Betting Money Management Skills

If you want to be a successful gambler then you need two different skills. The first is the ability to pick winning selections from the sport you are betting on. The second is to maximise those winning selections and you do this by having gambling knowledge and betting money management skills. 

One of the most important gambling skills to have is the ability to manage your money. This covers a variety of different things, from staking plans to budgeting, knowing where to look when you need to save money and much more. 

There are two elements to making a profit while betting. The first is exactly that, winning funds while the second is to limit any losses you have, which eat into the profit you have made. Other important thing if you want make profit in sports betting, is to have accounts in crypto gambling sites, which have big Bitcoin bonuses and betting limits.

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General Money Management Tips

Managing money is vital for everyday life, and the rules that you use to do this are the same rules you implement into your betting to be successful. 

One of the first rules of money management is to look at where you are spending too much and cut back. This is an area where many gamblers don’t look because they see winning money being tied to winning bets. 

general betting money management tips and skills

This is not the case, if you want to be in a better financial position then the first place to look is at your losing bets, to try and cut back the money you are losing. 

As an example, let’s say that you are a good football gambler, and you regularly win money on football while you struggle with golf and lose money on golf. If you are adapting regular money management rules then the first place you should look is at golf, where you are leaking money. 

Many gamblers will simply look to place more football bets, but the risk there is larger stakes if you start to lose on football. Winning money by placing the smallest amount of bets and money as possible should be your aim, and by looking at your losses first, you are moving towards this. 

gambling money management skills

Getting the Best Deal While Betting

Another gambling money management rule you can use is to constantly look around for the best possible deal. This is something else many people do in an attempt to save money, for example, switching providers to lower bills, looking for money off vouchers or different ways of paying. 

From a betting point of view, this is all about looking around on the internet and claiming the best offers you can find. We are not talking about the welcome offers here, although these do help, it is the regular offers you should be looking for. 

As an example, if you bet on football and place accumulator bets then you should be looking for an accumulator offer. There are two main types of these, a bonus offer that gives you additional winnings and a money back offer that gives you a free bet if you lose. If you want all best offers for football bets, check best football betting sites rating.

successful football gambler

If you bet with a bookmaker that doesn’t offer these, you will never get the advantages of either offer. However, if you bet with a bookmaker that does offer them then over time, both will help your profit and loss.

Taking the bonus offer will give you additional winnings on qualifying bets, these are given as a percentage, and it is free money that you can take advantage of. The money back offer usually comes in the form of a free bet, so what you are doing here is giving yourself the chance to place a bet without paying and harming your profit and loss. 

If you are placing 20 bets and only paying for 10 of them because the other 10 are paid for by free bets, then ultimately you are going to be 10 x your stake better off with your profit and loss figures. 

Both angles are covered with these two betting offers. The acca bonus offer is one that aims to improve your profit and loss by giving you the chance to win more, while the acca insurance offer aims to cut down your losses to help your profit and loss in that way. 

Money Advice When Betting

The last thing to think about is general about anything in your life where money is involved, but often people do not associate this kind of betting advice. 

The timing of betting is important to think about, just like the timing of spending is. Don’t place any bets after drinking and especially not after you have had any drugs, otherwise, you are only going to make mistakes while betting. 

If at all possible, you should also avoid betting in a rush. Anything you do quickly is something that you are more likely to get wrong or make a mistake, if you do this with betting then it could cost you money. 

There are also emotions you should not bet while feeling. If you are stressed, feeling anxious or anything else like this that could affect how you think then it is best if you do not bet in these circumstances. 

betting advice

One of the toughest things for people to understand and remember when placing bets online is that the money is real. Often because this is just the click of a few buttons on your phone or desktop, you don’t realise it is real money. Never forget this and think about every single bet you place and all the money you stake. 

If you are in any doubt when it comes to if you should bet or not based on the state you are in then it is always best to be cautious and not place any bets. This may work on the odd occasion, but if you look at the times you are betting when drunk or in the wrong frame of mind, you will lose more often than not. 

Going back to the beginning of this, cutting out where you are losing is key, and these are bets you will lose so it makes sense to cut them out.

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Dalius Mikalauskas

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Dalius became interested in sports betting at the age of 16, although he could not place bets at that time (bets accepted from the age of 18). However, it was not forbidden to sell betting picks, which is what the author did actively on sports betting forums. Today, he has more than 18 years of experience in sports betting. In school, the auth ..
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