Football Corners Betting Strategy

Corners betting strategy, and corners betting in general, is still one of the most misunderstood online betting markets.

For most bettors, the number of corners in a game isn’t so stable to predict a correct score bet, a draw or the winner, so they demoted the corners market to the “fun bet” level.

In simple words, they believe that the number of corners is so random and has little to do with analysing and searching to be considered as a profitable market for serious corner match bet. 

That is wrong, and in fact, betting corners strategy is among the most interesting markets to invest in and gain long-term profit, especially if you know betting corners tips. 


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Let’s have a look at some football corners betting tips.

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What is Corner Betting?

It is a football niche market that is massively overlooked by both bookmakers and punters. The wager involves predicting the number of bet corners football that will be in a game, usually in an under/over situation.


⚽ What is a corner bet?

Corner bet is when you betting on the number of corners in a game, usually bookmakers offer under/over situation.

⚽ How to bet on corners successfully?

To have success in corners betting, you need to analyze football teams average possession percentage statistics and teams tactics on the match, its offensive or defensive.

⚽ What is asian handicap corners betting?

Asian handicap corners betting when bookmaker offer handicap for team corners. For example, Barcelona is playing against Real Madrid and bookie offers Barcelona -2.5 corners handicap. If you bet on this Barcelona -2.5 corners handicap, you would need Barcelona to earn at least 3 more corners than Real Madrid to win the bet.

⚽ What is 2 way corners betting?

2 way corners betting market is same as over/under markets – you betting the number of corners taken by both teams in total.

⚽ What is 3 way corners betting?

For example, for Chelsea vs Arsenal game you make 7 corners over bet in 3 way corners betting market. If teams make 8 corners during the game you will win your bet, if teams make 6 corners you lose. 3 way betting means, when happens in the game that team make 7 corners (exact number like your total), when you will lose your bet.

⚽ How to make good over and under corner prediction?

To make good corners over prediction you need to focusing on offensive teams, their wingers can easily make ten or twenty crosses into the penalty area, which most of the time defenders will clear in to the corners. To make good corners under prediction you need to be focusing on defensive style teams.

Currently, various types of markets relate to corners in a football game. Some of these markets include predicting the number of corners, corner handicap betting, which team will win more corners, and first-game corners, to name just a few.

In knockout games, great care must be taken since extra time is a possibility, with many best online bookies paying out after 90 minutes plus injury time. Many of them do not take into account the extra time. 

It is always important to check the terms and conditions of your sportsbook to know what will occur during the extra time.


Developing Corners Betting Strategy

Best betting tips corners is to have a strategy. Here are some tips for developing a betting strategy:

  • Research Teams and Leagues: Start by researching teams and leagues. Some teams tend to generate or concede more corners than others due to their playing style or tactics. Knowing which teams are more likely to be involved in high or low corner games is crucial.
  • Analyze Team Form: Consider a team’s current form. Teams that dominate possession and create more attacking opportunities will likely earn corners. Conversely, teams that defend deep and play counter-attacking football may concede more corners.
  • Study Head-to-Head Records: Look at head-to-head records between two teams. Some matchups might historically produce more corners than others. Certain styles of play can lead to more corners when these teams meet.
  • Weather Conditions: Weather conditions can impact the number of corners. Rainy or windy weather can make the ball more difficult to control, leading to more corners as it goes out of play. Check the weather forecast before placing your bets.
  • Injury and Suspensions: Injuries to key defenders or attackers can affect a team’s style of play, potentially leading to more or fewer corners. Pay attention to team news and player availability.
  • Game Situation: Consider the game situation. Trailing teams tend to push forward in search of goals, which can lead to more corners. Conversely, teams protecting a lead may sit back and defend, resulting in fewer corners.
  • Referee Tendencies: Different referees have different tendencies regarding awarding corners. Some may be more lenient, while others may be stricter. Research the referee’s history of corner decisions.
  • Bet Types: There are various corner bet options, such as Over/Under, Asian Handicap, and Total Corners. Choose the one that aligns with your analysis and risk tolerance. For example, if you expect a high-scoring game with attacking play, you might bet on Over a certain number of corners.
  • Live Betting: Consider live betting for corners. Watching the game in real-time can provide valuable insights into the match flow and how corners are generated.
  • Bankroll Management: Like any betting strategy, managing your bankroll wisely is crucial. Don’t overcommit to a single bet, and avoid chasing losses while using the betting on corners strategy.
  • Keep Records: Keep a record of your bets and the outcomes. This will help you analyze your performance and adjust your corners betting strategy over time.
  • Be Patient: Corners betting can be volatile, so be patient and realistic with your expectations. It may take time to see consistent profits.

Remember that no strategy is foolproof, and there is always an element of luck in sports betting. So, there is no specific rule on how to bet on corners in football without losing.

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Why You Need to Invest in Corners Betting?

Corner odds are mainly derived by numbers such as average and totals. So, it is easier for smart bettors to disagree with the raw numbers and find lots of valuable wagers.

The cash placed on corner wagers stands out for the smaller percentage of the total cash. Thus, sportsbooks do not pay much attention when correcting the odds, as they do not feel they’re in danger of losing anything. 

