Handball Betting Strategy

Handball is one of the youngest sports in the world of betting. The first competitions were held in Berlin at the famous XI Olympics. After that, there were European and world competitions. Betting on handball events develops as the sport increases in popularity. Each year, the sport becomes more popular among both fans and bettors, and many sportsbooks currently offer a wide range of markets for handball (read this – best crypto betting sites 2024 ).

Handball games are played indoors on 131-65 ft courts. Each team includes seven players, which include a goalkeeper and six field players. The main goal of the game is to score many goals, more than the opponent scores.


🤾 What is handball game?

Handball games include two 30 minutes halves, where each team has six field players plus goalkeeper and tries to score more goals than the opponent scores in 131-65 ft indoors court.

🤾 Which bookmakers has best handball betting odds?

Great bonuses and good odds with high betting limits has anonymous blockchain sports betting sites.

🤾 What is a profitable handball live bet strategy?

If you want to make profitable handball live betting you need to look at matches where the team underdog winning or playing great until the first half. When you will get great odds on the favorite team which is not performing well in the first minutes. So in the second half you bet on that favorite team and normally the best team wins, but you will get way bigger odds in live betting when prematch.

🤾 Is Handball betting with Bitcoin legal?

✅ Yes, handball betting with Bitcoin legal and here you can find all licensed and regulated Bitcoin bookmakers.

🤾 When did handball become an olympic sport?

Handball became an Olympic sport in 1972 Munich. That first handball tournament was won Yugoslavia, runner-up was Czechoslovakia and third place took Romania.

🤾 Where to watch handball live match?

Some handball matches live streaming betting companies, also you find can games in EHFtv.com website.

Handball games include two thirty-minute halves and a fifteen-minute break in-between. Naturally, the game includes a medium ball and is played with hands. Similar to other sports, there are rules that limit the players. Knowing all these rules will allow you to increase your chances of winning your bets.

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Handball Betting Explained

It is important to carefully examine all game rules as well as handball betting sites rules before you can place any bet on this sport. Once you identify a sportsbook that meets all of your needs and requirements, you will discover that handball online betting is more similar to other types, including baseball betting and football betting. There are just a few differences that originate from the types of bets available. 

live handball handicap betting with bitcoin

In addition to plenty of sportsbooks that offer bet handball market, there are also lots of information and stats that can help you increase your winning chances. Any type of insight can help you empower your betting on handball strategy but analysing the form of a team and individual player performances as well as things such as home-field advantage is a perfect place to start.

When placing a bet on any handball game, you will find different types of handball bets that you need to pick from. Understanding each bet and handball betting online market will allow you to make informed decisions and be in a better position to win massive amounts of money.

Types of Handball Bets

There’re various markets on which you can bet. Traditionally, sportsbooks only allowed you to place wagers on the outcomes of events, but recently, the sports betting industry has massively evolved, and you can now wager on more specific results that occur in handball matches. Most of these markets are perfect for using developed wagering strategies. The most popular types of handball bets are:

Proposition Bets

Proposition wagers refer to a type of wager that is considered to be a precise bet within a handball match. There’re technically no limitations to what a sportsbook can offer in terms of proposition wagers, but the most common examples are the number of goals a player can score and the game’s highest goalscorer.

when did handball become an olympic sport

Total Goals

It is possible to place a wager on the number of goals that you can expect to see in a given game. As a result of the high-scoring nature of the handball match, the options available for you to choose from will always be between a given frame such as 1-10, 11-20 or 21-30 (read this – betting on goals in English football).

Winning Margin

In handball, it’s possible to place a wager on how much a given team will be able to win by. And this will always be in the form of under/over wager. If the number is under or over the amount that you have picked, your bet will win.

Handball Handicap Betting

A handicap  handball wager in betting means that a team in a given match will either win or not lose by a predetermined amount. A + or – sign will show this. If a handball team has a positive symbol, it means that it can lose by the number that follows this sign. On the same note, if a handball team has a negative symbol after its name, it will win the match by over the number that follows this sign (read this – handicap betting basketball). With handicap betting strategy you can increase handball odds betting on teams which have big chances to win the match.

what is handball game

Game Winner

Bet handball match winner is one of the easiest wagers that you can find out there. Within a handball game, there’re two teams involved, and only one can emerge the winner. In handball, a draw is also possible, but it rarely occurs as a result of the high-scoring nature of the match.

League Winner

At this moment, there’re a few popular handball competitions, mostly across Europe, and it’s possible to wager on the overall winner of such tournaments. This type of wager will include a long-term view since one season takes about nine months to complete, but this varies based on the tournament. In some huge events such as the Olympics, the competition can take just a few weeks.

Betting on Handball Leagues

Different handball leagues are available for you to bet on. The most popular betting on handball leagues ones include the following:

Handball-Bundesliga: The Handball-Bundesliga is the leading professional handball league in Germany. Founded in 1965, it currently consists of 18 teams. Teams that finish the league in the first and second positions are eligible to take place in the EHL Champions League in the coming season.

handicap handball live bet match

Starligue: Popularly known as La Starligue, Starligue is a leading professional handball league in France. Any of the fourteen teams participating in the league can win the Couple de France or the Coupe de la Ligue and compete in the European League.

Asobal League: Also known as Liga Asobal, Asobal League is a professional competition in Spain. Established in 1958, it currently consists of sixteen teams. Once each team has participated in thirty games, the league ends.

Additional competitions that handball fans and bettors can bet on are EHF Champions League, IHF World Handball Championships, and the Olympic Handball.

Handball Betting Strategy

Using an efficient handball betting strategy is important if you want to achieve success at wagering in this sport. Some of the most important things that you can include in your handball bets strategy are:

  • Focus on the totals betting
  • Become better at winning margins and spread betting
  • Use accumulators once you become an expert
  • Try live handball betting to find value bets
  • Friendly games usually consist of many goals
  • Do not back a draw

Above all these things, you should be able to choose a sportsbook that is a perfect match for you. Ensure it has everything that you need as a punter before you can complete the account creation process.

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