Alternative Ways to Bet on the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the calendar and happens every year on the first weekend in February.

After the regular season, the top teams battle it out in the playoffs, and the two remaining teams are left to battle it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The game is a one-off event and attracts a lot of general sports fans, not just those who follow the NFL as a fan.

Betting on the game is hugely popular, as you would expect, and to try and encourage those who don’t normally follow the NFL, bookmakers create several betting markets that offer a slightly different way of betting.

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Regular NFL Betting Markets

There are many NFL betting markets that fans will use week in week out. These include the winner of the game, how many points will be in the game and handicap lines, where the favourite is given a fictional deficit that they need to overcome, on top of winning the game.

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These are perfect if you bet in the same way each week, but what about if you are a one-off watcher, tuning in to the big game and you want to bet on something a little different and fun? Here are some ways in which you can do that, ideal for those who are not big NFL fans.

Super Bowl Special Bets

The Super Bowl is known for many things, and in recent years we have seen special bets become one of those. You can bet on almost anything when it comes to the Super Bowl, from the songs which the half time artist will play to what commentators will play and much more.

Super Bowl Special Bets

If you have no knowledge of the sport at all, but you want to get involved and place a bet because others you are watching with are betting themselves, these are the markets to look out for. Many elements of the Super Bowl make it a fun occasion, betting on these only adds to that.

Player Prop Betting

Player prop betting is popular with casual NFL fans and perfect for the Super Bowl because we usually see more markets created for this than with regular games. NFL player prop betting is when you place a wager specifically on a player to achieve something, rather than on the outcome of the game.

Who wins and what the score is doesn’t matter when you bet in this way, all you are focusing on is the performance of your star man. Whether you are betting on a player to score a touchdown, rush for yards, throw for yards, make an interception or something else, this adds a fun element.

If you only know the big names or you have a favourite player that is taking part in the Super Bowl, this is how you can show you like them.

With the Super Bowl, in particular, there is one other bet you can place when it comes to player props, and it is actually one of the most common ways to bet on the game. This is betting on who will win the MVP award. This is given to the player who is deemed to be the most valuable to their team. The favourites on this market are always the two quarterbacks that are playing, but there is the chance of a big upset here.

For example, if a running back has rushed for a lot of yards and scored multiple touchdowns, or if a defensive player has a touchdown or big interception, they can come into this and potentially win. Those looking for a big priced selection should be looking at defensive players on this market, one huge play can win them the award, and they are often huge prices to do so.

Where to Find Odds Super Bowl

Where to Find Big Odds for the Super Bowl?

For many people who bet on the Super Bowl, they aim to have fun and give themselves a chance of winning big. The way to do this is with single bets at huge odds, you have a small outlay and the chance to win big from it.

There are a few markets where you can do this, and here are some of them to get you started. Dont forget to check cryptocurrency sports betting sites, they have great odds and crypto promotions.

Score Betting

Whenever we talk about the game with friends, we all predict the score. Getting this right with NFL games is a tough task, but that also brings huge odds. If you want to have a small wager with potentially huge returns then betting on the score in a game is the way forward.

With such big odds on offer, you can cover multiple different scores in the game if you wish, to try and give yourself more chance of winning.

Touchdown Scorer & Game Outcome

Touchdown Scorer & Game Outcome

Another way of increasing your odds is to combine two elements together and one option for this is to add a touchdown scorer to the game outcome. If you add an anytime scorer to this, the odds will increase a little, but if you add a first or last touchdown scorer then they will increase a lot.

Pairing up the top offensive player with the favourites to win is a popular choice, but further down the list you will find interesting options at big odds if you are wanting some fun.

Team to Win Every Quarter

Fancy a team to really dominate the Super Bowl? If that is the case then one way to place a bet at big odds is to bet on them to win every quarter of the game. This means you are cheering on four separate elements of the bet, all of which need to happen for you to receive a return.

However, the odds on offer here with this are always strong, and if your team gets ahead early, you know the opposition will have to take risks, which could leave them open to your team scoring again.

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? Who will play in Super Bowl 2021?

In 2021 Super Bowl will meet Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Kansas City Chiefs.

? Where is the Super Bowl the next 3 years?

2022 Super Bowl will be in Los Angeles, 2023 – Glendale, 2024 – New Orleans.

? Will there be fans at Super Bowl 2021?

Fans will be allowed at Super Bowl 2021, it will be around 22,000 fans.

? Where to find big odds for the Super Bowl?

If you want find big odd on Super Bowl, you have to look in scorer betting, touchdown scorer, team to win every quarter markets.

? How much is a Super Bowl ticket?

Tickets for Super Bowl are very expensive, starts from $5,950.

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