Spain La Liga 2 Predictions, Season Favorites, and Odds 2024

Spain La Liga 2 predictions are in focus as the second round of the country’s secondary football league begins.

With 22 teams in the competition, where four face relegation and three aspire for promotion to La Liga, the premier Spanish football league, the intrigue heightens following the completion of 24 matches by all participating teams.

For example, in 14th place, Tenerife is only 9 points behind second place, which guarantees promotion to the top league. Meanwhile, Tenerife is just six points away from sixth place, which qualifies them for the play-offs for the third and final play-off spot.

The league is competitive, and there are many games to be played. Still, this article will focus on the five teams currently identified as the favorites to win the league and thus qualify for the top flight of Spanish football.

Leganes, now leading the league, is the main favorite, but the other teams should not be underestimated either. Let’s take a closer look.

LaLiga 2


LaLiga 2

Key Highlights:

  1. Intense Race:
    • La Liga 2’s second round features a tight competition among 22 teams for promotions and avoiding relegation.
  2. Top 5 Contenders:
    • Leganes leads, eyeing La Liga return; Espanyol aims for swift promotion; Valladolid, Gijon, and Ferrol closely compete for top spots.
  3. Crucial Standings:
    • Tenerife closely trails second place; the upcoming matches will shape the race for promotion.
  4. Historical Stories:
    • The teams’ historical context adds depth; Ferrol seeks its first La Liga appearance.
  5. Thrilling Finish:
    • La Liga 2 promises an exciting finish as teams vie for promotions and success.
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Club Deportivo Leganes Predictions – 40,00% Probability of Winning, 2,50 Odds

Leganes, currently leading the league with 45 points, showcases resilience, maintaining their top position despite a narrow four-point lead over second-placed Ferrol. Observing their impressive streak is noteworthy, especially for those interested in making bets on football betting sites.

There had been five draws and one defeat in the six league games before the last win against Andorra. On top of that, the Copa del Rey was lost against rival club Ferrol.

Leganes has had a fantastic start to the season, with 11 wins, only one draw, and two losses in 15 matches. After this series, the team fell into a hole, from which it needs to recover as quickly as possible to keep first place and return to La Liga after a three-season break.


Interestingly, Leganes began its existence in the sixth league in the 1929-30 season. In the 1986-87 season, they were promoted to the third league, and in 1992-93 to the second league, where they competed until 2003-04, when they were relegated again to the third league before returning to the second league in 2014-15, and two seasons later, they made their debut in La Liga.

The team spent four seasons there and was relegated to the second league. In the last two years, they finished 12th and 14th. Historically, the team hasn’t had the same experience in the first league as the others.

Still, La Liga has been competing recently, and now there is an excellent opportunity to return there and win the league.

Leganes have the best defense in the league, conceding 15 goals, and are 3-4th in the league in goals scored with 34. Eibar and Racing Santander are in first place with 36 goals.


⚽ What is La Liga 2?

La Liga 2, also known as Segunda División, is Spain’s second-tier professional football league, consisting of 22 teams. Teams in La Liga 2 compete for promotion to La Liga, the top tier, while the bottom four face relegation to the third tier, Segunda División B.

⚽ Why La Liga is better than EPL?

Opinions on whether La Liga is better than the English Premier League (EPL) vary. Still, some argue that La Liga’s technical style of play and emphasis on ball possession, coupled with the dominance of top-tier clubs in European competitions, adds a unique and attractive dimension to the league.

⚽ Which teams are currently leading the race in Spain La Liga 2?

Leganes currently leads the league, showcasing a remarkable defense and aiming for a return to La Liga after a three-season break.

⚽ What are Club Deportivo Leganes odds of winning La Liga 2?

The odds of Club Deportivo Leganes winning La Liga 2 are 2.50 and 40,00% Probability of Winning, per our La Liga Segunda predictions.

⚽ Can Espanyol secure a swift return to La Liga?

