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The women’s NBA continues to grow in popularity and this season is currently taking place right now. The league plays during the summer months to avoid clashing with the men’s NBA league and this is paying dividends with more and more fans tuning in to watch the games. With few other options, fans are happy to watch the WNBA but if the league moved to a traditional winter league, it would have too much competition and audiences would more than likely fall.

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What are the differences between betting on women’s and men’s Basketball

The great news for those who want to start watching and betting on the WNBA is that there is no difference between placing a bet on the men’s or women’s game. The only one thing you will notice is that there are fewer betting markets for the WNBA, this is simply because it is not as popular as the men’s game.

If the league continues to grow and attract new fans then it is likely that more and more people will begin to bet on it. If that happens then bookmakers will ensure they create new markets to keep up with demand so hopefully, this is something we see over the next few years, it would be a great addition to an already good sport to bet on.

What you will find is a good number of betting markets covering the main options which you can use. This will include things like who will win the game, handicap lines and points spreads, all of which will be familiar to those who regularly bet on the NBA. If you are new then these markets offer the best place to start and don’t complicate things too much for you.

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Something else worth noting is that some bookmakers will allow you to bet in play on the WNBA betting, so be sure to look out for this. Betting in play is becoming increasingly popular and something that people are either using alongside pre-game betting or using it instead of placing bets before, such is the change in how we are all betting.

While ever the popularity of in play betting continues, it is sports like the WNBA that will either be increased or added if the bookmaker doesn’t already offer betting on it, giving punters more choice when it comes to where they place bets and the betting markets they use.

WNBA points spread betting strategy

One of the best ways to bet on a WNBA game is to bet on the points spread market. This is where you are betting on how many points there will be in the game, not actually who wins the game. This will be very different to what some people do if they bet on the game winner each and every time but betting markets like this one are becoming more and more popular as people look for an alternative to simple betting on the game winner.

The WNBA point spread and how it works will vary between the bookmakers. Most bookmakers will give you a points line you can use where you bet over or under the line and this is a two way market that is very easy to understand. Alongside this, others will offer you another market where you will choose a group of points where you feel the total number of points will finish. This has more options to choose from so is generally harder to get right, although to compensate for that the WNBA odds on offer are bigger.

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If you are looking for a strategy to use but you want to keep it simple then the best way to approach this game is to look at the average points scored and conceded by each team. When you are doing this you are either looking for two low scoring teams who are good defensively, giving you a game where you can bet on a low number of points or two high scoring teams who are poor defensively to bet over the line for lots of points. If you stick to this and look for teams that match these types of games then you should be able to find a few early winners before developing a longer term more sophisticated strategy for your WNBA points betting.

WNBA predictions for this season

The WNBA season is well underway and we are seeing a couple of teams make the early running, one in each conference. So SmartBettingGuide will try to give couple small wnba free picks. In the eastern conference, we are seeing the Washington Mystics take an early lead which is no surprise, although Connecticut are just in behind them and certainly have the quality to overpower them as the season moves along. The east should provide us with a good tussle for first place with those two teams.

Over in the west, we are seeing the Las Vegas Aces emerge as the main team out there, and it is fair to say that they are also amongst the favourites to win the WNBA Champions title this season. They have started very well, they lead the western conference and to make it even better, they are in great form right now and on a good winning streak.

The Minnesota Lynx, Los Angeles Sparks and Phoenix Mercury are all capable of getting involved and chasing the Aces down, although they have not had the same kind of start and that has already put them behind. That is especially the case for the Los Angeles Sparks, who were originally amongst the favourites for success in the west but they have started the season poorly and are now playing catch up.

The Seattle Storm won the WNBA Champions title last season, beating Washington in the final but so far we are yet to see them recreate that winning form. They have time to turn things around and if you are going to pick out one team to watch over the coming weeks then it would probably be them, to see if they can pull themselves up and challenge the rest as they look to defend their title.

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