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    Fibonacci Betting System Explained

    When you’re trying to gamble professionally, it’s vital to hedge your losses. Naturally, no gambler has a 100% winning record. As a result, it’s necessary to have a good bankroll management strategy.

    One betting system that allows you to have an excellent bankroll management strategy is the Fibonacci betting system. With this system, your wager size depends on your loss or win streak. 

    When you lose, you increase your stake and decrease it when you win. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn the Fibonacci Betting System, including what it’s, how it works, the risks and benefits it carries and some of the best bookmakers for this wagering strategy. Keep reading to discover more.

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    Pros and Cons of Fibonacci Betting System

    The Fibonacci Betting System was established to help punters recover their losses. However, your success depends on the skills and bankroll size you have.

    This system is popular because it comes with some advantages, which include:

    ✅ It’s easy to follow and guarantees profits if gambling with an unlimited bankroll and the right odds

    ✅ Due to its nature, you can consistently build up smaller profits as long as you play for an extended period

    ✅ No matter how many times you lose, you’ll eventually win your losses back

    Just like most betting strategies, there are also cons, which are:

    ⭕ You could easily exhaust your entire bankroll on a single loss streak

    ⭕ You cannot chase losses if you don’t have the bankroll to do that, meaning you’ll have no way to get your money back

    ⭕ The system doesn’t consider your bankroll’s limitations


    ⭐ What is Fibonacci Betting System?

    The Fibonacci Betting System is a gambling strategy where players increase their bet after each loss by following the Fibonacci sequence (e.g., 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.). The idea is to recoup previous losses with larger bets when a win eventually occurs, aiming for a profit despite a series of losses.

    ⭐ How does Fibonacci work?

    The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones (e.g., 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.). In various contexts, such as mathematics, nature, and even gambling, the Fibonacci sequence is used to demonstrate patterns, growth, and progression.

    ⭐ How many Fibonacci numbers are there?

    The Fibonacci sequence is an infinite list of numbers that begins with 0 and 1 (or 1 and 1). Each number in the sequence is the sum of the two preceding numbers. While we often only work with a finite number of Fibonacci numbers for practical purposes, the sequence continues indefinitely.

    ⭐ What are the best bookmakers for Fibonacci Betting Strategy?

    Best bookmakers for Fibonacci Betting Strategy include: BC.Game, Bitsler, Cloudbet.

    ⭐ Why is Fibonacci so important?

    Fibonacci is important due to its mathematical significance, finding applications in various fields like nature, art, and finance. It also serves as a popular topic in recreational mathematics, sparking interest and curiosity in mathematical concepts and patterns.

    Fibonacci Number Sequence

    The Fibonacci Betting strategy is based on the Fibonacci Number Sequence, named after Fibonacci, a renowned Italian mathematician.

    Fibonacci’s sequence includes a progressive succession of numbers. Starting from 0 and 1, every number in the progressive series is the total of the two instantaneously proceeding numbers.

    The Italian mathematician pointed out multiple integer sequence natural occurrences, from most trees’ branches to the pine cones’ arrangements and numerous flowering plants.

    Before being integrated into sports betting and gambling, it was widely used in artwork and music.

    Eventually, bettors realised they could utilise the Fibonacci sequence betting as the staking plan basis used with 50/50 betting scenarios such as head vs tail, black vs red, and win vs lose.


    After realising some benefits, sports bettors started to adopt it for their betting uses and activities. Keep in mind that staking plans don’t tell bettors what to wager. These systems help them to plan the amount they should stake under given circumstances.

    How the Fibonacci Betting Strategy Works

    Similar to most staking strategies, the Fibonacci Betting System needs you to utilise wagering units and maintain consistent sizes.

    After determining a sustainable wagering unit size, you are now comfortable betting over the long term. The Fibonacci sequence in betting will determine the number of units you bet.

