How to Bet on MLB With Crypto?

Crypto sports betting has recently become quite popular among sports bettors. They have realised that if they bet on MLB with crypto, they can have significant returns in sports betting.




With the rise of online sportsbooks that accept cryptocurrency, players can bet on a variety of domestic and international sports events.

To bet on MLB with crypto can be very rewarding since there are so many MLB games every day during the season. If you play your cards right, you may receive some healthy returns.


⚾ Can you buy MLB tickets with crypto?

✅ Yes, you can buy MLB tickets with crypto. To purchase tickets with crypto, you simply need to complete the online form available, and you’ll be contacted by a representative who’ll assist you with the buying process.

⚾ What baseball team takes Dogecoin?

To date, the Oakland A’s made history in 2021 as the first baseball team to accept the crypto to buy their game tickets. The tickets were sold for 100 DOGE.

⚾ Who owns MLB?

Nobody owns the MLB league. Different individuals own teams within the league. The MLB league’s Commissioner is Robert D. Manfred Jr. He officially became the 10th Commissioner of the MLB on 25 January 2015.

⚾ What blockchain is MLB candy on?

The MLB created collectable NFT MLB tokens in conjunction with the company Candy Digital on the Ethereum blockchain.

⚾ Where Can I buy NFT MLB?

You can purchase a MLB NFT on An exclusive baseball card collection released in 2022 of the MLB’s biggest stars are for sale with unique Topps card designs.

⚾ What is MLB champions crypto NFT?

It’s not just the MLB that’s getting in on the crypto craze. The NBA is, too. In fact, the NBA has already created its own crypto token called “NBA Top Shot.” And now, it looks like the MLB may be following suit.

Many sports bettors may not know exactly how to get to bet with crypto on baseball. Our experts have prepared this review to help anyone that has questions about placing bets on the MLB with cryptocurrencies.

We’ll share the basics of MLB betting, which cryptocurrencies are best to place bets on, what the fees are, what the different bets are in the MLB, and much more. Read our extensive review and you’ll be placing a crypto MLB bet in no time!

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Bet on MLB With Crypto: The Basics

To bet on MLB with crypto works in the exact same way as betting with typical currencies. Below we talk about some of the basic bets on baseball with crypto you can make.

mlb champions crypto exchange

Moneyline Bets

The most popular bets in the MLB are Moneyline, the runline, and total runs. MLB moneyline betting is the most straightforward type of bet you can place. You basically are placing a bet on who’ll win the game.

Placing an MLB moneyline on the favourites has a lower risk to you than placing a bet on the underdogs. In the moneyline there is no spread, so you will be betting more to win on the favourite and betting less to win more on the underdog.

Runline Bets

The runline bet is giving 1.5 runs to the favourite while the underdog will be getting 1.5 runs. Obviously, you cannot win by a half a run, so for the favourite will have to win by at least two runs while the underdog will have to win or lose by less than two runs.

Often, the favourite will have underdog odds in a MLB run line betting while the underdog will have favourite odds. There are some sportsbooks online that will also offer a run line bet of + or 2.5 runs.

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Totals Bets

Totals bets are when the bookmaker estimates the total runs that both teams will score. For example, it may be set at 9.5 runs, where you bet if you think the total number of runs scored will be over 9.5 runs or under 9.5 runs. If you placed an under bet, and the game has only eight runs, your bet will win.

Which Cryptocurrency is Best for MLB Crypto Baseball Betting?

Many online sportsbooks saw the crypto boom and started accepting MLB cryptocurrency bets. Initially, bookmakers only catered for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Nowadays, there are sportsbooks that accept a variety of cryptocurrencies. These crypto transactions have fast processing times with low fees.


MLB accepting Dogecoin. Dogecoin is much like Ethereum and Bitcoin. It runs on a blockchain dedicated to Dogecoin’s digital ledger.

