Liga MX Betting Guide

Football betting fans are always looking for more and more exciting matches to bet on. One example is Liga MX betting.

Liga MX, Clausura


Liga MX, Clausura

Liga MX is the highest professional football division in Mexico. The league features two tournaments each year. It is considered the strongest league in North America. Currently, the league ranks 20th globally. Liga MX boasts an average attendance of approximately 25,500.

This figure indicates that it draws massive crowds on average of any professional league in the Americas.

Its popularity has spread to gambling circles, with thousands of bets each year on this division. The Mexico Liga MX provides room for numerous betting opportunities across the year, with the Clausura and Apertura stages offering the best chances to place outright bets.


⚽ What is Liga MX?

Liga MX is the top level of the Mexican football league system. It was founded in 1943 and currently consists of 18 teams. Each season, the Liga MX champions are determined through a playoff system. The team that finishes first in the regular season table is given a bye to the semi-finals. The four remaining teams are drawn into two quarter-final matches, with the winners advancing to the semi-finals.

⚽ What was Liga MX previously called?

Before it was known as Liga MX, the top-tier Mexican football league was called Liga de Fútbol Profesional. The league changed its name to Liga MX in 2002. As of 2022, Liga MX is ranked as the seventh-best football league in the world by the IFFHS.

⚽ Where to watch Liga MX games?

There are a few ways to watch Liga MX games. You can find them on various television channels such as ESPN and Univision. You can also live stream the games on fuboTV, Sling TV, and other similar platforms. Finally, you can also watch the games on demand through the Liga MX app. Whichever method you choose, make sure to catch all the action of this exciting league!

⚽ Which Liga MX team should I support?

There are a few things to consider when choosing which Liga MX team to support. First, what part of Mexico do you come from or have a connection to? Second, what other teams do you like or follow? And third, what kind of team do you want to support? Do you want to go for the underdog or the favorite? Another important thing is to look at the Liga MX betting predictions.

⚽ When does Liga MX start again?

Liga MX usually starts in July and the season ends in December. The Clausura season begins in January and ends on of the end of the May.

Wagering on individual game markets also provides great gambling value, and on top of that, sportsbooks offer lots of lucrative bonuses and promotions that punters can take advantage of (visit the best betting sites with bonuses).

If you are new to Liga MX betting, be sure to go through the following sections as they have helpful information, ranging from how the championship works and the markets it provides to how climate affects performance and where you can place Liga MX bets. Read on to discover more.

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How the MX Championship Works

The Liga MX format can prove to be confusing for new enthusiasts of the football division, and that is why it’s essential to understand how it works. Liga MX consists of 18 teams that compete each season. As already mentioned, the Liga MX campaign is divided into two stages, which include the Clausura and Apertura.

liga mx betting odds

The first stage of a normal Liga MX league is the Apertura. In this stage, each competing team plays each other once. Once each side has played a total of 17 matches, the top eight sides qualify for playoffs or Liguilla.

In the playoffs, teams play two-legged games until two of them are left. The two remaining teams face each other in the final, with the winning side being declared the champion of the Apertura.

The Clausura stage format is the same as that of the Apertura. It includes 17 matches, and the top eight sides compete in Liguilla. Two strong sides take part in the final, with the winner being declared the Champion of Clausura.

The runners-up and winners of both the Clausura and Apertura stages qualify for the Champions League, known as CONCACAF.

mexican liga mx predictions

The Liga MX’s relegation format differs from that of many other leagues across the universe. One team is relegated from the Mexico Liga MX each season. The points-to-matches ratio determines the side to be relegated.

The team with the worst performance across the last three seasons is demoted to the Ascenso MX, Mexico’s second division. 

The winner of the Clausura and Apertura stages replaces the relegated side. Also, the winner of a two-legged tie between Clausura Champions and the Ascenso MX Apertura can replace the demoted team.

Liga MX Outright Markets 

Liga MX provides many outright markets that offer a perfect way to back wagers before the season starts. The Liga MX odds for these markets are always high, providing punters with the opportunity to increase their bankrolls massively. The most popular Liga MX outright markets are:

To Win Apertura

As you already know, the Liga MX is split into two divisions that are played during the winter and summer. Apertura is the first of these divisions, and it’s played during the summer. Therefore, it is possible to wager on which side will emerge the winner of this division.

To Win Clausura

After Apertura, Clausura is the next competition, and it offers the opportunity to place a Liga MX bet on the winner. Many sportsbooks offer competitive Liga MX betting odds on teams that are performing excellently in Apertura. You can choose one of these teams and back it to win the Clausura tournament.

MX League

Top Goalscorer

Similar to top leagues from across the world, the Liga MX is very competitive and fiery. As a result, many goals are usually scored across the season. In line with this, you can bet on the player you think will be the top scorer for the Clausura or Apertura stage.

Climate Affects Performance and Other Strategies on Liga MX Betting

As the Apertura competition starts in the summer while the Clausura occurs during the winter, seasonal changes can significantly affect teams’ performance. Before you can place your bet, it is important to understand how the difference in seasons affects players and the teams they play for. 

Are some teams consistently stronger in the winter than in the summer, and vice versa? And does the team you want to back get more injuries in any of these seasons?

These factors can make a massive difference when it comes to making the final decisions for bets. Apart from climate, other strategies and tips that you need to consider when placing your bets include:

  • The latest form of each team and players.
  • Know the lineup of the team that you want to bet on.
  • Know the right time to place live bets (read more about live betting strategy).
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Top Contenders for the Title: Mexican Liga MX Predictions

Mexican League predictions are relevant for every bettor.  Having analysed all potential sleepers and the leading contenders, Atlas is the top pick for 2022 in the Liga MX Apertura competition. This selection is based on the current form of the team.

However, the favourite for many bookies is Club America, even though the team has not won any top-flight trophy since 2018. When you look at Atlas, it has won two titles in the previous seasons. Teams that are expected to push Atlas include the likes of Monterrey, Tigres UANL and Pachuca.

Mexican Liga MX betting predictions

Where to Bet on Liga MX

For you to have a successful betting adventure with the Liga MX, you need to spend your time to ensure that you’re opening an account with top-rated sites. Ensure the sites you select offer an excellent blend of traditional and outright markets for the Liga MX league.

Aside from the markets, make sure that the sites offer competitive odds, generous bonuses and promotions, and an opportunity to place bets from anywhere and at any time. 

Also, the sites should be able to keep your information safe and should hold valid licences from respected regulatory bodies. Any site that meets all of your unique needs and requirements should be your final Liga MX betting destination.

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