Spanish La Liga Betting 2024

The last few seasons have been very shifting in La Liga, Spain’s domestic football championship.

Nobody has won two in a row in four years, which is quite rare, so it’s not surprising that La Liga promises a lot of intrigue again this year; this is why we present you our Spanish La Liga betting guide.

Last season, after a three-year break, FC Barcelona was crowned champions and is one of the favourites again this year.

Football is a hot topic worldwide, and the Spanish La Liga is one of the strongest leagues in the world.

This high interest also leads to an increased demand for bets, so in this La Liga betting guide, we will focus on the different bets and their odds. We’ll also look at the possibilities for this season’s teams.



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La Liga Betting Offers

The best football betting companies have an extensive range of La Liga betting options, where you can not only bet on the main outcomes but also on options such as how many corners will be taken, how many yellow cards will be shown, who will score first, and more.

Of course, time should be taken to analyse before placing a bet. Many bets are made on emotion – players see an exciting option and choose one of the outcomes without spending too much time on it.

To profit from sports betting in the long run, you need to pay attention to the odds and the betting supply.

Some outcomes are very lottery-like, and others are more predictable, so every player is trying to gather as much information as possible to make the right bet. Below, we have highlighted the main bets on offer in Spain La Liga Primera that are getting a lot of attention.


⚽ What is La Liga?

La Liga is Spain’s top professional football (soccer) league, featuring 20 teams from across the country. It is known for its high level of competition and includes prominent clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

⚽ How many La Liga games in a season?

In a La Liga season, each of the 20 teams typically plays 38 league matches. They face each of the other 19 teams twice, once at their home stadium and once away.

⚽ Where is La Liga played?

La Liga matches are played in various stadiums across Spain, with each team having its home ground. Some of the most well-known stadiums include Camp Nou in Barcelona and Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid.

⚽ How much La Liga winners get?

The prize money for the winner of La Liga typically ranges from €100 million to €150 million, depending on various factors such as TV deals and commercial revenue. However, exact amounts may vary from season to season.

⚽ Is sports betting legal in Spain?

Yes, sports betting is legal in Spain. The country’s gambling laws regulate it, and licensed operators can offer sports betting services to residents and visitors within the established legal framework.

Match Winner

The winner of the match is undoubtedly the most frequently placed bet. First, the winner is often given solid odds, making it a simple bet to place. Secondly, players usually like to make multiple bets on match winners with lower odds, which is not a good strategy in the long run.

FC Barcelona had the lowest number of defeats last season – 6. Three of them in the last four matches, which have been close, means that in the first 34 matches, there were only three defeats.

Four teams had fewer than ten defeats last season – FC Barcelona, Real Madrid – 8, Atletico Madrid – 7 and Real Sociedad – 9.

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid suffered just one home defeat each last season. The worst team was Elche, with three wins and ten losses in 19 home games. Interestingly, in ninth place, Mallorca had just four home defeats and played very solidly in front of their home crowd.


It should be noted that in La Liga, teams win at home much more often than not. Last season, just four tied teams won 10 or more times on the road in 19 games. In fifth place is Real Betis, with 8 wins, which is just 42%. Twelve teams had four or fewer away wins, while Almeria had just one.

It is also worth noting that the number of away defeats was much higher than the number of draws. All 20 La Liga teams suffered 182 away defeats and 89 draws. Interestingly, the league leaders FC Barcelona and Real only drew once away last season but suffered 5 and 7 losses.

And the last thing to note is the stage of the season. It is best to look for the bookmakers’ mistakes at the very beginning of the season – the teams are renewed in the summer, not all of them are playing at their best, and it is not easy to set the odds.

At the end of the season, the focus should be on the last and top-placed teams.

The teams in last place don’t want to be relegated from the top league, and last season’s results for FC Barcelona showed no motivation to play once the title is secured, and only some of the key players are playing.

Barca lost three out of four matches, although the odds of FC Barcelona winning were 1.70 to 5.00, 1.95 to 3.60, and 2.45 to 2.70. The teams in the middle of the table are just waiting for the season to end. For example, Rayo Vallecano, in 11th place, finished the season with seven defeats out of eight matches on the road.



One of the most popular bets is over/under. This bet is more often chosen than the edge, as there is no need to decide who will win the match – an over/under bet can be successful even if the favourites lose.

When choosing these bets, it is worth noting that La Liga is known as one of the more efficient leagues for a reason. It is a fast-paced game with no shortage of goals, even when the league leaders are not playing.

Last season, FC Barcelona had one of the lowest-scoring games, conceding just 20 goals in 38 games.

Only four teams conceded fewer than 40 goals last season, which means that sixteen teams conceded at least one goal per game on average. Meanwhile, 14 teams scored at least one goal per game, and two others scored 37, almost one goal per game. 16 of the 20 teams scored an average of one goal per match.

Although there is no shortage of goals in Spanish La Liga soccer, the most common bet on a match is 2.5 goals. The odds of more than 2.5 goals per match are solid – 1.86, 1.83, 1.9. The odds for Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid were 1.89.

However, there are also matches where fewer goals are expected, such as the Bilbao Athletic – Getafe match at 2.5 more with odds of 2.4.

