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asian handicap explained 0.0 odds betting tipsRegular handicap betting is becoming more and more popular as people see this as a great way to add value when they are placing football bets. Asian handicap betting sport is a slightly more complicated version of that, and a great way to take your handicap betting to the next level if you are looking to dive further into this type of gambling.

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handicap 0.0What is Asian Handicap Betting? Asian Handicap Guide

Asian handicaps are fictional lines that the bookmakers give odds on. These lines give teams a head start in the game or a deficit which they need to overcome but this is purely for betting purposes. Some of the Asian lines are very simple and easy to understand, while others involve losing or winning half, not the full amount of your bet. The table below explains what happens on each of the different Asian lines that are available to bet on. Check out best asia bookmakers 2019 rating, where you find best asian bookies handicap odds.

asian handicap +0.25 +0.50 +0.75 +0 0.75

0.0 0.5 asian handicapAsian handicap 0 and 0.5 Asian Handicap Lines

The different Asian handicap explained lines that are available to bet on are listed above. The simplest line of them all is the first one, the asian handicap 0.0 line. Basically, this is a ‘draw no bet’ line, if the game ends in a draw then you get a refund if either team wins then you win or lose depending on your bet.

The lines that end on handicap +0.5 are next in terms of how easy they are to understand, this covers the 0.5 and asian handicap 1.5 lines that are listed above. These lines offer a straight win or lose situation, there is no refund available or any half wins and losses.

Players who have played regular handicaps before will understand these lines as they work in exactly the same way. With 0.0 0.5 asian handicap at the end of the line, there is no chance of a draw here, so regardless of the actual game score, we will have a winner and loser for this line. If you back a team at +0.5 then you are backing them to win or the game to be a draw. If you are on the opposite end of this and your team is asian handicap -0.50 then you will lose if the game is a draw, the only way you win is if your team wins the game.

The 1.5 line adds another element here. If you are backing a team +1.5 then if they win, draw or they lose by one goal then you will win the bet as your +1.5 line covers those. Those backing -1.5 need their team to win but on top of this, they also need to win by a margin of two goals or more. This makes it harder for you to get a winner as your team needs to not only win but also win by a big margin, although the odds on offer here are bigger because of this, which is what makes this an appealing line for punters.

asian handicap -0.25 -0.50 -0.75 -1.5 -1

what is asian handicap betting sport 1.5Asian Handicap 0.25 and Asian handicap 0.75 Lines

These are the most complicated Asian handicap lines as they include half wins and half losses. If you are new to Asian handicap betting sport then it is probably best that you leave these lines until last. Just like the above lines, you will find them as asian handicap 0.25 and asian handicap 0.75 as well as 1.25 and 1.75 depending on the deficit or advantage you want in the game.

The asian handicap 0.25 line works as the middle line between 0 and 0.5 and the returns from this line do that too. If you back a team asian handicap +0 and they draw then you get your money back, if you back them on the asian handicap +0.50 line then you win. The asian handicap +0.25 line is in between these, so you win half in this instance. It works the opposite was for those backing asian handicap -0.25, so in this instance, you would lose half instead of losing your full stake.

The asian handicap +0.75 line works in the same way but this is the line between 0.5 and handicap 1, so your half wins and losses come based on that. For example, if you back a team asian handicap -0.75 and they win by one then you win half, whereas on the 1 line you would get a refund and on the asian handicap -0.5 line it would be a full win.

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asian handicap 0 0.25 1 guideAsian Handicap Betting Tips: Making a Profit With Asian Lines

You can use the Asian handicap lines a variety of different circumstances to help you make a profit while betting, but there are two main reasons to do this. The first is when you are backing a heavy favourite who you expect to win comfortably. When this is the case, you can use asian handicap -1 or even asian handicap -1.5 line to back the favourite on. This makes it harder for them to win as they need to win by two goals or more on both lines, but that will, in turn, increase the odds and make the team a viable option for betting.

The second way to use this line is to use it when you want to back an outsider but cover more than one option. For example, if you fancy a team to win but you are worried they may also draw, you can cover this using the different Asian lines. Backing them on the 0 line will give you a winning bet if they win and your money back if they draw while backing them on the +0.5 line will give you a winning bet whether they win or draw the game.

asian bookies handicap odds lines 0Conclusion

Some people think Asian handicaps are all very complicated but as we have seen above, some of the lines are very simple to use and others are better for experienced punters. Whatever you are, you can use the lines to help your betting profit and these are something you should try and add to your betting in the future.

The lines give you a chance to cover a variety of different outcomes or increase the odds by adding a deficit that your team needs to overcome, both of which are good strategies to get you started.

If you want find more information about sport betting strategy, check out our betting guide page.

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