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    NFL Betting: Prop Bets

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    If you are looking for a way to get involved in an NFL game then the huge amount of prop bets allow you to place a bet on a player, rather than on a team. This is seen as an exciting and different way to bet by many people, and a lot of punters are now placing their bets in this way. But if you are new to NFL gambling and american football bets, read our article for begginers – three simple nfl betting lines for beggines.

    Prop bets are an extension of touchdown scorer bets, because you are betting on a player to do something, rather than on a team to win the game or an outcome that is based on the game itself. When placing a prop bet, you are not concerned with anything else other than the performance of your player, the rest is irrelevant.

    Prop bets are available across many different markets and if you are looking to get involved in this kind of betting then here are the main ways in which you can do this.

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    Quarterback Prop Bets

    There are a few different prop bets you can place on a quarterback that is playing in a game. These all centre around his play, and how well or poor he does so if you think a quarterback is going to have a good game then go above the lines, if you think he will do poor then go below the lines.

    Total Passing Yards

    Perhaps the simplest prop bet of them all is the quarterback passing yards. This is all focused on a quarterback that you feel will have a good or a bad game. If you think they are going to have a good game and dominate things, then bet on them to have a big day and beat the yardage line. If you think a quarterback will struggle, go under the line.

    When betting on this line, it doesn’t matter if the quarterback throws any touchdowns or wins the game, you are simply betting on the total number of yards they get in the game.

    nfl prop bets In gridiron football, a touchdown pass is a pass thrown from the passer (usually the quarterback) to a receiver that results in a touchdown being scored.

    Total Touchdowns Thrown

    This is a different way in which you can bet on a quarterback to have a good day. Instead of backing on the yardage line, you can back how many touchdowns they will throw in the game. It is important to remember that when backing on this line you are backing on the number of touchdowns they will throw, not on the number the team will have, so rushing touchdowns do not count here.

    If you have a quarterback who you think will dominate the game and throw for a lot of touchdowns then this is the market for you to use. If you interesting in nfl betting touchdowns, read our arctile about NFL touchdown scorer betting.

    Receiver Prop Bets

    Some of the best players in the game are receivers and there are a number of NFL bets around these players that you can place. These are all available alongside backing the player to score a touchdown, which is a very popular bet to place.

    Total Receiving Yards

    If you fancy a player to be heavily involved in a game and receive the ball and make good yards, or you fancy a star man to be shut down by the opposing defence, then this is the market where you can do that. If you think a player is going to have a great day, but you don’t want to back them to score a touchdown then you can back them to go over the total receiving yards line. However, you can also use this line if you think a player is going to have a poor game and get shutout, by going under the line.

    Instead of choosing whether someone will score a touchdown or not, this market gives you the chance to bet on the number of yards they will receive for in the game. Back those you fancy to succeed and go under the line for those you think will be shutout on the day.

    nfl sports betting gambling Yards is a statistical measure in NFL. In the game of football, progress is measured by advancing the football towards the opposing team’s goal line.

    Player Total Receptions

    This line is similar to the one above but works based on the number of receptions instead of the total number of yards gained. This is the number of times that a player receives the ball and catches it cleanly, regardless of what they do with it after they have caught it. This is great for those players who you think will have a big impact on the game, but you are not sure whether they will score a touchdown or cover the receiving yards line.

    When betting on this line, you don’t need your player to do things with the ball after they have caught it, you simply need them to catch it cleanly and that takes some of the risk out of the bet.

    Rushing Prop Bets

    Rushing prop bets can cover both running backs and quarterbacks, although they are usually used on running backs, who get the ball handed off to them from their quarterback and then run with it. The bets are very similar in style to those above for receivers, but obviously, they focus on running yards on the ground, rather than receiving yards in the air.

    Total Rushing Yards

    In exactly the same way as you can back a player for their reception yards in the air, you can back a player’s total rushing yards on the ground. There are some fantastic running backs in the NFL and these players can regularly put up over 100 yards on the ground, and that can be without scoring a touchdown. The very best backs are relied upon heavily by their team, and they will receive the ball a lot, in the hope they can create something with it.

    The line is also one you can use to go against a player. For example, if a team has a strong running defence and you think they can stop a star running back, the best way to use that in a bet is to back under the line for that player’s total rushing yards. With that, you are backing the defence to keep him quiet and limited to a small number of yards in the game.

    If you want find all information about NFL, check official american football league website for more information:

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