Fold Betting Explained

Fold betting is known as many different things, depending on what terminology you are used to as a punter. A fold is anything from four selections upwards, and the number of selections is what the name is, so for example, a six selection bet is known as a six-fold. Click here if you want to know best crypto sports betting sites 2024 .

Whether you call them fold bets, accumulators, parlay bets, roll-ups or something else, these are all the same thing, with the same purpose. Also in this fold betting explained article you will find several different types of fold bets.

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How does Fold Betting work? Fold Betting Explained

A fold bet is one single bet, placed on the number of selections you choose, and for the bet to be successful, every single one of the selections must win. This is the case even with the biggest of bets, so if you have a nine-fold, all nine must win, if you get seven right, you get nothing back.

There is one exception to this betting folds explained situation, and this is when you are placing fold bets on more selections, which increased the number of bets. For example, you can place a 4 fold bet on six selections, so what you are doing here is covering every combination of four from the six selections you choose. This is a total of 15 bets, so be aware of this as you will have to pay 15 x your unit stake to cover the full bet.

In summary, a fold betting can contain several different selections, depending on the number at the front of ‘fold’ in the name. Usually, these are bets placed as one bet on all selections to win.

accumulators parlay bets what is fold betting

However, sometimes people will choose more selections and turn this into a multiple bet (read this – single bet vs multiple bet). In the example above, this shows the additional cost though, as betting on four folds but across six selections instead of four means that the bet cost 15 x your unit stake.

4 Fold Bet Explained

A four fold bet is a bet that is based on four selections. If you are placing just one four fold bet then you choose four selections and place one bet on them all to win. If you get three out of four, then you will not win anything.

There is an opportunity to place a four fold bet across more selections if you wish. When you do this, whatever the fold you are placing, four in this example, if the minimum amount of winners you need to receive a return.

how does 5 6 fold betting work

A four fold bet across six selections is a total of 15 bets. If three or fewer win, you have no return. If four win, you have one winning bet, five win you have five winning bets and if they all win you have 15 winning bets. This strategy can work for people, but make sure you realise that your unit stake spend needs to be x15 here for this type of bet (read this – betting money management).

5 Fold Bet Explained

Just like we have explained with the four fold bet, a five fold bet is exactly the same but this time with five selections in it. Again, the most common way to use a five fold bet is to place a bet on five selections, where you need every one of them to win for you to receive a return.

With five selections in the bet, you are going to be able to build up your odds, so something to remember with this type of bet is that you won’t be winning all the time. This means you require patience if you are placing fold bets and using a lot of selections, but when you do win it will be worth the wait as the returns are likely to be high.

Just like four fold bets, you can place these across more selections if you wish, but the cost does add up. For example, if you wanted to use eight selections for your five folds, there are a total of 56 different combinations here, so your bet is 56x your unit stake.

6 Fold Bet Explained

Many punters place four and five fold bets, but when we get up to six folds and beyond, things become a lot tougher to land, because of the number of winners you need. However, when it comes to returns, these are the types of bet you can place weekly, on football for example, and even if you only win two or three times during the season, you are likely to make a profit, given the odds that are on offer.

how does 4 fold betting work

With the toughness of getting this right, some people will decide to cover themselves when placing a bet across six selections. This may mean doing six folds across seven selections instead of one bet on six selections. If you choose to go down this road, there are seven six folds in seven selections.

7 Fold Bet Explained

A seven fold is where the going really gets tough. If you are skilful and lucky enough to place a bet on seven selections and they all win then you will get the big payout that you deserve. A bet on seven selections doesn’t need to have a huge stake attached to it, because the odds are likely to be so big that even a small staking bet will give you a nice return.

8 Fold Bet from 10 Selections

Rather than looking at what a straight eight fold will give you, here we will look at eight fold bets across 10 selections. This is not a small bet, there are 45 eight folds across 10 selections, so any stake you place will have to be x45 to get your full bet cost, make sure you think of this when putting together your stake.

betting folds explained single bet

With this bet type, you are looking for eight winners or more to receive a return. If you have eight winners, you will have one winning bet, nine winners give you nine winning bets and if all 10 win, you have 45 winning bets and no doubt a big payday. If your bet has seven winners or less, which is still an impressive number of winners to have from 10 selections, then your returns will be zero, which shows the risk involved with this type of bet.

The rewards are there for all to see, but make sure you understand the risk with this bet. There are 45 bets to cover so a lot of stake, and you can have seven winners from 10 but have no return.

9 Fold Bet Explained

The last bet to look at here is a nine fold, a bet that is a small staking punt in the hope of winning big. Betting on nine folds may not be the best strategy for full-time betting, but if you are looking for a bet to place with small stakes and potentially huge returns then this is the one for you.

A nine fold requires all nine selections in football betting or other sports for you to win if you want to pick up a return, however, you are only paying for one bet here, so the outlay is small. Nine folds across more selections will not work for most people, as there are too many bets in this, so a nine fold is usually used as a simple and single bet across nine selections.


📈 What is fold betting?

Fold betting is the same thing as betting on accumulators, parlay bets or roll-ups.

📈 How does 4 fold betting work?

4 fold betting is when you bet on 4 events and if you want to win money, all your bets should be won.

📈 How does 5 fold betting work?

5 fold betting strategy will help you to build bigger odds, because you have to select 5 events and to get your money back with profit, all 5 events should be won.

📈 How does 6 fold betting work?

Many punters don’t like to bet 6 fold, because you have to select 6 winning match events to win money, so it’s very tough to guess the right 6 matches.

📈 What is a 7 fold bet?

7 fold bet means that you need to select 7 match events and all of them should be right, so you need a lot of luck to get profit from this strategy, so we do not recommend it seriously, only for fun.

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