How to Stake the Correct Amount When Betting

When it comes to the staking amount used on bets, a lot of people often fall into the trap of not doing this correctly. People let themselves down when they are doing this, either staking a different amount each time or staking to high or low in comparison to their betting bank. There are many people out there who can pick out regular winners, but they throw away some of their profit because they are staking bets incorrectly. By changing your method and staking correctly, you can increase your betting profit, become more structured and overall be a better gambler than what you are now.

How to Stake the Correct Amount When Betting
It doesn’t matter what sport you are betting on, picking out winners is tough to do and when you do it you need to take full advantage. If you can’t stake your bets correctly, then you cannot take full advantage and make a profit despite picking our regular winners becomes very difficult to do. The key to making a profit in betting is pairing together two things, that is a good number of winners and a right staking plan. If you have both of those together at the same time, you will be a successful gambler, you will stand out from the crowd and make a good profit, again it doesn’t matter what sport, this is a successful combination.

The most common mistake to make when staking bets is to vary the stake depending on what the bet is, or how much you fancy the selection you have chosen. The correct way to go about your gambling is to have a staking plan that is structured and either ensures all your bets stay the same stake, or you use a points plan to grade each bet and decide how much you will stake on your bet. Either of these plans will give you a far better chance of making a profit compared to what you are doing right now, with both having their positives that you need to weigh up before deciding which way you would like to go. The reason they work is that they are both structured and they both have thought behind them.

Betting With Level Stakes

The easiest staking plan to implement is one that uses level stakes, this is easy to follow and straight away you will see an improvement in your betting profit. The stake that you decide on must be something you are comfortable using all the time, no matter how bets you are placing each day. Every bet going forward will be using this stake, so you need to make sure this is something you can afford, even if you go on a losing run.

Flat betting system in sport betting

When you change over to this system, the first thing you will notice is that you will no longer have to make on the spot decisions about how much to place on a bet. Instead, you will automatically know what the stake is because it is the same for every bet you place. What this stops is a change in stake because you have had a run of winners or losers in a row. Something a lot of people do is bet more on a selection if they have had a couple of winners before that. This may work for you, and you may win, but you shouldn’t fancy a selection more because you have backed a winner in the event before, so why should you be staking more on?

The long-term approach is to remain disciplined and reap the rewards over the long term, which means keeping your stakes the same. Small errors like putting more on because you have backed a winner erode into your profit, and over the course of a year it will take away a good chunk of your profit. Also, where are some betting money management systems which you should avoid, you can read about them in the other article .

Betting With Varied Stakes

If you would like to vary your stakes then there is a way to do this while remaining disciplined and giving yourself structured stakes to use. This is what is known as a points system, and it is very popular with professional gamblers as it keeps them disciplined and structured, but allows them to bet more on their strongest fancies.

Sports Betting With Varied Stakes

For example, with a points staking plan you will place bets at either 1pt, 2pts or 3pts depending on how strongly you fancy your selection. A 1pt bet is something you think has a chance of winning, a 2pt bet would be something that has a very good chance of winning, and a 3pt bet means this is a huge fancy of yours. You need to allocate a point value in money terms, but when you are doing this just remember that you will be placing three points on your big bets, so make sure this is something you can afford to bet. Also, make sure the point value is enough if you place a one point bet you still need to have enough on the selection to make a nice profit if it wins.

By using this type of system you can change your stakes, but keep your discipline and the only reason for changing your stake if based on how much you fancy the selection. This means that you are always looking at the long-term plan, and you don’t bet based on recent victories or losses.

In Conclusion

Alongside being able to pick out winners, you also need to stake your bets correctly. Just by picking winners you are not going to make the best possible profit from your betting, you need to do more than that. If you can add the right staking plan to your successful selections then you will see a rise in your betting profit that is for sure. It may take time, and you may need to trial a couple of different systems but once you have hit it right, your betting profit is only going to get bigger and better, and you will become an even better gambler, who makes good decisions.

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