The Golden Rules to Follow when In Live Betting

  • 03 Feb 2018
    5 min. read

Live betting is growing on a daily basis as more and more people turn to this form of betting instead of the pre-match markets. Some people focus on live (in play) betting alone, while others choose to spread their bets around, placing some before the event starts and some during the event. Whichever method you use, or if you don’t yet bet Live but want to start, you need to make sure you are following the golden rules to prevent you from making mistakes.

Live betting gets more popular and popular Betting live can be very rewarding, although if you place your bet at the wrong time, it can also mean you lose very quickly. Live or in play betting is all about risk, like any form of betting, but when you bet live, you could win or lose within seconds of placing your bet. The huge amounts of markets available to bet on are what drive people to live betting and while ever people are placing their wagers during the game, bookmakers will think of more markets for you to place bets on.
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Keep Your Discipline

With so much choice out there, it is important you don’t get drawn in, place bets on what you fancy and leave it at that, don’t be tempted to place more bets. The choice for betting live is as big as it has ever been, and the newer markets are all focusing on small elements of the game. These are the ones where your bet could be over in seconds after you have placed it. Stick to the markets you know and have placed bets on before if you are unsure, this will keep you betting on things that you are comfortable with, and you have knowledge of, instead of going in blind. Discipline is key with all betting, but when it comes to live betting, it has extra importance, and it is something you must have if you are to succeed.

In play betting - 4 key rules to be successful

Give Play Time to Develop

The one benefit to betting live is that you can see how a game is being played. You do not have to guess what will happen based on past meetings, and recent form the teams have. With live betting, you can get a feel for the game, and how the two teams have set up before you have to place a bet. Use this to your advantage, if you are going to bet live, don’t do so within the first five minutes of a game when you have not been able to see a pattern.

Tips for in play or live betting The way to use live betting correctly is to establish what you think is happening in the game and the way the momentum is turning. If you are sat watching the game, and you have a good footballing knowledge then you will be able to use this to your advantage. However, you must be patient and allow the game time to develop before you start rushing in and placing your bets on the outcome.

Do Not Bet Because Your First Bet Has Lost

One of the worst things you can do as a gambler is to chase your losses. If you place a bet on a game, either before the start or live, and it loses don’t feel like you have to go back online and place another bet to try and win some back. Betting is something that you will only succeed at if you take a long-term approach, chasing losses by re-betting on the same game is certainly not a long-term approach.

While there may be the odd time where it is worth reinvesting betting bankroll on the in-play markets after your bet has already lost, generally this is a bad idea. If you had an opinion before the start of the game, you backed that and it lost, you will not be thinking sensibly enough to place more bets. You will want to get your money back and you will think that placing a bet is the right thing to do. It isn’t, and anyone who chases their losses over a short period of time will end up losing money.

Keep it Simple

This applies to all gambling, but when you are looking at in-play markets, there is even more temptation to bet on things that are out of your comfort zone. If you like to bet on teams to win games, then even when you are backing live, make sure you stick to that. If you bet on correct scores, do that, whatever bets you place, keep placing them when you start betting live. There are many different markets available live, all designed to get you placing more bets and spreading your money out across different markets. Resist the temptation to do this, and stick with what you already know, and understand. If you have never placed a bet on corners in your life, don’t start doing so just because the market is there under the live options.

Live betting rule - Keep Your Discipline

In Conclusion

Every type of gambling needs discipline, and needs you to bet on things you are comfortable with and that you understand. However, when it comes to live betting, this is even more important. There are many areas where you can fall foul and get yourself in trouble when it comes to live betting, be sure you don’t do that.

If you have never tried live betting then it can be good fun, and profitable if you approach it in the right manner. However, before approaching live betting, you need to be a disciplined gambler that knows what to bet on, and what to leave alone. If you don’t use these rules already, it is likely you won’t use them when betting in play, and if that is the case, live betting is probably not for you. Those who have a good understanding of what is happening, and how momentum is changing in a football match can make money live, but it is all about betting at the right time, a skill that requires plenty of learning.

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