MLB Baseball Run Line Betting Strategy

When placing bets on baseball events, you will find three main markets, the over/under, moneyline and run line. Many MLB punters understand what moneyline betting and over/under bets are. But they aren’t familiar with the MLB run line baseball market. 

So if you are among MLB punters who do not understand baseball betting run line market and you want to know how it works, you will find this guide a perfect match for you. Keep reading to know what an MLB run line is, an example and the best MLB baseball run line betting strategy.

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MLB Baseball Run Line Betting Explained

In baseball betting, a run line is a version of point spread that is popular in other sports (read this – basketball spread betting). This type of betting allows a punter to bet on whether the underdog will keep the match within a run or the favourite will defeat the underdog by more than one run. 


⚾ What is run line betting?

Run line betting has the same meaning as handicap or spread betting in other sports. Here you read more about handicap betting.

⚾ What's the difference between run line and moneyline?

In moneyline you are betting which team will win and run line betting when point spread is added to winning team. To win your run line bet you need not only team victory, but also team should cover that line which normally is 1.5 runs.

⚾ What does 1h mean in baseball betting?

This means in baseball betting that there is no spread or run line in the game. So if the game ties and you pick this bet, this means you get push and get you money back.

⚾ How to handicap baseball totals successfully?

If you want make money betting on handicap baseball totals, you need to look who will be starter pitcher, also look for bullpen stats, weather conditions, in which stadium game will be played and how each team hitting the ball.

⚾ What is alternate run line baseball markets?

Normally run line baseball market is set to 1.5 runs, so bookmakers offering alternate run line markets, where punters can bet on 2.5 or 3.5 run line.

For this reason, placing wagers on the MLB baseball run line betting market can be attractive in cases where punters would like to get their hands on an increased payout on a top team or in instances where they would love the idea of being in a position to lose by a run and be able to win the wager.

how to handicap bet on baseball totals

The line for baseball run lines is always 1.5. With this run line in betting, you’ll be in a position to bet on baseball favourite team to emerge the winner by a minimum of two runs or the underdog to win by a single run or win the match.

Betting companies will set the favourite at -1.5, meaning the team needs to win by a minimum of two runs or be able to cover the 1.5 run line. The underdog can also be listed at +1.5 within the same match. And that means the underdog must either lose the match by a single run or less or win the match outright.

While the run line spread baseball is normally set at 1.5, some sportsbooks allow you to wager alternate run lines MLB of 2.5 or 3.5 runs with different odds.

baseball betting run line 1.5 vs moneyline

Why is the Run Line Always 1.5 Runs?

As already mentioned above, the run line is always set at 1.5 runs by oddsmakers and sportsbooks. This is mainly because baseball is one of the lower-scoring sports with more variance. In sports such as basketball and football, the matches are higher scoring. Baseball matches usually have runs between seven and ten. 

Also, the discrepancy between the best teams and bad ones is wider on a match-by-match basis. In some cases, you will find a runline baseball betting set between 2.5 and 3.5. This usually occurs when one of the elite teams of the league faces off against a poorly performing team, and the pitching matchup is one-sided. If an action is one-sided on the run line baseball betting, it still will not move the spread. However, the odds linked to the run line will always move.

MLB Run Line Example

Let’s look at an example of an MLB run line. Chicago White Sox +1.5 (+100) and Minnesota Twins -1.5 (-120). In this example, the Minnesota Twins are the favourite to win the match since the run line is set at -1.5. The negative sign shows that the Minnesota Twins team are favoured and must be able to cover the 1.5 runs. In order for a wager on them to win, the Twins team must win by two or more runs.

In this example, it is also clear that the White Sox team is the underdog. The +1.5 shows that the team must lose the game by a single run or win the match outright in order for the run line wager placed on it to win.

MLB Baseball Run Line Betting Strategy

Many punters overlook the difficulty of betting the run line in baseball. Most of them conclude that the team they think will emerge as the winner of the game will, in most cases, do so by a minimum of two runs. This makes them place wagers on the run line vs moneyline because of the best odds.

runline baseball what is run line betting

Approximately 30% of all MLB matches end up being run games, which is higher than what many individuals would have expected. And that means it would be tough to guess when a baseball team will cover the 1.5 spread on the MLB run line.

The home team disadvantage is another thing that many punters do not keep in mind when placing wagers on the MLB RL betting market. When a home team is favoured, it’ll have to win by a minimum of two runs for a bet on it to win.

Since the ninth inning isn’t played out when a team is winning at its home ground, it results in a lot of one-run ball matches ending in the middle of the inning. The home team only gets less at bat to be in a position to get the additional runs which could allow you to win an MLB run line bet.

what does 1h mean in baseball betting

When betting on baseball MLB run line, one of the proven and best MLB baseball run line betting strategy is to avoid laying the 1.5 runs on any favourite team. To always be on the safe side, you should take run line 1.5 on the underdog team. This is one of the strategies that pro baseball bettors use.

The strategy has proven to be profitable and many experienced punters will always take the run more than laying the run. In some sports, you can get cash taking the 1.5 runs. Everything is all about getting value with the run line MLB betting.

alternate run line lines mlb baseball

If you want to try out this betting baseball run line strategy and see if it can work perfectly for you, then you should pick a top-rated sportsbook that offers competitive odds on the tennis sport. All of the top-rated bookmakers will always offer generous promotions and bonuses, lots of VIP rewards and markets and a dedicated mobile MLB betting platform.

On top of that, they offer safe and reliable methods of payment that allow for instant deposits and quick withdrawals, ranging from electronic wallets and cards to cryptocurrencies and bank transfers.

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