3 New Stats You Can Bet on Football

goal line tackles bettingAs bookmakers continue to compete against each other for our business, the number of betting markets, in general, continues to grow. Football is one of the biggest betting sports we have all over the world, and because of that it is somewhere that bookmakers know they can attract business.

While having great football betting offers helps them, it is their regular football betting markets (read this – 3 basic european football betting markets) that are going to make the difference and get people on board, as they can use them on a regular basis. We all know about stats betting when it comes to total goal betting, corners and cards as these markets have been around for a while, but where else are the bookmakers heading with their betting markets?

This article will give you three new markets to look out for. These are limited at the moment, and usually only seen on the big games in leagues such as the English Premier League (read this – how to bet on English Premier league), but expect them to expand these markets over the coming months, as we approach the end of the 2019/20 season and because we have the Euro 2020 Championships on the horizon too.

Like most of these stat markets, they are great for those who want to have a good in-depth look at the players who are playing, and work out what stat line to go for, while they also offer a fun way into betting for newcomers to football wagering. This is certainly something a little different to the normal ‘who will win the game’ betting market if you are looking to take your betting in a completely different direction.

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Shots on Goal Betting. Over under betting tips

We have had goalscorer betting for many years, in the form of first, last and anytime scorers, with multiples now also available on players to score two or more or players to score a hat trick. However, what if you fancy a striker to get involved in the game but don’t want to put your eggs into one basket with him scoring a goal? This market solves that.

Here you can bet on the number of shots in a game by a player, these shots have to be on target and there are two ways in which you can bet on them.

The first is a market that is offered as a special, and it will usually just involved the main strikers on each team in the game. For example, if England were playing a game you could back Harry Kane to have three or more shots in the game as a special bet. There is no alternative for him to be under that number, so this is only good for those who want to back someone to have success.

The second market is an over under tips soccer market, again this will only focus on the main players in the game, but it gives you the option to go over and under the shot line. The line will be set with a .5 at the end, so as an example it would be Harry Kane to have over/under 3.5 shots in the game, over is four or more, under is three or less.

This offers people the chance to bet on strikers in a different way, not relying on goal line betting in the game for them, so there are some out there who will certainly move onto markets like this one.

over under tips soccer predictions

Total Passes Betting

Do you have a midfielder you love who is always involved in play, but you are not sure how you can back him and make a profit? The total passes market may be your answer to this problem. We often find ourselves backing players to score who we don’t really fancy as they don’t score often, but we know they are going to be involved in play so we take a punt. This is something that will only pay off every so often, but the passing market offers an alternative way to get involved with a player like this.

This is still developing properly as a market, and so far, there is only betting on players to have a certain number of passes or more, so for example, Jordan Henderson to have 50 passes or more. Hopefully, as the market matures, we can get other markets open to use such as an over under soccer predictions market on this line.

This is another stat where punters and bookmakers are going to have the same information about a player, and if that all looks positive for the bet then you can place these on selected games now. The hope is that the market will not only expand to other games but also give us other ways in which to bet on passing over prediction the coming months and years.

If you have a player who likes to get involved and dominate possession, then this could be the market where you can finally make a profit on that knowledge.

over under betting tips prediction

Total Tackles Betting

This is a way in which bookmakers are trying to introduce betting on defenders. We all love betting on strikers to score goals, but what about those trying to stop them? If you have a defender at your club who is excellent at stopping play and breaking things up by putting in good tackles betting at the right time, you may finally have the chance to be able to back them.

Of all three mentioned this is the one market that is only just beginning to appear and take off, it is unlikely we will see the full effects of this market for another year or so. However, it is worth knowing and thinking about, to get you ahead of the game regarding what is to come in the future.

Most of the football betting markets available right now focus on attacking play and players doing well with the ball, this is all about defending and playing well without the ball. If you have some defenders in your mind then now is the time to start thinking about them for a market like this one.

If you want find more articles about football – read football betting guide page.

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