Espanyol, currently in sixth place, seeks to return to La Liga and compete again at the top level after finishing 19th last season.

RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Predictions – 11.1% Probability of Winning, 9.00 Odds

Espanyol stands out among these five clubs, boasting fame and a Copa del Rey victory in 2005-06. The team, familiar with winning La Liga 2, achieved this in the 2020-21 season. While the club faced relegation last year, finishing 19th, there is optimism about their return to La Liga.

Currently in sixth place with 38 points, the team, despite recent form challenges, presents an opportunity for strategic considerations on betting platforms. They also advanced to the eighth-finals in the Copa del Rey, albeit losing 0-1 to Getafe.


Martin Braithwaite, a member of the Danish national team who scored 19 goals in 50 games, has been with the club for the past two years after spending two years at FC Barcelona. Interestingly, before joining Barca, he played for Leganes, the second favorite in the league.

The results against the primary opponents in the first round were a 0-1 home defeat against Leganes, a 2-0 home win over Valladolid, a 0-2 away defeat against Gijon, a home win over Ferrol and an away draw.

Real Valladolid CF Predictions – 11.1% Probability of Winning, 9.00 Odds

The long-standing first-league team has been bouncing between the first and the second league lately. Between 1980-81 and 2003-04, they were relegated to the second league only once. Since the 2004-05 season, however, they have been relegated to the second league four times.

From 2018-19, they played three seasons in La Liga; in 2021-22, they played in the second league, where they finished second; and last season, they did not finish in La Liga, finishing 18th and were relegated again.


Real Valladolid is currently in fifth with 39 points, but it is notable that it has lost four of its last five league matches. Interestingly, Valladolid has a unique record of only three draws in 24 matches, 12 wins and nine losses. In terms of victories, it is in second place, behind only Leganes.

If the second half of the season could reduce the number of losses and stop dropping points, the team would have a good chance of returning to La Liga and challenging for the championship.

Sporting de Gijon Predictions – 11,1% Probability of Winning, 9,00 Odds

Sporting de Gijon currently has 39 points and is fourth in the league. The team is not in the best form, with one win, one loss, and six draws in eight league games since 11 November.

Against their main rivals, the two wins in the first round were against Ferrol and Espanyol. There was a loss against Valladolid and a draw against Leganes.


Sporting de Gijon have a lot of experience in La Liga, where they were relegated in the 2016-17 season. The team played in the top division from the 1977-78 season until 1997-98.

They were then relegated to the second tier and returned to the first tier in 2008-09, from which they were relegated again in 2012-13. The last few seasons in the second tier have been quite difficult, finishing in 17th place twice.

However, the management and the organization have the experience and know how to run the club at the highest level. The club has never been relegated to the third division since 1929, so it’s only a matter of time before it returns to La Liga.

Racing Club de Ferrol – 10.00% Probability of Winning, 10.00 Odds

Racing Club de Ferrol, currently in third place, has the highest odds of the five teams and a 10% chance of winning, per our Spain Segunda Division predictions.

One of the main reasons why this team’s chances are underestimated compared to its main rivals is because the club has never played in La Liga before in its history. It means that Racing Club de Ferrol has never won La Liga 2.


This team played in the fourth league in the 2018-19 season. In 2007-08, they finished 19th and were relegated from the second to the third league. They were relegated from third to fourth in the 2010-11 season and returned to second in 2013-14.

In 2022-23, the team won the third league, and after a 15-year break, they are now playing in the second league, where they are currently just four points behind first place.

Racing Club de Ferrol is inferior to its main rivals in budget and talent, so seeing how the team fares in the second half of the season will be exciting.

If we look at the matches in the first round, there was a draw away to Leganes, a 0-3 away defeat to Espanyol, a 1-0 away win against Real Valladolid, and a 2-0 home win against Gijon.

Even against three primary opponents, the second round will be played at home, which is a good sign for the team. The game against Espanyol ended 0-0, so the next two games are at home.

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