10 Best Crypto Airdrops

  • 25 Oct 2023
  • 12 min. read

If you've ever wondered about the buzz surrounding “best crypto airdrops,” you're in the right place. Here, we provide all the information you need to know about these digital giveaways that can diversify your portfolio without any cost.

Our commitment to accurate and timely information about crypto drops has gained recognition from reputable platforms like MarketWatch, Bitcoin.com, and CoinGecko.

In this comprehensive guide, we will talk what is airdrop crypto, how they work, and why they are gaining popularity in the digital space. 

Prepare to learn about the mechanics, benefits, risks, and notable success stories, equipping yourself with the knowledge to safely seize these opportunities.

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10 Best Crypto Airdrop

A crypto airdrop is a distribution of cryptocurrency tokens or coins to a large number of people, typically for free or in exchange for a small promotional service.

Now, we will explore top 10 airdrop crypto that have caught the crypto community's attention, offering promising opportunities for participants. 

So, without further ado, let's dive into the fascinating world of top crypto airdrops.

1. zkSync

In 2023 , zero-knowledge cryptography is gaining traction, with latest crypto airdrops platforms such as Polygon, Starknet, and zkSync Era incorporating it. The Ethereum Layer-2 rollup, zkSync Era, has the potential to significantly increase Ethereum's adoption.


Despite its lack of renowned affiliations, zkSync's compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is advantageous. 

This compatibility enables users to access zkSync using MetaMask or other popular Ethereum Web3 best wallet for airdrops.

In February 2023, zkSync opened its network for smart contract deployments, expecting to open up to user activity soon.

Requirements for a Possible ZKS Airdrop:

✔ Using different methods to move ETH to zkSync.

✔ Making transactions on the network.

✔ Helping to fund a popular Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

✔ Trading tokens to create trading activity.

✔ Using different decentralized apps (dapps) over time.

✔ Buying, making, or trading one or more Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

2. FriendTech

FriendTech is next crypto airdrop and it is a noteworthy project that has made a name for itself in the Web3 space since its launch in August 2023. By merging social media with blockchain, it provides a unique platform for users to connect and invest in each other.


As 2023 comes to a close, rumors are circulating about a possible token airdrop from FriendTech. The company's “3,3” incentive mechanism, which rewards active participation, has played a crucial role in its growth. An airdrop is expected to make the platform even more attractive to crypto fans.

Possible requirements for a FriendTech token airdrop include:

✔ Actively buying or selling keys for specific content or chat rooms.

✔ Regularly taking part in the ‘3,3' dynamics, such as staking, bonding, or selling tokens.

✔ Engaging in transactions for high-demand keys, thereby increasing their value.

✔ Maintaining consistent activity on FriendTech, spurred by the airdrop rumors.

3. LayerZero

Next airdrops crypto LayerZero's interoperability protocol allows for more efficient communication between different blockchain chains, thanks to Oracle technology.


Although the ZRO best airdrop token is eagerly awaited, its occurrence hasn't been confirmed yet. Nonetheless, there are steps you can take to ensure you qualify for it when it happens.

Here are some possible requirements for the ZRO airdrop:

✔ The number of times you've used bridges to move tokens between chains.

✔ The total value of the tokens you've moved.

✔ How many source and destination chains you've used?

✔ Your activity level is measured in days, weeks, and months.

✔ When you made your first transaction with LayerZero.

✔ Your usage of DeFi dapps like Stargate Finance that utilize LayerZero.

4. StarkNet

StarkNet is a major player in the Ethereum scaling landscape, providing a Layer-2 zero-knowledge rollup scaling solution developed by StarkWare. While the STRK token has been confirmed, eligibility details remain unknown.


StarkWare has also developed StarkEx, a scaling solution used by platforms like Sorare, Immutable X, and dYdX. StarkNet's mainnet went live in November 2022, attracting millions in deposits from airdrop enthusiasts.

