to make quick deposits with your payment details stored, and the ability to withdraw your winnings
  • Full in play section, which includes all betting opportunities plus the ability to live stream events if this is available
  • Mobile only offers – look out for these, some bookmakers have selected offers for mobile customers only that you can take advantage of if you sign up with them

The above are a list of things you should be looking for your new bookmaker to offer in terms of mobile betting, that is exactly what you will find on the very best mobile apps that are available. In terms of the app itself, you should be looking for something that is easy to use, and quick to navigate around. The speeds of the app is very important, as generally speaking when people are placing bets on their phone, they don’t have much time available. The last thing you want is a slow app causing you problems placing your bets when you don’t have much time. After you have taken a look at the apps on offer you will probably find that you are left with a big list of apps that you could use as they are good. Many bookmakers have not only worked out what punters want and need from an app, but they also understand how important these apps are for them in terms of generating business, both from new and old customers. They don’t leave much to chance when it comes down to business and attracting customers, and that is certainly the case with their mobile betting services.

What to Expect in the Future

Guessing what will happen with mobile betting in the future is very difficult to do, as it feels as though we now have things as good as they are going to be. Do we have any space left for further app enhancements? Or will something else come along and take over? The only advancement that could come in the relatively near future involves voice recognition. Could our mobile betting apps work with that kind of software, which is undergoing massive development right now, so that we can simply talk to our phones when we want to place our bets. Instead of opening your phone and logging onto your bookmaker app, finding your selections and placing your bet, we would simply talk to the app and tell the app what we want to bet on before the app would automatically place the bets for us. Home voice recognition software is booming right now, with many companies creating their own home help devices. Could betting be next in line for some voice recognition help?

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