Even the more significant amounts on corner bets aren’t detected easily by the wager radars.

There are many markets to bet on, which means more ways to win. Punters can find profitable markets and focus their betting energy on the niche to uncover value either per market or league.

Football corners tips are, in most cases, predictable compared to other markets. However, punters need to do lots of research. 

When placing wagers on less dynamic markets, such as full-time results, you might consider the team’s recent form and decide they are worth the odds the bookie has given them. 

However, when betting on corners in football, you must consider many other things, like the defence of the two teams and the striking force or which corners betting strategy to choose.

Moreover, betting on corners during Euro 2024 is exciting, so you should check our Euro 2024 tournament guide.

Which Corner Betting Stats to Use?

One of the football corner betting tips would be – you need to dig deeper to get a profit regularly from football corners. 

Never place your wagers blindly or based on a single stat. The secret is to do thorough research and always dig deeper. 


If stats are available, then take advantage of them. A soccer team cannot have corners if it does not have the ball. This means it is worth looking at each team’s possession in a game.

For example, if a team has an average possession of 68% per match and 70% when playing at home, its opponents may always have few corners. 

Be sure to check both away and home stats before you can place any wager. Some teams can be wretched when playing away and unplayable in their homes.

Stats that are important for corner stats bet can always be found on any team’s website and are great when placing bets on markets such as:

  • Corner match winner
  • Asian corners bet
  • Team corners
  • Alternative total corners

Types of corners betting market

Corners betting markets offer a variety of options for bettors. These markets can add an exciting dimension to your corners betting strategy. Here are some common types of corner betting markets:

  • Total Corners (Over/Under): Predict whether the total number of corners awarded in the match will be over or under a specific number set by the sportsbook. For example, Over 10.5 Corners means you win if there are 11 or more corners in the match.
  • Asian Handicap Corners: Asian corners handicaps give one team a handicap (positive or negative) to level the playing field regarding corner counts. It eliminates the possibility of a push by using half numbers. You are betting on whether a specific condition will be met, and there are only two possible outcomes: win or lose. There is no possibility of a draw or push.
  • 3 Way Corners Betting: Bet which team will earn more corners (Team 1, Draw, Team 2). This market simplifies corner betting to a win, draw, or lose outcome for each team.
  • First Team to Reach X Corners: Predict which team will reach a specific number of corners first. This can be a quick and exciting bet, especially in high-paced matches.
  • Team Total Corners: Bet the number of corners a specific team will earn during the match. This allows you to focus on the performance of one team.
  • 2 Way Corners Betting: Bet which team will have more corners in the match, irrespective of the total number of corners. This market is similar to 3-way Betting but without the draw option.
  • First Half Corners: Bet on the total number of corners awarded in the first half of the match. This can be a quick way to get involved in corner betting.
  • Last Team to Win a Corner: Predict which team will earn the last corner in the match. This can add excitement to the closing moments of a game.
  • Odd/Even Corners: Predict whether the total number of corners in the match will be odd or even.
  • Exact Corners: Bet on the exact number of corners that will be awarded in the match. This is a challenging market with high odds.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time Corners: Predict the number of corners in the first half and the full-time result separately.

How to predict corners in football?

Predictions are the new corner betting tips that you will find out there. Some punters say that it is pure luck to make corners predictions in a game, but the majority find corner markets very profitable, especially in live betting when the odds go high. 

So, how do you make good football corners prediction? The football corner tips are related to several teams and pre-match factors.

First, you should know the team and the type of game you want to make soccer corners prediction. 

Is it a match with a strong favourite like Man City in EPL or two equally strengthened teams that compete? You should consider corners race predictions if it is a match with a solid favourite. 

Strong favourites always have a higher possession rate than the other teams, creating more scoring chances as they push forward during the entire game.

You should understand that if the score is in favour of the favourite, then this team wouldn’t be motivated to create scoring chances and would, in most cases, win fewer corners. 

The second thing you should remember is the teams’ tactics and line-ups for the upcoming match. Consistently target teams with more offensive tactics (like Bayern Munich) and those that heavily use winners in their attacks. 

The best wingers can quickly produce between ten and twenty crosses into the penalty area, which, in most cases, defenders clear in corners.


Also, corners are more likely to occur in the late stage than in the game’s early minutes. Teams are usually very careful in the early minutes and try to enter the match passively rather than aggressively. 

As the match continues, depending on whether a team is winning or losing, the game sends more players to attack or defend, leading to pushing forward. 

This increases the number of corners significantly in the game’s last minutes, and that is what you need in terms of a total corner prediction system.

How to Find Value and Create a Winning Corners Betting Strategy

To find value and create a good winning football corner betting strategy, you need to take advantage of the live betting system features that sportsbooks offer (read this – best betting sites with live streaming). 

Also, combining live betting and other great features like cash out results in one of the best bet corner football winning strategies.

Before you can start to place live bets, you should be sure to watch the game until the pressure is on to deliver the results. 

The pressure can result from the favourite losing to one goal or the second half being near its end. If you keep the corners betting strategy in mind, you will enjoy the goodies that corner bets provide.

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