Where to start?

First af all, forget all those fairy tales about "fast money" in sports bets. Quick money in betting is the same as the enrichment plan for gambling casinos, it just does not exist. Bets are a very comprehensive and complex "business". Our team has made a great start for the newbie. By mastering these basic elements, you will better understand the betting market and how to earn money.

The essence of the profitable bets! (EV)

This is the key to a successful betting business. Every beginner needs to understand this concept well.

Correct bankrolll management

In order to be profitable in the field of sports betting, it is necessary not only to have good athletic skills, but also to manage your bankroll.

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5 Tips

5 tips for a beginner how to save your money.

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Why are we so unsuccessfull so often, though we seem to do everything right?

Can not join your favorite bookmaker?

A short video, how everyone, without understanding anything about computers and spoiling for no more than 1 minute, can bypass blocking.

Top 3 Best Bookmakers in the World

Want to bet seriously? You must open accounts in all these companies.

Betting Plan

If you want to be serious about betting and earn money from it, you need to have a betting plan.

Choose one sport type

Choose what you are interested the most, what kind of sports you like to watch or read about. In order to find valuable bets, you must understand that sport.

Bankroll Management Plan

Write down your plan with how much money you are starting. How many % will be allocated to one bet? Will all bets be the same? If not, what strategy you will use? If you will think of it, you will avoid problems later on.

Find out stop-loss

Make a plan when you can not bet! For example: if you are tired, drunk or tiff with a girlfriend, also set the maximum number of bets for each day.

Choose bookmakers

Each company has its own specifics, one gives better football odds, others give wider choices from lower leagues and so on. Choose bookmakers according to your betting plan.

Make a training plan

Deepen your knowledge of betting in mathematics, psychology, constantly observe the competition for which you build and constantly analyze your chosen strategy.

Listen to your mind, not the heart

Yes, I also support the Great Britain Basketball team, but I agree, this is not the best way to make money. Your decisions must be based on logic and mathematics.

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Choose a betting company

What is important when choosing a betting company?


Choose the bookmakers that have been working successfully for a long time.

Wide sports coverage

The bigger and wider the betting offers, the more you can find good bets.

Good odds

Betting companies compete with each other so consumers can choose the most favorable conditions for them.

Good communication

It is very important how the company responds and how it solves the problems.


For the beginners, this is a great chance to quickly increase your capital by using the registration bonuses.

Live bets / Mobile version

In the 21st century we really want to have the ability to live bet or bet on your phone, and to make sure the app does not break.

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