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AS Roma Fan Token Sports Betting 2024

Sports betting as an industry has realised the potential that crypto and blockchain technologies can offer to attract sponsors, engage a global market and, more importantly, monetise fan engagement. Passionate fans and each citizen of digital technology consume different sports and related content beyond the real duration of a game. Sporting organisations, teams and clubs are transforming to survive in this digital age and meet the needs and expectations of their football fans. With the .. Show more

AS Roma, an Italian football club is one of the teams that utilise crypto and blockchain technologies. Since February 2020, the football club has been issuing its own fan token. By that time, it wasn't the first team to use fan tokens, but it became one of the leading football clubs to operate on Socios. Chiliz, a Maltese blockchain startup, backs, which operates in South America, Asia and Europe.

How Does AS Roma Fan Token Work?

Roma fan tokens work fairly similar to regular cryptocurrencies. First, you need to be sure about the fan token that you want to purchase, which in this case is the AS Roma fan token. After that, you can visit your favourite crypto exchange that offers the token and then make your purchase.

⭐ What AS Roma fans get for holding this token?

If you buy an AS Roma fan token you can vote for the club and make other decisions on club activities. Also you can get discounts on tickets and products. Taking part in the NFT marketplace, stake your ASR tokens and get extra free money or brand new AST tokens.

⭐ How to buy AS Roma fan token?

AS Roma fan token main exchange is Chiliz, but you can also buy this token on other popular exchanges like Binance, Paribu, BKEX. So open an account on crypto exchange and buy Bitcoin or Tether crypto with your credit/debit card, when you will be able to trade it for AS Roma fan tokens. .

⭐ What is ASR fan token?

AS Roma Fan token is cryptocurrency like regular cryptos, so this token is volatile and price can rise or fall. This token was created in Socios platform on Chiliz blockchain and main mission this platform was to create coins for their fans.

⭐ What is AS Roma fan token price prediction 2025?

We predict that AS Roma fan token has potential to reach $15 price in 2025. So from today's price it will be more than 300% growth.

⭐ What is ASR price prediction 2030?

It's very hard to predict fan tokens prices, because it is very depends on clubs how they will perform that football results will be. If everything with AS Roma club will be okay, ASR token price in 2030 can reach $90.

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the AS Roma fan club tokens are subject to the impulses of the crypto market (read this – best cryptocurrencies to buy). That means they are volatile, and their value can rise or fall, and you aren't guaranteed that you will end up with any cash at all.

Depending on the project, crypto fan tokens represent and mean different things. Socios is currently the largest fan token in the world, and as already mentioned, AS Roma works with this platform. The platform enables football clubs, including AS Roma, to create crypto coins for their fans.

as roma fan token asr price prediction

Once the users purchase crypto fan tokens, they get the opportunity to vote on different matters at the AS Roma FC. While there is no predetermined list of matters applicable to every club that is utilising fan tokens, the most common ones are:

  • Rare merchandise drops
  • Ticket raffles
  • Special fan token content
  • Playing a specific message in the dressing room prior to the match
  • Music played after collecting points or scoring a goal
  • Club bus designs
  • Dressing room designs

Keep in mind that isn’t the only platform offering fan tokens for football clubs. Some clubs partner with the likes of Binance. But since we are strictly talking about AS Roma fan tokens, you will only find them at

Why Should You Buy AS Roma Token?

When you purchase the AS Roma fan token, you will be sure to enjoy some benefits. First, the token implies affiliation to the fan community of AS Roma and provides the right to influence decision making in the club.

how to buy as roma fan token

The main functional purpose of the AS Roma token is voting. This token provides its holders with the right to make some important decisions concerning the activities of the club. Aside from voting and making important decisions, the AS Roma fan token also allows:

  • Taking part in crypto token hunting to get brand new ASRs
  • Staking ASR to get CHZ
  • Getting discounts on branded tickets and products
  • Taking part in the drawing of NFTs, non-fungible tokens and merchandise, as well as other awards like stadium tours

AS Roma fan token primarily transfers spectators from passive fans who can only buy tickets for major matches and events into very active members of the community. Fans who have  AS Roma tokens have the right to make decisions on major and minor issues such as the band that the captain of the club will wear for the coming game and the music that will play when the team will be entering the field.

Technically, the crypto Roma token operates on the Socios platform, which utilises the Ethereum blockchain (read this – Ethereum betting sites). And that means it is an ERC-20 standard token that users can store in different wallets that are compatible with it. The token is mainly traded on the Socios official website, and users must store it in the Socios wallet for effective use and full implementation of the basic functionality.

as roma fans token asr

Up to this moment, the total AS Roma fan token supply is ten million, of which approximately 1,220,000 coins have already been distributed to the club's fans following the establishment of the tokens on the Socios platform. The remaining amount of the token was reserved for trading on the leading exchanges, and distribution has been occurring through draws, staking and promotions for the fans of the club.

While purchasing AS Roma fan token offers lots of benefits, it is seen as a high-risk by a massive number of individuals. However, great risk can always result in attractive rewards since some tokens have been skyrocketing in price, including the token ASR. Roma token price for this token has been increasing since its establishment, thanks to its massive popularity.

Just like any other product, you must be able to weigh the solutions that it presents as well as their value. Crypto Roma token can be less of an investment but more of a buy-in to the unique benefits that the club can offer.

Sports Betting with AS Roma Crypto

If you love gambling on crypto platforms, you will find AS Roma crypto fan token helpful to you. The good news is that as a punter, you can use your fan tokens to place bets at different sportsbooks available online. Currently, a wide range of betting sites allow their punters to use football club tokens to wager on their favourite sports, competitions, and events.

Betting sites that accept fan tokens work in the same way as regular sportsbooks. To get started, you will have to choose a recommended crypto betting site and sign up with it. After that, you can claim the welcome bonus and use it to place your first bet before you can deposit the tokens. 

roma token price

Depositing the AS Roma tokens to your account is straightforward as you only need to navigate to the cashier section, choose AS Roma tokens as your deposit method, enter the number of coins that you want to wager and confirm your transaction. The AS Roma fan tokens should reflect into your account within a few minutes and you can make token AS Roma betting.

Fan Token Roma Review Conclusion

Fan tokens are one of the most interesting propositions. They provide you with lots of benefits as a fan of the football club as well as a punter. With fan tokens, you can be able to make important decisions concerning your football club and use them to place bets that can help you increase your bankroll within the shortest possible time. 

If you are a sports bettor, you should be sure to find a top-rated sportsbook that will provide you with everything that you need, ranging from generous promotions and lots of markets to instant deposits and same day token Roma sports betting withdrawals.

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