In September 2023, a spike in StarkNet activity occurred, fueled by rumors of the STRK token and a now-deleted article from Braavos, a leading StarkNet wallet service, hinting at the STRK token's upcoming release.

Possible STRK airdrop requirements include:

✔ Obtaining a StarkNet wallet, such as Braavos or Argent X.

✔ Using Orbiter Finance or Starkgate to bridge ETH from Ethereum to StarkNet.

✔ Providing liquidity or swapping tokens on a DEX like ZKEX.

✔ Engaging with games on StarkNet, such as Influence and Loot Realms.

5. MetaMask

MetaMask stands as a prominent Web3 wallet, with millions utilizing it to hold, exchange, and stake their digital assets.


In the past, there have been indications from the MetaMask team about the possible creation of a MASK token, though specifics are yet to be disclosed. The anticipated unveiling of this token is certainly something to watch out for.

Possible qualifications for a MASK token airdrop could include:

✔ Swap tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

✔ Use MetaMask to interact with different apps.

✔ Try MetaMask on various blockchains.

6. Neptune Mutual

Neptune Mutual provides a blockchain-based insurance system for the Ethereum community, protecting it from online threats to modern financial products ensuring payouts are made once certain conditions are met.


With the imminent launch of the NPM token, an airdrop is likely on the horizon.

Possible qualifications for an NPM airdrop:

✔ Go to Neptune Mutual and link your wallet.

✔ Try out the products and stay tuned for possible airdrop news.

7. OpenSea

While the launch of an OpenSea token remains uncertain, the activity on Blur NFT marketplace and its fee-free trading of NFTs hints at the possibility. Furthermore, OpenSea Pro's launch in April 2023, with its mention of ‘community rewards', suggests potential good airdrops.


The introduction of BLUR tokens by Blur significantly increased the platform's activity. This could inspire OpenSea to explore an improved economy with its own native token.

Possible requirements for an OpenSea airdrop include:

✔ Purchasing NFTs from OpenSea or OpenSea Pro.

✔ Listing NFTs for sale on OpenSea.

✔ Creating a smart contract through OpenSea.

✔ Personalizing your profile on OpenSea.

8. Lens Protocol 

Lens Protocol is a prominent social decentralized application (dapp) in the Web3 landscape. Through it, users can obtain a .lens username, enabling them to interact with various social dapps.


Speculation about a potential airdrop has been circulating.

Possible qualifications for a LENS airdrop might include:

✔ Acquiring a Lens profile NFT, available for purchase on OpenSea.

✔ Posting messages on Lenster using your Lens profile.

✔ Following other users who have a Lens account.

✔ Exploring the functionalities of social dapps built on Lens Protocol.

9. Linea

Linea, a type-2 zero-knowledge EVM, provides users with Ethereum's security in a replicated environment, offering a roll-up solution that significantly lowers transaction costs. 

This setup allows developers to create dapps like on the Ethereum mainnet, but with reduced transaction fees.


Despite more than $725 million in investments, ConsenSys has refuted claims of a possible Linea token airdrop. This could be a strategy to prevent people from manipulating the system.

Here are the potential criteria for a LINEA airdrop:

✔ First, integrate the Linea network into your MetaMask wallet, which is now a standard option.

✔ Request access to the Testnet, and begin exploring dapps deployed on the network, such as UniSwap V3 and Lens Protocol.

10. Holograph

Holograph is a multichain digital asset protocol that facilitates the creation of natively multichain NFTs, ensuring data integrity while bridging between protocols.


The platform has confirmed its upcoming token drop, with 10% of the total supply designated for public distribution.

To increase your chances of eligibility for the Holograph airdrop, consider the following steps:

✔ Connect your wallet to Holograph.

✔ Start using the dapp to create and bridge your multichain NFTs.

Crypto airdrop meaning

Imagine being an early internet user and receiving free shares of a promising new company out of the blue. That's the magic of free crypto airdrops in digital assets!

Where to find legit crypto airdrops?

