Copa America Predictions: Colombia – Uruguay (10-07-2024)

The much-anticipated final between Argentina and Brazil at Copa America 2024 will not take place. The Uruguayans were the main contributors to this, knocking out the Brazilians in the quarter-finals after a series of penalties.

However, the Colombian team also contributed to some extent by drawing with the Brazilians in the group stage, which led to the Uruguay-Brazil quarter-final meeting. Both teams tested themselves against the talented Brazilians and both drew.

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Both Uruguay and Colombia finished first in the group stage. Uruguay were unstoppable in the group stage, scoring 9 goals and conceding just 1. Colombia were also solid in the group stage and showed their potential in the quarter-finals when they beat Panama, not their strongest rival, 5-0.

Copa América


Copa America

Both Colombia and Uruguay are particularly good team players. There is not as much talent in the squads as in Brazil or Argentina, but all players have their place and tasks.

You could even say that the teams are somewhat similar in that they have a few players of a particularly high level, while the rest of the mid-level players give their all on the pitch.

While in Uruguay it is all about Darwin Nunez, Manuel Ugarte, Federico Valverde and Ronald Araujo, who was injured against Brazil, in Colombia the most important players are Luis Diaz and James Rodriguez, who is in great form. The 32-year-old Colombian seems to be looking back on his best days at this championship.


Although Uruguay was the highest scoring team in the group stage, its strengths lie in patience and defence. Colombia focuses much more on attack and has less talent among its defensive players. You could say that it is a case of offence versus defence, and, as we know, defence is particularly important at these stages.

It should be remembered that there is no extra time in the Copa America tournament – if the score is level after 90 minutes, the teams will play 11m penalties. The only extra time will be in the Copa America final.

This means that with 10 to 15 minutes left to play and the score tied, the game will become much more cautious, as no one will want to concede in the last minutes of the match.

Both Colombia and Uruguay scored against weak teams. However, if we look at the matches against higher level teams, the results were as follows: Colombia – Brazil 1:1, Uruguay – USA 1:0, Uruguay – Brazil 0:0.

There is certainly a chance of a 1:1 result here, but in that case the bet would be returned. There is a much better chance that we will see a 1-0 scoreline and a maximum defensive shrinkage by one of the national teams. A 0-0 draw would not be surprising, as we have already seen in the Uruguay quarter-final.

This Copa America 2024 prediction is for guidance only and we are not responsible for your bets.

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