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    Crypto coins with the best (and worst) trader sentiment

    Nowadays, there are so many different crypto coins to choose from. That’s why here at SmartBettingGuide, we wanted to look into the currencies that you use (or take an interest in), to see which had the most positive and negative trader sentiment around them. 

    Are certain crypto rated more highly than others, and how much by? Looking over the past three months of Linkfluence data, we found out exactly that. By analyzing over 840,000 social and editorial posts to define each coin with the most – and least – positive conversations found online, we were able to determine what coins have risen and fallen in popularity.

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    Crypto coins with the most positive trader sentiment

    So, which coins took the highest and lowest positions in our findings? Well, we’ll start with positive trader sentiment and the top 10 currencies that are more positively reviewed. 

    top10 postiive

    Uniswap comes out on top

    The results are in, and Uniswap was the crypto coin taking the crown, having the most positive trader sentiment out of all of those surveyed, with 35% of positive conversations happening online between October 2022-January 2023. 

    It seems this cryptocurrency has the best trader sentiment online by a landslide, with no other coins even making it into the 30% bracket. But it comes as no real surprise, since Uniswap is fully compatible with all ERC-20 tokens. Not to mention, its easy-to-navigate design makes it a super user-friendly currency to handle.

    Ethereum, NEAR Protocol and The Sandbox came second

    Second up with 15% less than the winning currency, Uniswap, was Ethereum – holding 20% of positive conversations online. And the same can be said for NEAR Protocol and The Sandbox, both achieving a matching 20% positive sentiment!

    TRON and Internet Computer came next, with 17% of positive conversations about this currency featuring online. Then came UNUS SED LEO and Flow (15%), followed lastly by Cosmos and Solana, at 14%.

    top10 negative

    Cryptocurrency with the highest negative sentiment

    As well as finding the cryptocurrency with the most praise, we also wanted to explore the coins that are reviewed more negatively online. And it seems in the last three months, some types of crypto have been reviewed the same as others, as well as some differing quite considerably, percentage-wise. 

    Polkadot had the most negative trader sentiment 

    We found that in the crypto world, Polkadot is the coin with the most negative trader sentiment online, coming in at just 9%. This is likely due to its highly volatile prices, which make it a risky investment, making it one worth talking about!

    In second place for the most negative sentiment was Solana, Chainlink and OKB – all at 8%. Interestingly, though, Solana appears in both our top 10 negative and positive list, so this currency is clearly dividing opinions online.

    Bitcoin came next at 7%, matching the negative trader sentiment percentage of USD Coin. And at a joint 1% less, were Dogecoin and Polygon, at 6%. But TRON and BNB took the final spot, in 10th place, (5%).

    Polkadot had the most negative trader

    This data might reflect how you feel about certain cryptocurrencies, or it might be the total opposite! But it’s always interesting to discover how other people are reviewing each, and what will change in the next three months. 

    Now you’re aware of the last three months of data and how people are reviewing different crypto coins! And if you want more information on all things crypto, head over to the SmartBettingGuide blog and expand your knowledge around your favorite coins. 


    The sentiment was identified by analysing online conversations surrounding each coin across online platforms including:

    • Online forums 
    • Twitter  
    • Facebook 
    • Instagram 
    • News and media articles
    • Comments placed on media articles 

    The analysis was done worldwide across a 3-month period (from 10/10/2022 to 09/01/2023).

    How we identified the crypto coins in which to analyse? 

    We collected the top 50 coins from Coinmarketcap on the date 09/01/2023. This source ranks cryptocurrency prices by market cap.

    How we conducted the analysis? 

    We used the social listening platform Linkfluence to see which of the above coins had the most and least positive trader sentiment when being talked about online. 

    social networkds

    We removed any coins from the top 50 that had less than 1000 posts.

    This data was collected on 09/01/2023 covering a 3-month historical period.  

    The sentiment analysis was identified using Linkfluence’s internal sentiment analysis. 

    This analysis relied on NLP to understand the context of conversations and nuances of opinions. After collecting the data, the insights have been categorised to determine the person’s attitude toward a brand and their opinion’s magnitude.

    The total positive and sentiment score by coins can be seen below:

    Coin% of positive posts over a 3-month period% of negative posts over a 3-month periodTotal number of posts
    The Sandbox20%4%2,325
    NEAR Protocol20%2%1,063
    Internet Computer17%2%1,082
    UNUS SED LEO15%3%1,328
    Shiba Inu9%4%57,190
    Ethereum Classic9%3%1,341
    Bitcoin Cash9%5%7,804
    USD Coin8%7%51,005
    Terra Classic8%5%1,964
    Wrapped Bitcoin7%1%1,381
    Binance USD7%5%6,993
    Pax Dollar3%1%1,307

    The total posts analysed per day can be seen below:

    total post

    The top countries (where the posts originated from) can be seen below:

    top10 countries

    The top languages analysed can be seen below:

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