CoinMarketCap offers extensive details on various cryptocurrencies and includes a section dedicated to airdrops. Twitter: A plethora of crypto initiatives utilize Twitter to broadcast their airdrop events, hence, keeping tabs on pertinent profiles is an effective strategy to remain well-informed.

How profitable are airdrops?

Several aspects require examination. Typically, the price trajectory of crypto airdrops adheres to a recognizable trend: post-airdrop completion, the majority of crypto ventures experience a price surge (averaging 300%), which is then succeeded by a protracted price decline (averaging -74%).

Are there fake airdrops?

Fraudsters could also advertise false airdrops or “bounties” claiming association with genuine companies or projects. Engaging in these fraudulent airdrops and transferring your cryptocurrency to the given wallet address will result in no token receipts, and there's a high probability that your funds will be irrevocably lost.

How do I find upcoming airdrops?

Stay informed about future airdrops by following their official profiles on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, or other platforms. Subscribing to email newsletters is another effective way to receive notifications about best upcoming airdrops and not miss out on any opportunities.

How do I claim airdrops free?

Explore the different methods to acquire an airdrop through this detailed guide:

  1. Establish best crypto wallet for airdrops.
  2. Investigate various projects and their prerequisites.
  3. Fulfill the necessary airdrop criteria.
  4. Safeguard your personal information and security measures.
  5. Redeem your airdrop tokens.
  6. Organize and handle your newly acquired tokens.
Do crypto airdrops expire?

The timeframe for a specific airdrop can often be quite limited, with some airdrops concluding within just a few hours. Therefore, it's crucial to allocate sufficient time to complete the necessary actions within the stipulated validity period.

New big crypto airdrops involve the distribution of cryptocurrency tokens or coins, often for free, to many wallet addresses. They are like a digital treasure trove for many in the crypto community.

These giveaways have historical roots that can be traced back to the early days of cryptocurrency development. As new tokens emerged, developers sought ways to increase adoption and awareness. 

Best air drop became a powerful tool to achieve this, rewarding loyal users and attracting new ones.

The Role of Crypto Airdrops

If you're intrigued and want more crypto airdrop explained, check out our detailed guide on what a crypto top airdrop is. 


While the concept of crypto airdrops may sound like a digital downpour of free money, there is a structured process behind the scenes. 

At its core, it is a marketing strategy used by projects to distribute a portion of their tokens to specific individuals. 

This distribution serves multiple purposes:

👉 Play a vital role in the crypto ecosystem

👉 Introduce new tokens to individuals

👉 Incentivize network participation

👉 Foster community growth

👉 Encourage innovation

However, not every crypto enthusiast can access these digital goodies. Often, projects require participants to hold a specific token. 

Engaging with a project through their social media channels or newsletters can also make you eligible. And in some cases, the duration you've held certain tokens can earn you a special airdrop as a token of appreciation.

When it comes to distribution, there are various methods at play.

While the allure of free tokens is undeniable, it is important to remember that not every airdrop guarantees value. It is essential to conduct thorough research, understand the project, and ensure that it aligns with your investment goals.

Approach with both enthusiasm and caution. While it may seem like a windfall of free tokens, it is crucial to approach it with both enthusiasm and caution.

Research is your best friend. Before diving in headfirst, make sure you have thoroughly researched the crypto project. 

Also, you can read about crypto tools.

To value airdrops, keep in mind that:


💡 Free tokens don't always guarantee value. Receiving free tokens through airdrops may seem like a lucrative deal, but it's important to remember that they might not always hold value.

💡 It is essential to conduct thorough research. Before diving into the world of airdrops, it is crucial to arm yourself with knowledge by conducting comprehensive research.

💡 Understand the project’s goals, team, and market viability. One of the fundamental steps in research is to thoroughly understand the project's objectives, the expertise of its team, and its potential to thrive in the market.

💡 Be cautious and enthusiastic while approaching airdrops. While airdrops can be an exciting venture, it is important to approach them with a balanced mix of enthusiasm and caution.

