UAE Pro League Partners with Chiliz to Launch Web3 Fantasy Football

The UAE Pro League, the top football league in the United Arab Emirates, is teaming up with a blockchain provider for sports and entertainment, called Chiliz. Using new tech, they want to make the league more popular worldwide and make watching football fun for fans.

Together, they’re planning to create a fantasy football game that uses blockchain, a network risk management system for enterprise-level business. This game will let fans from all over the world play and connect with the league in a new way. 

Fans will also have the chance to get their hands on footballs from actual games by owning exclusive blockchain-authenticated game-scored balls. They’ll share more about how fans can get these footballs later.

Waleed Ebrahim Alhosani, the driving force behind the UAE Pro League, is particularly thrilled about this venture. He sees it as a major stride for the league to gain global popularity and embrace new technology in sports.


Alexandre Dreyfus, the mastermind behind Chiliz and, is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration: “Collaborating with the UAE Pro League is a key milestone for Chiliz as we continue to pioneer the integration of web3 technologies in football.” 

The UAE Pro League, the most-watched sports event in the UAE football with 14 teams. Featuring 14 clubs, it serves as the country’s most popular sports competition.

Their collaboration with Chiliz is not a surprise as the blockchain provider has become attractive to investors due to its role in the Socios ecosystem and potential growth.

Chiliz is partnering with the UAE Pro League to help football grow in the Middle East and North Africa. This partnership will bring new technology to the league, make football even more popular in the UAE among this sport’s fans, and create a new exciting market for bettors on crypto bookmakers’ pages.


⚽︎ What is the aim of the partnership between the UAE Pro League and Chiliz?

The aim is to launch a Web3 fantasy football game to increase the league’s global popularity and engage fans worldwide.

⚽︎ How will blockchain technology be utilized in the fantasy football game?

Blockchain technology will be used to create a network risk management system for the game, ensuring transparency and security in transactions.

⚽︎ What unique opportunity will fans have through the Web3 fantasy football game?

Fans will have the chance to own exclusive blockchain-authenticated footballs from actual games.

⚽︎ How many teams are there in the UAE Pro League?

There are 14 teams in the UAE Pro League.

⚽︎ How does this partnership benefit football in the UAE?

This partnership brings new technology to the UAE Pro League, making football even more popular and engaging for regional fans. It also encourages the use of Web3 sports betting.

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