Brazil Volleyball Superliga Betting Guide

After football, volleyball is the most practiced sport in Brazil. The main competition of the sport is the Brazil Volleyball Superliga. With 12 teams, the league offers thrilling games and lots of amazing markets to wager on.

The Brazil Volleyball Superliga is popular for its high level of competitiveness and intense games. That is why leading volleyball betting sites offer competitive odds on the league.

A round-robin format, followed by playoffs help determine the victor. In line with this, it offers numerous events for bettors to choose from.

All games are filled with thrilling rallies, precise serves, incredible defensive plays and powerful spikes, keeping punters on the edge of their seats. This is true for those who enjoy live bets.

Are you a volleyball enthusiast and punter and want to increase your chances of winning on the Brazil Volleyball Superliga? Keep reading! You’ll discover the best betting strategy, mistakes to avoid, betting rules, and more.




Key Highlights:

  1. League Understanding:
    • Know unique aspects of the Brazil Volleyball Superliga for successful wagers.
  2. Research Players and Teams:
    • Investigate form, injuries, and positions for 12 top-six players.
  3. Betting Market Awareness:
    • Understand specific markets due to the league’s unique format.
  4. Betting Rules Overview:
    • Follow the round-robin format and common volleyball rules.
  5. Comparison with Other Leagues:
    • Recognize differences in format compared to other top leagues.
  6. Effective Betting Strategy:
    • Strategize for financial management and focus on specific teams (Sada Cruzeiro, Minas).
  7. Key Teams, Players, Trends:
    • Highlight successful teams, top players, and winning trends (Sada Cruzeiro, Sao Jose dos Campos).
  8. Live Betting Tips:
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Brazil Volleyball Superliga Betting Mistakes

Sometimes, the main barrier between you and a successful wager is common volleyball wagering mistakes. If you want to be a successful volleyball punter who specializes in Brazil Volleyball Superliga, you must be keen to spot and correct the common mistakes, including:

Not Understanding the Brazil Volleyball Superliga Inside and Out: The Brazil Volleyball Super League follows the basic rules of the sport. However, it’s unique. You need to learn how the winner is determined. 

Also, you need to understand how relegation occurs. The league has 12 teams; two of them, usually at the bottom of the table, are relegated each season. A round-robin and playoffs format is used to determine the champion. 

If you fail to understand such things, you can easily place unsuccessful bets.

Failing to Research the Players and Teams in the Brazil Volleyball Superliga: The Brazil Volleyball Superliga has twelve teams, each team with top six players. If you fail to research the form of these players and teams, your chances of placing successful bets are reduced significantly. 

Research to learn how a team like Suzano Volei has performed in the previous games before you can place a match-winner bet on it. Consider player injuries, and their positions, either as a setter, opposite hitter, libero, or middle blocker.

Not Understanding Common Betting Markets in the Brazil Volleyball Superliga: Markets in the Brazil Volleyball Superliga are different from those of other tournaments, thanks to its format and number of games.

The main reason is that the league is more unique. Few leagues match its format in terms of determining the champion and those to be relegated. 

For example, you’ll not place a bet on the overall winner of the Brazil Volleyball League winner as the one with the most points if you don’t consider the playoffs. This shows how vital it’s to understand common betting markets unique to this league.


🏐 What is Brazil Volleyball Superliga?

The Brazil Volleyball Superliga is the top-tier professional volleyball league in Brazil, featuring both men’s and women’s competitions with 12 teams each.

🏐 Why is understanding the Brazil Volleyball Superliga crucial for successful betting?

Understanding the Brazil Volleyball Superliga’s specific rules, such as determining the winner and the relegation process, is vital to avoiding common betting mistakes and increasing the chances of successful wagers.

🏐 How important is researching players and teams in the Brazil Volleyball Superliga?

Researching the form of the 12 teams and their top six players is crucial for making informed bets on the Brazil Volleyball Superleague. Factors like player injuries and positions (setter, opposite hitter, libero, middle blocker) significantly impact the outcomes of the matches.

🏐 What distinguishes betting in the Brazil Volleyball Superliga from other volleyball leagues?

The Brazil Volleyball Superliga has a unique format and number of games, which create distinct betting markets. Understanding these differences is essential for successful betting compared to other major volleyball leagues worldwide.

🏐 How does live betting work in the Brazil Volleyball Superliga?

Live betting is available in both pre-match and in-play formats. The competitive nature of the top five teams often leads to tie games requiring overtime, and watching live games is emphasized to enhance the chances of winning live bets.