💡 Reliable airdrops can be hard to find. With the plethora of airdrops available, finding ones that are trustworthy and reliable can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

💡 Not all platforms can be trusted. It's worth noting that not every platform announcing an airdrop has your best interest at heart, and some may be fraudulent.

Reliable Sources in Crypto Airdrops

Since October 2017, Coin Airdrops has been curating and verifying a crypto airdrop list of the most promising and safe airdrops in the crypto world. 

We understand the importance of finding reliable sources when it comes to exploring opportunities in the crypto coin airdrop space.

This the best airdrop crypto list provides the necessary information you need for each airdrop:


💡 Know the purpose behind airdrops. While the idea of free tokens may seem too good to be true, airdrop campaigns have a strategic motive. Understanding the reasons behind these giveaways enables you to make informed decisions in the crypto realm.

💡 Consider airdrops' other benefits. The best airdrops crypto offer more than just free tokens. They provide opportunities for potential profit, early engagement with projects, and continuous learning in the world of cryptocurrencies. It's important to recognize the additional benefits that come with participating in airdrops cryptocurrency.

💡 Keep risks in mind. However, it's crucial to be aware of the risks and considerations that come with participating in airdrops. Scams and impostors are prevalent in this space, making it essential to prioritize your security and stay updated on regulations. It's important to approach airdrops with caution.

💡 Stay Informed. By equipping yourself with knowledge and staying informed, you can navigate the crypto realm with confidence and take advantage of the opportunities it presents. Stay updated, be cautious, and make informed decisions when participating in airdrops.

Airdrop Safety

When participating in airdrops, it's crucial to prioritize safety and be cautious. By being aware of warning signs and taking necessary precautions, you can ensure a smoother and more secure experience. 

Here's a roadmap to help you navigate the world of airdrops and protect yourself from potential risks:

👉 Identifying Fake Airdrops. One of the key aspects of participating in airdrops is being able to identify fake ones. It's important to spot red flags and avoid falling for scams. You can protect yourself from potential risks by staying informed and remaining vigilant.

👉 Safety Precautions. Additionally, it's important to take safety precautions when participating in airdrops. This includes being cautious with your personal information and ensuring you use secure platforms. By treading carefully and staying alert, you can make your airdrop experience rewarding and secure.

Success Stories

The crypto world is full of success stories where legitimate airdrops have turned into most valuable airdrops assets. Two notable examples are Uniswap and Stellar. 

These instances highlight the power of token airdrops when done correctly.

Uniswap's Airdrop

Uniswap launched a highly talked-about airdrop in 2020. Early decentralized exchange users were given 400 UNI tokens as a gesture of appreciation. 

What initially seemed like a simple giveaway turned into a significant opportunity as the value of UNI skyrocketed. Within days, those 400 tokens were worth over $1,200. 

This airdrop brought immediate profits and played a crucial role in building community loyalty and establishing Uniswap as a prominent player in the decentralized finance arena.

Stellar's Airdrop

Similarly, Stellar conducted a massive airdrop in 2019 to expand its network. Collaborating with Blockchain.com, they distributed billions of XLM tokens to its users. 

Participants who held onto their tokens saw substantial returns as Stellar's reputation and network grew. This airdrop brought financial gains and attracted many new users, strengthening Stellar's position in the competitive crypto landscape.

Another one example can be dYdX Airdrop.



Crypto airdrops are a powerful tool in the digital world that can provide significant opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. 

They play a vital role in the crypto ecosystem, incentivize network participation, foster community growth, and encourage innovation. 

However, it is important to approach them with caution, as not all airdrops are guaranteed to have value, and scams are prevalent in this space. 

It is essential to conduct thorough research and understand the project's objectives, team, and market viability before participating in any airdrop. 

So, staying informed and cautious while seeking out the best crypto airdrops can lead to rewarding opportunities within the ever-evolving landscape of the cryptocurrency world.