Last season, of the 380 games played, less than half ended with more than 2.5 goals – only 179. This shows that in the long run, betting on a total under 2.5 would have yielded a higher return, as the odds are often even higher for a total under than a total over.


Correct Score

One of the more exciting bets is the correct score. Although it is difficult to predict, this bet has high odds. For example, the Atletic – Getafe match had the odds of 5.00 for 1:0 and 7.20 for 0:0.

Last year, this match ended 0:0. In La Liga, the odds for a 0-0 draw range from 6.50 to 17.00. In total, 26 games last season ended 0-0. In total, 89 matches ended in a draw.

If €10 were wagered on every 0-0 draw in a game last season, a total of €3 800 would be wagered. Considering that 26 bets were successful, the overall result would be negative.

If we took the odds of 7, we would get back €1 820. To be in the black, the average odds would be 14.50, in which case €3,770 would be returned – negative €30.

Meanwhile, 46 matches last year ended 2:1 in favour of the home team. For such a prediction, odds of 7.50 – 10 are usually given.

If this exact result were bet at €10 and the average odds at 7.50, the return would be €3 450. But if the average odds were 8.5, the return would be €3,910, a profit of €110.

Outright Winner

Betting on the La Liga winner should be noticed, as three clubs – FC Barcelona, Atletico, and Real – have been champions in the last 19 seasons.

Atletico Madrid has won twice, FC Barcelona 11 times, and Real six times. It is pointless to look for value in the other teams because there is almost no chance of overtaking Real Madrid and FC Barcelona – in the long term, it would undoubtedly be a loss.

Currently, Spanish La Liga odds winner are as follows: FC Barcelona is at odds of 2.18, and Real is at 1.90. Given that the Madrid team has said goodbye to Benzema, the main goalkeeper will be injured for most of the season, and the team is not currently playing at full strength due to short-term injuries, a bet on FC Barcelona is more valuable.

Current Form of La Liga Teams

In this La Liga season, almost all the teams have played seven games each, and three clubs stand out:

Girona FCGirona returned to La Liga last season after a three-year break and opened the season with a draw, but then went on to win six games in a row and are currently leading with 19 points.

The team has some veterans in Daley Blind, David Lopez, and Bernando Espinosa, but mainly comprises youngsters. It’s hard to expect them to maintain this form throughout the season, but given their 10th-place finish last year, they could surprise even more.

Sevilla – UEFA European Cup champions have had a tragic start to the La Liga season, with only two wins, a draw, and three defeats in six games. Sergio Ramos has returned to his first club to finish his career, and this is not a result that will please the veteran, the fans, or the management.


The team has a lot of talented players, and there is hope that Sevilla will start to move up the table, but at the moment, it should be viewed with caution.

FC Barcelona – reigning La Liga champions, started the season with a draw before winning five games in a row, only to draw again in the last match against RCD Mallorca, and are currently in third place with 17 points.

In their last match, Barca were 0-2 down in the 76th minute but managed to win 3-2. A team that has shown character is in really solid form, although several important players are out with minor injuries.

La Liga Injured Players and Summer Transfers

Many well-known footballers left Spain in the summer, including Matheus Cunha, Yannick Carrasco, Ousmane Dembele, Franck Kessie, Luiz Felipe, Marco Asensio, Karim Benzema, Eden Hazard and Pau Torres.

However, it can be noted that many high-level players also arrived. The focus is on 20-year-old Jude Bellingham, for whom Real paid a buyout of 103 million. Ilkay Gundogan, Joao Cancelo, Kieran Tierney, Boubakary Soumare, Djibril Sow, and Boulaye Dia have also arrived in La Liga this summer.

Before betting on La Liga games, you should pay attention not only to the new players who have joined the teams but also to injuries. It can be noted that at the beginning of the season, there are a number of high-level players who are recovering from injury and make a big difference to the team’s chances:

  • David Silva – will not play until March 2024.
  • Giuliano Simeone – will not play until March 2024.
  • Thomas Lemar – will not play until January 2024.
  • Thibaut Courtois – will not play until April 2024.
  • Eder Militao – will not play until April 2024.

Best Spanish La Liga Betting Odds – Paripesa

For punters interested in the Spanish La Liga betting, we recommend the Paripesa betting site.

This betting company has been in operation since 2019 and has a very wide range of bets on offer. Not only can you find all the bets we’ve discussed on La Liga matches, but you can also find many more options:

  • Handicaps/Asian Handicaps;
  • Who will score first;
  • Game winner + how many goals will be scored in the match – these combinations come in a wide range of odds, from 1.50 to 10 or more;
  • Which player will score;
  • The time interval when the first goal will be scored;
  • Round statistics – you can bet on the total for the whole round. For example, that more or less than 26.5 goals will be scored in one round. Home or away teams will win overall, handicap bets, and more.

Paripesa also has a very user-friendly website where you can quickly find the matches you want. The quality mobile-friendly website allows you to place bets anywhere, anytime.

There is also a live betting category, where live streams can be found. Top up your account with the most popular payment methods, including cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit amount is €5.

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