Betting Rules

The women’s and men’s Brazil Volleyball Superliga competitions feature twelve teams. These tournaments utilise the round-robin, in which every team plays the other once. The top eight teams progress to the playoff knockout stage. 

Apart from the Brazil Volleyball Superliga rules, the sport itself features some common rules that can help punters avoid making some mistakes and boost their chances of winning. Some of these rules are:

  • Each volleyball game features twelve players, each side having six.
  • Both teams rally with the ball over the net, trying to force their challengers to fault or land it on the opponent’s side.
  • A team can only touch the ball up to three times in a go. Individual players can’t touch it twice in a row.
  • Several faults are available, such as hitting the ball outside the boundaries on a return, double hitting or touching the net during a game.
  • Apart from the libero, all players within a team wear matching kits. 

VS Other League Betting

The Brazil Volleyball Superliga is undoubtedly the best competition to bet on; however, several other top leagues rival it, including:

  • Federation Internationale de Volleyball World Tour (FIVB) (40 teams)
  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) (over 1,100 universities and colleges are members)
  • Italian Volleyball League (Serie A1) (14 teams)
  • Russian Volleyball Super League (14 teams, regular season and playoffs format)
  • Chinese Volleyball League (12 teams, regular season and playoffs)
  • Turkish Volleyball League (12 teams, round-robin followed by playoffs)
  • Korean Volleyball League (8 women’s teams and 6 men’s teams, regular season and playoffs)
  • Polish Volleyball League (16 teams, playoffs format)

The format and number of games are the main difference between the Brazil Volleyball Super League betting and other league betting. The number of games and format is determined by the amount of teams in each league.

The sport’s rules cut across the tournaments. To always be on the right side, find an online betting platform that’s dedicated to offering competitive odds and lucrative promotions on volleyball events from different leagues.


A good strategy is everything in terms of betting. And betting on the Brazil Volleyball Superliga is no different. Want to maximise your chances when making lucrative wagers on Brazil Volleyball Superliga’s events? You must create a top-notch betting strategy!

A good strategy can also enable you to manage your betting finances effectively. This decreases the chances of completely wiping your account. Your Brazil Volleyball Superliga betting strategy needs to include specific teams, players and trends. Let’s find out more.


Specific Teams

You need to identify teams in the tournament that have remained competitive. Sada Cruzeiro and Minas are the two teams you need to include in your betting strategy. Each of these teams has been the champion of the tournament for more than six seasons. 

Another team that is on the rise to fame is Sao Jose dos Campos. It’s first in the league, with higher chances of remaining among the top three.

Sada Cruzeiro and Minas are among the top five in the league, meaning they can offer some great bets. If you consider their previous games when researching, you can be sure to make some informed bets.


Players are the main component of the Superliga Brazil Volleyball. They determine how their teams compete, affecting the decisions you’ll make when placing your bets.

Also, you can place some bets on players if you understand how they play and their form. If a volleyball team has good players, it’ll win most of its games. 


Examples of teams in the Brazil Volleyball Superliga that currently have great players are Sada Cruzeiro, Sao Jose dos Campos and Sesi. Without injuries, you can bet on top players like Miguel Angel Lopez, Wallace de Souza and Lucas Saatkamp as the best players of the season.

Also, they make up some of the best setters, blockers and hitters. Additional top players are Rodrigo Leao and Wallace de Souza.

Incorporating team trends in your betting strategy can also boost your chances of winning. Sada Cruzeiro’s trend, shows that it has been the champion eight times. It was the runners-up in 2011 and 2013 and has achieved these great results in the past ten seasons. The team lifted the trophy in all other seasons since 2012. 

Minas also has a good winning trend. It has won 7 trophies since the early 1980s, and has been runners-up eight times. This includes the latest seasons.

Apart from trophies, you also need to consider the form and latest games. For instance, in the 2023/2024 season, Sao Jose dos Campos has won all of its previous ten games.

Live Betting

Betting on the Brazil Volleyball Superliga is available in two types: 

  • Pre-match
  • Live wagering

If you wager on volleyball games taking place, that is live betting. In-play betting can be available on a live game between Sao Jose dos Campos and Sada Cruzeiro in the Men’s Brazil Volleyball Superliga.

Most teams in this tournament are very competitive across the two halves. Games among the top five teams, including Sao Jose dos Campos, Sesi, Sada Cruzeiro, Minas and Guarulhos usually finish in a tie at the end of the two halves. 

That means they, in most cases, go into the overtime period that includes five-minutes. The team that scores the most points in this period wins the match. Want to boost your chances of winning live bets? Always watch live games in this league to boost.

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