Ice Hockey Betting Tips: NHL Outright Betting

ice hockey betting tips

If you like watching the NHL then you may be interested in learning how to place bets on the sport. There are two main ways to do this, the first is to bet on the individual games themselves, either as a single on one game or an acca on multiple games, the choice is yours. The second is to place bets on the outright betting markets. These are long-term bets covering things like who will win the Stanley Cup, who will win each conference and division and things like the end of season awards. If you are new to betting on NHL and want know NHL betting trends, so check you our article about basic NHL ice hockey betting tips.

This article will focus on the outright betting markets, showing you what the options are if you would like to place a bet on the NHL online betting outright markets. Read this article and you would know what is outright betting. To place a bet, you need open account in sports betting sites. Check out 2024 best online betting companies and best crypto sports betting sites.

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Stanley Cup Betting

The pinnacle of any ice hockey players career is lifting the Stanley Cup, and many punters like to place a bet on a team to lift the cup, either before the season starts or during the season. If you are looking for someone to cheer on throughout the season then this is a great way to get involved in the league and pick out a team from the very start.I see all season how your nhl playoffs bets going. Then you can keep your eye on them and have an interest without having to place a bet before they play each game.

nhl online betting playoffs bets
2018 Stanley cup winner was Washington “Capitals”

If you are looking to back one of the favourites then placing an outright bet like this one is probably the best way to go. When playing each game they are likely to be the favourite to win as they are one of the best teams in the league, and that can mean poor value for punters. Instead of doing that, look for a stanley cup outright odds bet to place on them and then you can watch them play with a much bigger price on your betting ticket, cheering them on to lift the Stanley Cup at the end of the season.


What is outright betting?

Outright betting is very popular and with this type of betting you are wagering on the overall outcome, not individual games. On the outright betting market, you back a team to win their championship, rather than to win individual games so this is a long-term way of betting.

What does outright betting mean?

When you place a bet on the outright market you are betting on an overall winner. This can be a cup, league, conference or division but you are betting on who wins it overall at the end of the season.

Some of the very best games you will see all season will come in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and these are great games to watch, either as a neutral or if your team is involved. Backing a team to win the Stanley Cup will give you an interest throughout the playoffs, allowing you to cheer on your selection as well as hoping the other favourites lose their games to give your team an easier path to the final.

Just like football punters like to bet on who will win the World Cup, and NFL punters like to bet on who will win the Super Bowl, NHL punters love the Stanley Cup and placing a bet on who they think will lift the crown in May or June.

nhl betting trends strategies systems

Conference and Division Betting Systems

If you don’t want to commit to backing a team to lift the Stanley Cup then you can also use the conference and division betting markets to place a long term bet. This another safe and great nhl betting strategies. Instead of needing a team to go all the way here, you can back them to win the conference, or for an even smaller bet, just for them to win their division.

There are six divisions in the NHL, each made up of seven or eight teams and they all play an 82 game season. It is important to note that if you place a bet on the divisional betting markets then this covers the regular season only, and not the playoffs. Conference betting on who will win the conference does take into account the playoffs, so for example, if you are backing someone to win the eastern conference then they have to be the team to win the eastern conference including the playoffs.

When looking at outright betting, the one area where you could find some good value is the divisional betting. This covers just a handful of teams, and it is easier to find a team you strongly fancy from those, or a couple you feel will underperform, rather than looking at the entire conference or league.

Look out for teams on the up, who have made impressive moves in the summer and also teams with a lot of youngsters on the roster, who may not make moves but can improve naturally as their players get better. These teams may be undervalued by the bookmakers and could find themselves a bigger price than they should be. While they may not be good enough to go all the way and win the Stanley Cup, they could do enough to win their division.

When looking for teams to oppose you should look for the opposite, older teams who have dominated for a while but ones who look like they could be about to take a dip in form. Many teams go all in and throw everything at a Stanley Cup run, and that will hurt their future chances, so look out for these teams and try to oppose them when they are still fancied to do well by the bookmakers, but when you think their time may be coming to an end.

stanley cup what is outright betting odds

Awards Betting

If you are looking for something completely different when it comes to NHL betting, you could always look towards the end of season awards and bet on a player to win them. The easiest ones to look at are the top goal scorer and top points scorer awards, and you can keep track of the numbers throughout the season, so they are the easiest ones for newcomers. However, you can bet on the full list of awards that are given out at the end of the season, including the MVP award and top goalie award.

These offer you something different and fun to bet on and if that is what you are looking for then the NHL betting markets offer it to you. Whether this is a serious punt on a player you fancy, or loyalty bets on your favourite players, betting on the awards is a great long term bet to give you an interest all season.

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