    The sequence simply requires you to increase your wager size each time you lose. The main idea behind this is that you can be able to recover your previous losses by staking a huge subsequent bet that provides you with the chance to gain back what you have lost and earn more profit

    You need to follow these simple rules when using the Fibonacci betting strategy:

    • Each time you win a wager, move two steps or numbers down the Fibonacci sequence. Wager this number of units.
    • Each time you lose a wager, move one step or number up the Fibonacci sequence. Wager this number of units.

    For example, let’s assume that your initial unit size is €10, and the sum of the previous two numbers provides this sequence 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and 55.

    Based on this sequence, your bet unit will be 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and 55, respectively. Let’s say you place bets up to 21 units, and only the last one (21 units wager) wins; your next bet will have 8 units, the subsequent one 13 units, and so on.

    This betting process will continue until you earn the profit you intended or deplete your wagering bankroll. Theoretically, utilising this pattern of decreasing or increasing your stake sizes ensures that you recover all losses and gain a profit in the long run.

    Fibonacci Betting System Risk

    The Fibonacci betting system comes with one significant risk. While it works at any point since it does not digress from its initial formula, it can only work miraculously if you’re playing without betting limits, as you’ll eventually cover up your losses.

    But if you encounter a streak of bad luck, you could be risking your bankroll by betting a huge amount of money on a single wager.

    While there is the potential to win big, the system is mainly ideal for short-term outcomes. Unless you’ve got an unlimited bankroll, the amount you’ve to wager after several losses will be huge.

    You can go for other low-risk progressive wagering strategies if you find yourself losing huge amounts of money.

    Best Bookmakers for Fibonacci Betting Strategy

    Once you decide to use the Fibonacci Betting System, you need to find the best bookmaker where you can place bets. With that in mind, here are the best bookmakers for the Fibonacci Betting System.


    BC.Game is one of the leading crypto-friendly bookmakers where you can place bets using the Fibonacci Betting System.

    The bookmaker opened its virtual doors for punters in 2017 under a Curacao Gaming Authority license. BlockDance B.V., a company headquartered in Curacao, owns and operates BC.Game sportsbook.

    BC.Game is home to numerous sports and events as it presents more than 25 options to pick from. From worldwide US sports such as basketball and netball to American football, you’ll find numerous events to bet on.

    You can also find other popular sports and eSports across the world, including football, tennis, bandy, cycling, motorsports, darts and League of Legends.

    Crypto-friendly bonuses and promotions are available at BC.Game, including a lucrative welcome deal and lots of VIP rewards. Aside from sports, you can also use your Fibonacci Betting System on casino games from top developers. Also, you can read our in-depth BC.Game review.


    Bitsler is another crypto- and Fibonacci Betting System-friendly sportsbook that houses many different sports.

    It doesn’t matter whether you want to bet on soccer, cricket, American football, badminton, Aussie Rules, basketball, baseball, darts, boxing, motorsport or swimming; Bitsler has it all.

    Bonuses are one of this sportsbook’s strengths, as you’ll always find lots of promotions and bonuses for all players. Numerous sports, eSports, and casino promotions, as well as VIP rewards, are all available.

    A Bitcoin registration bonus is available at this bookie owned by Oyine N.V., a company with a Curacao online gaming license.

    You can use your Fibonacci Betting Strategy on sports events, popular casino games, as well as well-known eSports. For more information, read our thorough Bitsler review.


    Cloudbet started offering its sports betting services in 2013. As a crypto-friendly bookmaker, Cloudbet supports numerous crypto options and has been home to Fibonacci Betting System enthusiasts.


    The bookie offers numerous sports, including Aussie Rules, boxing, golf, ice hockey, football, basketball, American football and netball.

    Halcyon Super Holdings B.V., a gaming company licensed and regulated by the Curacao Government, owns and operates Cloudbet.

    Once you create an account, you’re not only sure that the platform is secure but also have lots of opportunities to claim lucrative bonuses and promotions.

    Popularly known as the Bitcoin Sportsbook, Cloudbet also features crypto-friendly casino games and eSports. If you combine this crypto sportsbook with your Fibonacci Betting System, you’ll most likely take your gambling journey to a higher level. Take a look at our Cloudbet review for more information.

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