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The Italian Serie A is one of the big leagues in Europe, with a great history surrounding it. We have seen some of the very best teams in the world come from Italy, dominating Serie A while also performing to a very high level and winning in Europe.

Over the past few years, the league has maybe slipped a little in terms of competitiveness, though the quality at the top of the league definitely remains and top teams like Juventus are genuine contenders for European honours, stacking up well against the best teams in Europe.

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One of the great features of Serie A is that the main day the games take place is Sunday. This is different from most other European leagues, and it allows Serie A to stand out when you are looking down the fixtures.

If you already bet on other leagues but are struggling to find something for Sunday’s then this could be the league that helps you out.

Elsewhere, the league usually has one game on Friday night to kick start the weekend, two or three on Saturday which are spread through the day and televised, and finally sometimes the league will end with a game on Monday night.

The league doesn’t have many midweek fixtures but when they do you can expect to see the majority of games being played on Wednesday, with two or three on Tuesday and usually one on Thursday for TV purposes, so in theory there is a chance that we have weeks when a Serie A game will take place on every single day of the week.

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Who are the Top Teams in Serie A?

Right now, Juventus game are dominating Serie A and they are one of the best teams in Europe. Behind them, there is a tussle going on to become the main challengers, with Napoli and Inter Milan, which holds football records, both trying to stake their claim to that.

Elsewhere, we have some big names from the past such as AC Milan, Lazio and Fiorentina although in recent years they have done nothing more than show that they are ‘also-rans’ in Serie A.

It would be a little harsh to call the league uncompetitive, but as things stand right now, Juventus are clear of the opposition and only Inter Milan and Napoli are anywhere near to keeping up with them. As for the rest, plenty of work is required if they are to get up to the standard that Juventus are setting.

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Outright Serie A Betting

There are many ways in which you can get involved in betting on Serie A. With Juventus being a strong team and well fancied to win the title, punters look for value and try out other markets.

These include the forecast market, where you bet on who will finish first and who will finish second in the final standings (read this – three basic european football betting markets for new gamblers).

Elsewhere, like many other leagues around Europe, finishing in the top four in Italy is huge and gives teams the chance to play in the Champions League the following season.

This is something else you can bet on, so if you fancy a team to do well but don’t think they are good enough to win the league then this is the market you need to be using.

At the bottom of the table, we have the usual markets, with betting available on both who will be relegated from Serie A down to Serie B and also on who will finish bottom of the table. If there is a team in Serie A that you don’t like the look of this season and you think they will struggle then these are the markets to be looking at.

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Serie A Italian Football Betting Tips

Many people associate Italian football with low scoring, defensive games but that isn’t the case anymore.

Teams at the top of the league are being more adventurous in an attempt to keep up with what the rest of Europe are doing to help them in competitions such as the Champions League and Europa League.

This is on top of the big gulf in class between the top and bottom of Serie A, which also adds to the possibility that games will be high scoring.

Main italian bet tips is don’t be put off by the stereotypical view of Italian football and bets such as both teams to score and over 2.5 goals are commonly won and a definite place to begin as a starting point with this league.

If there is one betting market to really focus on in this league then it could well be the handicap market. We have a big difference in quality between the teams at the top of this league and those who are struggling at the bottom.

To find value in those games is tough, but the handicap line offers you a way to do that. This is a fictional line where the lesser quality team gets a head start in the game, so if you are backing the strong team then not only do they have to win but they also have to overcome the handicap deficit too.

For example, if you back a team that is -2 then they have to win by three goals or more in total to both win the game and overcome the fictional deficit they have on the bookmaker’s line. It is not uncommon to see games won by three, four and sometimes five goals in Serie A, so this is certainly a line to look at.

The line can also come in useful when backing underdogs too, so don’t forget about that. For example, if a team is +2 then they may be value on that line if you think they can keep the game close and either nick a draw or lose the game by just one goal.

This is can sometimes be the case when the bigger teams have European games to think about, and they decide to rest players for those so be sure to bear that in mind when you are looking through the upcoming fixtures.

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