The crypto is continuously being updated with new transactions on a secure network. The Dogecoin blockchain works on a proof-of-work mechanism where miners use powerful computers to solve complicated computer algorithms.


Litecoin transactions take between two to eight minutes. The Litecoin was forked from the Bitcoin blockchain and remains one of the most popular cryptos to date. It’s the second oldest cryptocurrency, and it was created to improve the efficiency of the Bitcoin blockchain by introducing less complicated algorithms to complete transactions. Litecoin processes five transactions per second.


Ripple (XRP) is a payment settlement system that exchanges currencies on a network globally. The Ripple is the company that created this system, and it was designed essentially to replace SWIFT (also a money transfer network) and the settlement layer between financial institutions. The network is a trusted exchange agent between two agencies which can quickly confirm whether an exchange was done successfully. Transactions on the Ripple ledger take three to five seconds to be confirmed.


Tether tokens are digital tokens that exist on multiple blockchains. Initially derived from the Ethereum blockchain, this cryptocurrency has pioneered and disrupted conventional financial systems. Tether tokens are at the forefront of empowering growing innovations and ventures within the blockchain space. Tether tokens are backed 100% by the Tether network and have one-to-one value with a matching fiat currency.

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What Are Fees if You Bet on MLB With Crypto?

Placing bets is free using crypto and there are usually no fees for deposits but there can be fees for withdrawals. However, you should find a sportsbook that does not charge withdrawal fees. as all transactions take place automatically on the blockchain.

However, you will pay minimal crypto exchange, wallet, and blockchain transaction fees. Crypto exchange fees are paid to crypto exchanges to process the transaction. Wallet fees are charged, which go towards developing the software and maintaining your crypto wallet.

MLB Blockchain fees are paid to miners as an incentive to keep them mining on the network. Transaction fees are extremely low and are calculated as follows: Doge (€0.242), Ethereum Classic (€0.00023), Bitcoin Cash (€0.0025), Litecoin (€0.042), Tether (€0.1 below €1,000), Ripple (0.00001 XRP).

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Bet on MLB With Crypto Exchange or Crypto Wallet?

Crypto exchanges and crypto wallets are not the same thing. An exchange allows you to buy Dogecoin, Litecoin, or any other cryptocurrency by converting your fiat currency into your chosen crypto.

Binance and FTX are popular crypto exchanges. You’ll need to create an account with these exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies to make MLB FTX bets. It’s simple creating an account and completing the necessary verifications to activate your crypto account and then making MLB crypto exchange sports bets.

Wallets are software programmes that allow you to store your cryptocurrency coins in an online storage facility. Crypto exchanges support crypto wallets, so creating an account and linking your crypto wallet is simple. Cryptocurrency wallets have private keys that allow you to make transactions. Bets can be made easily using FTX MLB.

mlb prop picks betting strategy

MLB Prop Bets Markets

When you bet on MLB with crypto, you’ll be able to make MLB prop picks on various MLB crypto baseball betting markets. Prop bets are an exciting form of placing a bet on baseball with crypto.

In MLB props bets, wagers are made on players or teams instead of just betting on the final score or who’ll win the game. It’s best to start with small bets and build a good prop betting strategy before betting the farm.

Players Props

You can place a bet on a player’s performance. For example, you can place a wager that predicts how many runs a particular player will make, whether a specific player will throw a no-hitter, or whether a particular player will make an error in the game. There are many player baseball prop bets and they will either have even odds or inflated odds.

mlb run line betting

MLB Innings and Team Props

These types of bets involve game statistics. These bets are also not dependent on the game’s outcome. For instance, you can place a bet on which team will score first, or will there be a run scored in the first MLB inning, or over and under bets on total hits, errors, and runs for both teams.

Bets can also be made on the total runs hit during a game. It’s best to check out sportsbook betting markets and find the one that has the largest variety of MLB prop bets.

Many online sportsbooks will offer MLB prop bets for live betting.

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