How to Find Value in FIFA World Cup Betting Odds?

The FIFA World Cup is one tournament that does not occur very often. Thirty-two of the greatest soccer teams from all corners of the planet only converge once every four years (read this – World Cup 2022 Predictions).

As a result of this, the tournament is always one of the biggest events on the sports wagering calendar of millions of fans.

Due to the thrilling moments that the FIFA World Cup tournament offers in terms of betting, fans are always looking for ways to enhance their chances of winning massive amounts of money.


⚽ Who has the best odds to win World Cup 2022?

Brazil have the best odds to win 2022 World Cup at 5.5 decimal odds or 9/2 fractional odds. This is because Brazil has a strong team and a lot of experience playing in the World Cup. FIFA world cup winner odds its early betting market which you can find now in any bookmaker.

⚽ Which WC 2022 betting markets I should bet?

There is no simple answer to this question, and it ultimately depends on what you are looking for in a bet and how much risk you are willing to take. However, some of the most popular World Cup 2022 betting markets include – match result, handicap, total goals, both teams to score, correct score, halftime/fulltime.

⚽ What are favorites for 2022 World Cup?

World Cup favourites 2022 are Brazil, France, England, Argentina, and Spain. These five teams have the most World Cup titles between them and are all considered to be among the best in the world. They will be the ones to watch in 2022.

⚽ Can I get special betting odds for football World Cup?

Yes, many betting companies will offer special bonuses and enhanced odds on 2022 World Cup.

⚽ How to find value FIFA World Cup betting odds?

There are a few ways to find value when betting on the FIFA World Cup. One way is to find betting odds football World Cup that are higher than they should be. Another way is to bet on teams that are undervalued by the bookmakers.

While there are a number of ways that can help you increase your winning chances, finding value in the FIFA World Cup betting odds has always proven to be the best one (read this – World Cup betting tips).

fifa football world cup betting odds

Finding value means that you’re looking at qualified teams that have yet to prove themselves. You win significant amounts of money by wagering your hard-earned cash on national teams that most individuals don’t think have a higher chance to win.

Competitive football World Cup odds are made against bettors who don’t know how to find value. Trusting your research and preparations is always vital.

World Cup


World Cup

Here are the most popular FIFA World Cup markets and how you can find value in their betting 2022 World Cup odds. Read on to discover more.

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Match Result Betting

For World Cup group games, wagering on the match result is easier. You can back a draw, a home win, or an away win. You just need to choose the results you want to back and then add them to your bet slip and place a bet (read this – FIFA 2022 event guide).

But in the round of 16, knockout stage, quarter-finals, semi-finals, third-place play-offs, and finals, things get a bit trickier. Winners in these stages need to be decided, but that mightn’t lead to a winning wager for you.

odds to win world cup 2022

Betting on a team to win only pays out if it claims a victory within the standard 90 minutes. You will lose your bet plus the profit if the team wins in extra time or penalty kicks.

To find value in match result FIFA betting odds, you should pick the option of a draw and to win in extra time or penalty kicks. Any of these markets will provide you with value World Cup 2022 betting odds.

You can also find value when you choose a game with evenly-matched teams, such as Spain vs Brazil. Such a game doesn’t have a clear favourite, and that means picking any of them will offer some great latest World Cup odds. 

If you don’t want to back the favourite in this game, getting small insurance against your wager will prove to be helpful. If the match finishes a level, a draw no bet market provides some good football odds World Cup compared to a game with a clear favourite. Also, a double chance is a perfect option for an evenly-matched game.

Handicap Betting

During the group stage, most games will have heavy or clear favourites. And it is often not a shock to see the favourite teams winning by a smaller margin. That drives bettors towards the handicap market that aims to level the playing field.

Sportsbooks offer many handicap betting markets, but most of them work excellently when providing the underdog with a head start. 

The handicap is either added to or subtracted from the score, and your bookmaker of choice judges your bet from there.

betting odds for 2022 football world cup

There are two tips to follow if you want to find value in the handicap betting FIFA World Cup odds. If you think the underdog can keep the ball rolling and lose by a goal, then backing it with a +2 handicap will provide you with a value bet. 

The second way is to back the big favourite with a -1 handicap at enhanced betting FIFA odds. What this means is that the favourite team will win by a minimum of two goals.

Given how France and England tend to collect huge wins, you could bet on them to win with a -3 handicap. That means they must win their games by a minimum of four clear goals.

Total Goals Betting

The total goals betting market includes two main types, which are total goals brackets and exact total goals. Exact total goals is the most challenging bet to get right. It requires you to forecast the precise number of scores in a certain World Cup match. 

latest fifa world cup 2022 betting odds

On the other hand, the total goals brackets market offers you the opportunity to pick the correct goal brackets. Depending on the ranking and previous performance of a team, choosing between one and three goals can be a sure bet, especially in matches that have teams with the same ability.

You can find value in the total goals betting FIFA World Cup 2022 odds if you choose an exact total goals market. Ensure that you have analysed the game well before you can make your final selection.

In most cases, you should pick games that you think will have a smaller number of goals and pick anywhere between one and four goals (read this – crypto World Cup betting).

Both Teams to Score Betting

This bet does what it says. Both teams in a World Cup game must score in the normal 90 minutes for your bet to win.

2022 fifa world cup winner betting odds

Both teams to score market offers great value if you place it as multiples. For instance, if you bet on four matches, then it means you’re backing eight teams to score. 

For you to find value in both teams to score football World Cup betting odds, you can pick a World Cup match that involves two underdogs to advance to the next level, for example, Morocco and Canada.

Before you can place your bet, make sure the teams have some top strikers and their defences are a bit strong. For such a game, you will find some attractive FIFA 2022 odds.

Correct Score Betting

A correct score bet involves a prediction of what the final score in a FIFA World Cup match will be after the normal/regulation time. Before the kick-off, betting websites offer an array of 2022 FIFA World Cup odds on most of the common score outcomes in a game. 

football odds to win 2022 world cup

Let’s say that Spain will beat Germany in the FIFA WC group stage, and you believe that the final score after the regulation time will be 1:0. At that score, you can take the odds 2022 World Cup from your sportsbook, and if your prediction is correct, your bet wins. Any other score means you have lost your bet.

To find value in your correct score betting odds, you can decide to predict a correct score in extra time, especially when the tournament is at an advanced stage like quarter-finals, semi-finals, third-place play-offs and finals.

The best way of achieving this is to place an in-play bet after watching the normal playing time, which is 90 minutes. 

Many teams hold on until the last second of the extra time and try their luck during the penalties. If you are sure that the extra time will end in a tie, then placing a correct score bet of 0:0 will provide you with a value wager.

odds on favorites for 2022 world cup
Match Result Betting

Halftime/Fulltime Betting

The halftime/full-time market describes itself. It simply means that you are backing a team to win at halftime as well as full-time.

Compared to a moneyline wager, the odds for 2022 World Cup are always attractive. If you expect a certain team to dominate the entire game, then you can back it to lead both the first half and win the whole match. 

You can find value in halftime/full-time 2022 World Cup betting odds when you pick a draw/win in this market. But the game must feature teams that tend to click later in matches.

Some teams that compete in the world cup tend to defend in the first half and decide to score during the final half, and France is a good example. You can place a draw/win for such a team anytime it’s playing an evenly-matched game for excellent returns.

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