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  • 23 Sep 2015
    4 min. read

TOP 5 Bookmakers

First af all, forget all those fairy tales about “fast money” in sports betting. Quick money in sports betting is the same as the enrichment plan for gambling casinos, it just does not exist. Sport betting is a very comprehensive and complex “business”. Our team has made a great start for the newbie. But first and most important thing is to choose the betting company where you will place your bets. We carefully evaluate a number of companies every day and bring you the best and most reliable ones.

Where to start?

Betting Guide: Horse Betting

Top 3 Best Bookmakers in the World

Betting Plan

Top 3 Best Crypto Bookmakers

Crypto sports betting platforms have gained massive popularity as promising investment options among sports fans and betting providers. There’re many crypto sports betting sites out there. While the huge number of crypto sites provides you with many options to pick from, it also makes it difficult to select the best one.

To help you find a crypto sports betting platform that will provide you with everything you need, we review a number of sites and present only the best ones. The steps that our experts follow when reviewing a crypto betting platform include; research, test, compare and rate. We take our time to research the reputation, create an account and test all the features available, compare the best offers and rate it based on its services.

Crypto Sports Betting FAQ

The project’s objective

The main project’s objective is to introduce the reader to betting from a professional’s perspective. To remove the myths about the easy winnings and big amounts of money. To explain the visitors the betting jargon and the main strategies. To interview the betting professionals, share it, as well as increase the common understanding of sports betting. To help form a responsible and mindful attitude towards money management and gambling.

One of the main aspects is to analyse and compare sports betting companies. To constantly present new companies and do detailed reviews. To compare the companies from different angles and by doing so provide the beginners and the professionals with as many beneficial information as possible. To distinguish reliable companies from the unreliable ones.

The final aim is to evaluate all existing betting companies in the world according to their reliability, licence, the sports supply, coefficients, betting limits and the service provided.

sbg team

Sports betting predictions team constantly overviews the main sport, political and cultural events in the world. We share the insights and the betting predictions. Our bets and predictions are free and publicly accessible in contrast to other websites.

Our betting advices are oriented towards the common understanding of the betting. For example, we are not giving the fish; we give the fishing rod and teach how to use it. So that the reader himself would be able to better understand the sport, the betting and would be able to choose better events to place the bets.

Betting online

Betting online has been steadily growing for the past years. There are more and more companies, tools, betting possibilities available. While following the tendencies, it seems that the gambling online will only get more popular. What’s even more important is that the gambling online would proceed smoothly and the players money and personal information’s protection would be assured. As the online betting becomes more popular, so there are all kinds of crooks who are interested in this segment. Also cryptocurrency and blockchain technology transformed sports betting into different world, where eliminates the problems that face many gamblers who are wanting to place bets worldwide. Read this if you want to know about best crypto sports betting sites 2024. g2e macao

Projects activity and beliefs has a clearly defined and publicly accessible betting companies evaluation criteria. Every reader of our site can have a look at them and see that if we give the first place to a betting company on our page, it means, that right now it really is one of the best companies to bet online. This project collaborates with the biggest sport betting companies in the world, such as Betsson Group (the best known are: Betsson, Betsafe, NordicBet), Kindred Group (the best known is Unibet). The information on our website is regularly updated about the changes in the betting market, legal regulations and other actualities. Responsible gambling. team promotes responsible gambling. If you feel that card games or gambling games can induce an addiction or in one or another way have a negative influence on your private or family life, we recommend to see a specialist without a hesitation. sbg team in malta

The team

We are specialists in our field. Our team constantly checks and tests the companies online. We also gamble with our real money while betting online. For most of us, gambling is not only a pleasant hobby but also an extra income. We follow the changes in the market, participate in the forums abroad, and communicate with other gambling professionals. All of this is our team's daily life. In 2019 and in the following years will present even more sports predictions and reviews of the companies.

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