EURO 2024 Predictions: Spain – Germany (05-07-2024)

After the EURO 2024 eight-finals were played, it became clear that one of the favourites, Spain and Germany, would meet in the quarter-finals. Spain is the only team to have neither lost nor drawn this tournament, winning all four games.

⚽ Match prediction: Spain to advance to the next round @ 1.80

However, the upcoming meeting with Germany will be the strongest test, and the same can be said from the German point of view. After both the group stage and the eighth-finals, there is increasing talk that Spain – Germany should have been the final rather than one of the quarter-final pairings.

Germany had a difficult time reaching the quarter-finals of EURO 2024. Although they won the match 2-0, everything turned around in minutes. Denmark’s goal was disallowed for a minimal offside, and almost the very next attack, a penalty was given after handball.

European Championship


European Championship

After Germany scored a goal and took control of the match, the game got easier as Jamal Musiala clinched a 2-0 victory in the 68th minute.

Spain had a much easier time in the 8-finals, facing Georgia, who had been identified as one of the weaker teams before the tournament.

Against Spain, Georgia could not create anything – although they scored first, they lost 4:1, but the score could have been even higher. Spain took 36 shots, 13 of which were on target.


Germany is playing really well, but let’s take a look at their opponents. They won 5-1 against Scotland in the opening match and 2-0 against Hungary.

They drew 1:1 against Switzerland, but it took very little so they would lose the match – the equaliser came only in the 90+2 minutes. Against Denmark, things weren’t as easy as they might seem. One could even say that the 2:0 score does not reflect the accurate picture.

Meanwhile, Spain has won all four matches, including Croatia, Albania, and Italy, which have already left the tournament. Spain’s own goal against Georgia was the only one conceded by Spain in this tournament. Germany will face a team that likes to control the ball and has experienced defenders.

Germany will have the support of the spectators, but that does not guarantee victory. Looking at what Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal are doing at the moment, one cannot help but admire the Spanish team’s play.

In terms of form, the Spaniards look more stable and have looked better than their opponents in all their games. If Germany fails to break through at the start of the match, there may be additional pressure – playing in front of your fans is not always the best option.

This EURO 2024 prediction is for guidance only and we are not responsible for your bets.

Dalius Mikalauskas

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