KHL Betting Guide

The Kontinental Hockey League is a popular competition with enthusiasts of ice hockey. Only one step behind the NHL (more about NHL online betting) as a top ice hockey tournament in the world, the KHL is the most competitive ice hockey division in Asia and Europe. See below for the KHL betting guide.

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KHL Betting Guide

Due to the popularity of the Kontinental Hockey League, placing bets on this competition has increased in recent years. With different trophies to battle for, including the Continental Cup and the Gagarin Cup, placing bets on Kontinental Hockey League can be both thrilling and profitable at the same time.

With many games across the regular season as well as the end of the season playoffs, many punters are always looking for more tips and information in order to make informed decisions when placing bets. Whether you have been placing bets on this competition for several years or you are just starting, you will find this KHL betting guide helpful. 


🏒 What is KHL hockey?

The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) is the second strongest ice hockey league globally. Only the NHL is stronger. The KHL was founded in 2008 and has ice hockey teams from 8 countries, including Russia, Latvia, Finland, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China. In total, 24 clubs participate in the league.

🏒 Where to watch KHL games?

You can watch KHL games live at betting companies. You will need to meet the company’s requirements to gain access to live streaming:

  • at some companies, you just need to register;
  • some betting markets will require you to deposit money into your account;
  • in some betting sites, you will only be able to watch the game once you have placed your bet.

🏒 How many KHL teams are there?

The KHL has 24 teams. Russia has 19 teams, and the rest are from different countries: Latvia, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Finland.

🏒 How many periods in KHL hockey?

Ice hockey matches consist of three periods of 20 minutes each, so the main competition lasts 60 minutes. If the KHL main period ends in a tie, there is a break, after which the teams play overtime.

🏒 What are the KHL trophies called?

All KHL teams can win the Continental Cup or the Gagarin Cup.

  • The team that wins the KHL regular season receives the Continental Cup (Kontinental Cup). The team with the most points at the end of the season receives this cup.
  • The team that wins the playoffs receives the Gagarin Cup. 

It will help you understand the different types of bets available, how to find the best KHL hockey betting tips and the differences between NHL and KHL betting. So keep reading to discover more.

KHL Odds Explained

Similar to all sports that you can place bets on, there’ll always be numerous markets and odds that you can keep in mind as your best friend. And obviously, these odds and online betting companies will be the most popular ones. While the odds will inform you the amount that you can win after placing a bet, the markets are the ones that the odds are offered for. The three main types of odds that you will find in ice hockey are:


Moneyline Kontinental Hockey League odds are available in two groups: the favourite and the underdog. The favourites are represented by the negative sign, while the underdogs are denoted by a positive sign. Irrespective of the sign, the figures on this market show you the amount that you can get for every bet you place. 

KHL betting guide

When you’re placing a wager on the moneyline market, you are simply predicting the winner of a particular match or tournament. In ice hockey, you can bet either in regular time, or overtime included. Of all bets placed, the moneyline is the most popular, and many top KHL betting sites offer it.

Puck Line

Also known as spread bet, puck line betting is one of the most confusing wagers that you will find out there. A spread that is also sometimes known as a handicap is simply a score that your team of choice starts with or after the match is added to the final result. In ice hockey, the puck line will be 1 team +1.5 and the other one -1.5. 

The team that is predicted to win by sportsbooks will have -1.5 while the underdog will have +1.5. There are also KHL ice hockey additional puke lines wagering options that allow you to vary a point spread in any team’s favour. For example, you can add scores to every teams’ result.

KHL hockey betting tips


A total is another popular market that punters include in their selections. It is also one of the most straightforward bets that you can place. With a total bet, you only need to predict the number of goals from the two competing teams to be either under or over the KHL hockey odds provided by the bookmakers. Only the total score is the most important since the winner of the game is irrelevant.

3 Way

A three way bet will allow you to bet on either, home team, away team or a tie. And there are different types of three-way bets. They include three-way puck lines and three-way moneylines. As with three-way puck lines, there are spread and handicap attached to one of the teams in the game. Also, a three-way puck line takes into account the regulation time. 

When it comes to a three-way moneyline, bookies offer different betting options. The most common one is giving a one-goal deficit to the home team to start. If you decide to place a draw bet, it’s considered a +one goal differential. 

How to Find KHL Betting Tips?

You landed on this page because of two main things. It is either you want to know how to increase your level of knowledge about hockey KHL or get some tips to help you increase your chances of winning. As already mentioned in this KHL betting guide, the Kontinental Hockey League includes many teams from Russia (19) and one from Slovakia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Finland, China and Belarus. These teams compete in different divisions and conferences. For more information on KHL teams and competitions, please visit their official website

And after that, the top eight in every conference compete in the Gagarin Cup playoffs. These are simply one-legged knockout matches, with the groupings depending on where the teams finished in the normal season. Games become available at sportsbooks for KHL tips approximately 72 hours before the start of the match. Many helpful betting tips KHL are posted a few hours before the game starts since tipsters normally check things such as starting lines and injuries. 

KHL ice hockey

While the matches are in progress, there are also live tips that you can use to make informed decisions, and these ones are more important if you want to place in-play bets. As you place the in-play wagers, you need to be quick enough since the odds and markets change rapidly. Be sure to check at the best tips sites one hour before the start of any KHL game. During this time, you will find the latest tips that you can take advantage of. 

KHL vs. NHL Betting

NHL is the best league globally, with top teams and the best players (official NHL page). The league includes a total of 31 teams. The NHL includes different affiliate teams and a draft system that favours teams that are less competitive by enabling them to bind down some of the most talented players in the world. 

In simple terms, the NHL has developed a system that aims to keep all the teams equally competitive, and that means more betting markets as well as winning chances. KHL is trying to change its system to look similar to that of the NHL. But it does not offer many games compared to those of the NHL, meaning there are fewer games to bet on. The best sportsbooks offer competitive NHL and KHL betting odds and generous deals, providing you with the best betting experience.

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