Curacao Betting Sites 2024

Apart from being an old-fashioned location in the southern parts of the Caribbean, Curacao is home to the biggest gambling Authority in the world. Hundreds of online casino and sports betting operators hold a Curacao license. Below you will find a list of the best Curacao betting sites. On top of that, Curacao boasts the preference of many brand new sportsbooks, primarily because it’s easier to obtain a license from Curacao gambling authority compared to other jurisdictions like Malta Gaming .. Show more

Curacao Gaming License Information

Casino operators can obtain online gambling licenses in two ways. A master license is the first type. This license allows betting companies to operate and the holder to issue a sublicense, which is the second type. Curacao eGaming License Authority provides the master license. The holders of this license must go through an application process that involves different levels. Below you will find the advantages and risks of Curacao casinos or Curacao betting sites.

One notable level is that of the screening procedure that is done by the Justice Department. If the operator meets all the needs and requirements, the Governor will then provide the Master License. What is the Curacao gambling license cost? The fee for the Master License is approximately £34,000 to start with. There is also a monthly fee of about £5,600 for the first two years. And operators can negotiate the monthly fee.


⭐ Is the Curacao gambling license legal?

Yes. The Curacao online gambling license is legal and used by many reputable casinos and betting companies. However, if you are not sure about the security of the company, choose something that has a UK or Malta license in addition to Curacao.

⭐ How much Curacao gaming license cost?

Starting Curacao gambling license fee which should pay gambling companies is £34,000. For the first two years, companies still have to pay around £5,600 per month, and after that, the fee is subject to an agreement.

⭐ What is Curacao gambling commission?

The Curacao gambling commission is working in Curacao gaming authority and shall ensure that gambling companies conduct their activities with integrity.

⭐ What are the best Curacao betting companies?

On this page, you will find a list of the best betting sites which have a Curacao betting license. These companies are reliable, offer good bonuses and make timely withdrawals.

⭐ What is the best casino with a Curacao license?

The best casino Curacao license is 888 starz.

The Master License holder has the authority to provide a sublicense to anyone who requires it. And the provider of the sublicense is responsible for the holder, and that means they must make sure the holder meets all the requirements and complies with all the regulations and rules. With a Gaming license Curacao, betting site operators enjoy the most relaxed gambling regulations in the globe and pay only 2% income tax. All these factors are some of the main things that make Curacao eGaming the best destination for online betting operators.

While Curacao eGaming might have fairly tighter regulations compared to the likes of Costa Rica and others, the biggest gambling companies are still in a position to operate with fewer restrictions than other areas like the United Kingdom and Malta. Gibraltar gambling license also imposes greater restrictions. Due to this, a massive array of gambling operators has attracted many punters, including those from other betting sites that have licenses from other regulatory authorities.

eGaming Curacao online gambling commission authority

Requirements for Operators

To be able to obtain a Curacao eGaming license, a sportsbook needs to meet specific requirements. However, the application process is relatively cheap and quick. In any case, an interested party must be able to abide by specific rules and initially pay an application fee. After that, the remaining process of obtaining a license from this regulatory organisation will start, and it can take a maximum of 20 days. Here are the most important requirements that operators must abide by:

  • The operator must provide all the details about the software used on the online platform
  • The operator of the betting firm must not have any criminal record
  • The compliant must be able to verify that minors cannot access the betting platform
  • The owner must be able to provide a valid passport
  • Details about problematic gambling behaviours must be well presented on the gambling website
  • A backup of the punters’ transaction database must be hosted in Curacao
  • The operator must provide a detailed description of the sports and games on offer
  • The owner’s bank reference issued within the last three months must be provided
  • The owner’s utility bill copy, not older than three months, must be provided
Curacao eGaming casinos gaming license cost

After providing all these details, a gambling firm will have to pay the license fee mentioned above and be sure to follow all the revisions of the latest law.

Reasons to Join Curacao Licensed Bookmaker

Enjoying the best gambling experience starts with the selection of the sportsbook. Making the right choice will allow you to enjoy instant deposits and quick withdrawals. In addition to that, you will be able to claim as many generous betting bonuses and promotions as possible, not to mention plenty of VIP rewards. Other great features that you will enjoy are:

Many Betting Options: You will enjoy having the ability and power to make your choices. Sites that limit punters to a small range of markets and sports are not the best, but with a Curacao bookmakers account, you will find hundreds of multiple options for both minor and popular markets, ranging from football and basketball to politics and entertainment.

Cash Advance Payments: A Curacao eGaming license requires all operators to approve cash advance payments, and that means punters will receive their cash almost instantly or within a few minutes or hours if delays occur. Also, it means that all operators must be able to offer a wider range of payment options that allow for quick transactions.

No Tough Limits: Why should you play at a gaming website that features many tough limits? In most cases, these restrictions are a complete turnoff. If you decide to play at Curacao casino or other eGaming sites, you could enjoy betting without any limits. There is always more for you.

What is the Risk of Using a Curacao Betting Sites?

Despite the many incredible reasons why Curacao betting sites should be patronised, some drawbacks exist that you need to know. Some of these drawbacks include the following:

Not affected by GamStop: Curacao sports betting sites lack control, regulation and input by GamStop. Punters who decide to place bets at these sites do so at their own risks. Many sites that hold a eGaming Curacao license cancel GamStop self-exclusion, meaning their customers will pay a price for that action.

Not Listed in GamCare Directory: All non-GamCare websites aren’t listed in any directory of GamCare. That is a clear indicator that you should avoid using Curacao gambling sites. And choose sites that are listed in GamCare Directory.

Curacao casino & betting gambling license cost

Difficult to Complain and Get a Refund: Unlike in the UK, licensed betting venues that allow their customers to make complaints easily and see them sorted out, those that hold licenses from Curacao make the process tiring. So you should be keen when picking any betting platform that is licensed and regulated in Curacao. A sure bet is to choose a betting site that holds multiple licenses, including Curacao gaming commission and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and others.


Despite there being a few drawbacks, Curacao licensed sports betting sites come with numerous benefits that are difficult to pass. The lack of KYC requirements and no restrictions approach make them a perfect match for any punter. 

If you add to this the fact that they provide generous promotions and bonuses to both existing and new players and accept crypto, electronic wallets and cards as payment options, you can tell why a massive number of pro gamblers choose to sign up with these sites and place bets on them.

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