UEFA Champions League Final Predictions 2024

Europe’s strongest club football championship is coming to an end. After last week’s UEFA Champions League semi-finals, it is now clear that the final will pit Inter Milan against Manchester City (check best football betting sites to get into the betting action).

The Italian club’s last UEFA Champions League final came in the 2009-10 season with a 2-0 win over Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, City return to the finals after a year out of the competition with a 0-1 defeat against Chelsea in the 2020-21 final.

The road to the final has not been an easy one for the teams. Manchester City beat Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals and defending champions Real Madrid in the semi-finals.

Inter Milan, meanwhile, didn’t face such big names, but it was challenging. In the 8-finals, Inter Milan beat FC Porto 1-0 and Benfica 5-3 in the quarter-finals. And in the semi-finals, we saw the Milan City Derby, where Inter defeated AC Milan 3-0.

If Manchester City’s appearance in the UEFA Champions League final is not a big surprise, Inter Milan can already be said to have achieved a great result. Nobody, apart from the fans, expected Milan to play in the final, so the Inter players will not feel any pressure in the final match.

Meanwhile, City will be expected to win nothing but the UEFA Champions League trophy. The Champions Cup has been the goal for many years and this year seems to be the best chance.


⚽ When's the Champions League final?

Mark your calendars for the 2022-23 UEFA Champions League final on June 10th! The game will be held at Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Turkey, where nearly 75,000 fans can cheer on their favorite teams.

⚽ How much are UEFA Champions League final tickets?

The tickets for Category One seats, which are the most affordable, are priced at €70 (£61; $76). However, Category Two seats are significantly more expensive at €180 (£156; $195). If you opt for Category Three tickets, you’ll need to pay €490 (£425; $530), while Category Four seats are the priciest at €690 (£599; $747) each.

⚽ What is UEFA Champions League final prediction?

Even though Inter has had a good season, Manchester City is a strong contender for the championship. They have been working hard to win in Europe for years, and the upcoming 2022-23 season may be the year they finally achieve that goal. It won’t be unexpected if Manchester City wins by more than one goal during regular time.

⚽ What are Inter Milan odds to win the Champions League?

As of May 23rd, 2023, Inter Milan has a 22% chance of winning the Champions League. Manchester City odds are 83%.

⚽ Which team has never lost a Champions League final?

Real Madrid never lost a Champions League Final.

Pep Guardiola has repeatedly said this season that the team’s concentration is on the UEFA Champions League. City have won many titles under the Spaniard’s coaching, but it is the UEFA Champions League trophy that the team is missing.

Victory in the final would be the crowning glory of City’s remarkable stretch in which they have won the English Premier League and the FA Cup on numerous occasions. It is also worth noting that City’s excellent form finally saw them overtake Arsenal to secure the title of Premier League champions this year.

It is worth noting that this will be only the second UEFA Champions League final in City’s history. Inter, meanwhile, has played five times and won three – in 1964, 1965 and the aforementioned 2010. Read on for a closer look at the UEFA Champions League final predictions and venue information. If you are interested in more betting strategies, check our article on corners betting tips.

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UEFA Champions League Final 2023 Date and Stadium

The 2022-23 UEFA Champions League final will take place on 10 June. The final will be played in Turkey at Istanbul’s Ataturk Olympic Stadium, which has a capacity of almost 75 000 spectators. Interestingly, the 2023 UEFA Champions League final was previously scheduled to take place at London’s Wembley Stadium.

uefa champions league final predictions inter milan man manchester city odds

However, with the pandemic, the planned venues shifted and it was then confirmed that the 2023 final would be played in Munich. However, the 2021 final, which was due to take place in Istanbul, has been postponed again, meaning that this year’s final will take place in Istanbul and the 2025 final in Munich.

Man City vs Inter Milan match prediction

Before assessing the potential outcome of the match, let’s take a look at the teams’ current form.

Manchester City are facing the UEFA Champions League final in high spirits, having not only reached the final and moved closer to the coveted title, but also won the Premier League at the same time. At the time of writing, City is on a 16-game winning streak at home.

The English club is in fantastic form, but it will be very interesting to see how the team looks in the final, as it will be played away from their home crowd. On the road, City are also on a solid run, having not lost a game since 16 February, winning seven and drawing four, two of which were draws against Real and Bayern.

how much are uefa when's the champions league final tickets

Inter Milan cannot boast such a long winning streak, but it is worth noting that the team has now won eight matches in a row. If City can rest for the next few weeks and prepare for the finals, Inter must concentrate on Serie A as they are not guaranteed a place in the UEFA Champions League.

With three games to play, Inter have two points more than fifth-placed AC Milan. Maintaining concentration can only help in the final match, as the team should maintain its best game. It is important that the key players don’t get tired and the quality of the game doesn’t start to drop.

Looking at both teams, City have a much bigger advantage in terms of line-up. Both the main players and the back bench are much more talented. The distribution of the pitch is one of the main reasons why Manchester City is able to dominate both the Premier League and look very solid in the UEFA Champions League.

Now that things are finalised in England, the substitutes will be able to play the last few games, while the main players will be rested and the focus will be on the final matches.

If the final were a two-legged game, City would definitely be considered favourites. At home this season, Manchester City has thrashed every team in the UEFA Champions League play-offs – 7-0 against RB Leipzig, 3-0 against Bayern and 4-0 against Real.

The team has managed to score 14 goals in three play-off games and, most importantly, has not conceded any. Meanwhile, all three away games were identical with a 1-1 draw.

City’s somewhat uncertain away record is a plus for Inter. Milan won 2-0 away against both AC Milan and Benfica. However, no matter how good a season Inter has had, this Manchester team looks like a championship contender.

The team has been striving to triumph in Europe for years, and the 2022-23 season is when City finally adds the missing title to its trophy shelf. It would certainly not be a surprise if Manchester City were to win in regular time and by more than 1 goal.

uefa champions league final 2023 date man city vs inter milan odds to win champions league

UEFA Champions League Final 2023: other predictions

Man City odds to win Champions League in normal time are not very high, so let’s take a look at other bets that are also worthy of attention. The last four UEFA Champions League finals have all been goalless and the last three finals have ended 1-0. Manchester City can defend well, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Inter didn’t score.

At the same time, City don’t play as well away as they do at home, so less than 3 goals in a match seems like a good option. You can also take a chance with higher odds and go for less than 2.5 goals in the final match.

Yellow cards can also be taken into account. When Manchester City are doing well and can play their game, they usually don’t get more than 2 yellow cards in a match.

Last year’s final saw just one yellow card, the 2020-21 season final saw three yellow cards, and the year before that there were far more than that – as many as eight. Inter received just three yellow cards in the city derby in both matches, while Benfica received two in the first and none in the second.

Although the final is more exciting than a normal match, the statistics show that a small number of yellow cards can be expected. There should be especially few from City if the team does well and can play its game.

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