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RollerCoin Review 2024: P2E BTC Mining Simulator

In a RollerCoin review, we will talk about fun and easy-to-use platform where games can earn real cryptocurrency. It's designed to simulate Bitcoin mining through enjoyable games and puzzles. 

Every ten minutes, active players get a chance to win a share of a Bitcoin block. It's user-friendly, with guides and tutorials for beginners, and you can boost your virtual mining power and compete with friends for rewards. 

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RollerCoin Review: Key Facts

✔️ Simple Start: Users can sign up quickly with an email or social media and customize their gaming character.

✔️ Earn by Playing: The platform allows you to play mini-games to increase mining power and earn a share of Bitcoin.

✔️ No Initial Cost: It's free to play, making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

✔️ Investment Strategy: It’s important to reinvest your game earnings to enhance mining power and boost potential income.

✔️ Safety Measures: RollerCoin uses encryption to keep players' transactions and accounts secure.

How to Start Mining Roller Coin?


If you want to start mining at RollerCoin simulator, here's your step-by-step guide to earning digital coins:

  1. Register your profile: Firstly, create your Rollercoin account. Head to their site, enter your email and set a secure password.
  1. Select mining capacity: After signing up, you'll pick your mining strength. Your choice here dictates your Bitcoin mining rate. There are various levels, each with distinct costs and prospective yields.
  1. Begin mining: With your mining capacity set, embark on the mining adventure by engaging in various mini-games and tasks offered by RollerCoin. As you rack up more points, your mining power ramps up, boosting your Bitcoin gains.
  1. Cash-out Bitcoin: When you've collected a satisfactory amount, you can transfer your digital earnings into your Bitcoin wallet.

How to use RollerCoin?

After registering, players can increase their virtual mining power through gameplay, which may translate into earning digital currencies like Bitcoin. 

The platform simulates cryptocurrency mining and rewards, providing an interactive way to understand the basics of crypto mining through gaming.

  1. Customize RollerCoin Characters

Once you have completed the signup process, you can begin enjoying your gameplay experience on RollerCoin. 

One of the first things you can do after signing up is customize your RollerCoin characters to your liking. 

Additionally, you now have the opportunity to earn characters within the RollerCoin game.

  1. Increase Mining Power

The next step is to start mining Bitcoin using your created character. By participating in missions, mini-games, and tasks, you can increase your mining power. 

The amount of mining power you have determines your share in the mining pool: the more powerful your character, the larger your pool share and potential earnings.

Increasing your mining power is crucial in RollerCoin crypto mining simulator. Just like real-life mining, the game revolves around power and hash rate. 

By increasing your mining power, you can mine more crypto games and earn more rewards. There are two main ways to improve your mining power: playing mini-games and investing your Bitcoin. 

Each game you complete grants you hash power that lasts for 24 hours.

  1. Utilize Profits and Winnings

To receive your expected rewards and earn Bitcoin in your wallet, you need to utilize your profits and winnings wisely. 

By reinvesting your earnings and strategically managing your resources, you can build your Bitcoin empire. 

This will not only allow you to achieve personal milestones within RollerCoin but also increase your chances of earning a passive income.

If you cannot generate passive income, consider looking into how to buy Bitcoin.

RollerCoin Bonuses

Roller Coin Casino combines gaming with bonuses and cryptocurrency rewards. 


RollerCoin offers a variety of bonuses to enhance your gaming experience:


✔️ Exciting Mini-Games: The platform provides a range of mini-games for players, such as Coinclick, Token Blaster, Flappy Rocket, and Cryptonoid.

✔️ Coin-Match Game: One of the games available is Coin-match, where players can match coins to earn rewards.

✔️ Crypto Hamster: Crypto Hamster allows players to collect tokens and increase their extraction power.

✔️ 2048 Coins and Coin-Flip: There is also a game called 2048 Coins and Coin-Flip for players to enjoy.

Extended Power Rewards

By participating in the games, players have the opportunity to win extended power. 

Achieving 20 daily wins grants three days of extended power, 50 daily wins give five days, and 100 daily wins reward seven days.

Seasons and Exclusive Rewards

RollerCoin introduces themed events called seasons, which allow players to earn money more quickly through the games. 

These seasons offer exclusive rewards.


The first season pass was announced on August 3, 2021, and has become a regular part of the gameplay. This season lasts for 60 days and provides various rewards.

During the season, players must earn XP (experience points) to unlock rewards. XP can be made by completing daily tasks, such as logging in, playing a certain number of games, visiting social media pages, and finishing all the weekly tasks. 

Rewards include RollerCoin miners, racks, RLT, and bonus power.

RollerCoin Referral Program

RollerCoin has a referral program allows you to invite friends and family to join the game using your referral link.

Referred users receive 1,000 SATs to start the game.

As the partner, you earn a 25% commission from their profits and 15% from in-game purchases.

⭐ Is RollerCoin legit?

Yes, RollerCoin is considered legitimate. While there may be occasional delays in receiving BTC, contacting their support team via email can help resolve any issues.

⭐ What is RollerCoin app?

RollerCoin is an online gaming platform that combines cryptocurrency mining with gaming. Players can earn rewards by playing mini-games and investing in virtual mining rigs.

⭐ How do I start playing games on RollerCoin?

To start playing games on RollerCoin, create an account and customize your character. Once that's done, you can begin playing mini-games and earning rewards.

⭐ Can I play RollerCoin for free?

Yes, RollerCoin is free to play. However, you can maximize your earnings by reinvesting your rewards into virtual mining rigs.

⭐ What is RollerToken?

RollerToken (RLT) is the in-game currency used in RollerCoin. Players can use RLT to purchase various items in the RollerCoin store, such as miners, loot boxes, racks, parts, and skins.

⭐ How does the referral program work in RollerCoin?

RollerCoin has a referral program where players can invite friends and family to play together using a unique referral link. When someone joins the game using your link, you can earn exclusive rewards.

RollerCoin Guide: Mining Capabilities and Rigs

RollerCoin lets users buy mining rigs to enhance their mining and increase earnings. More miners boost hash power, raising Satoshi's earnings per block. 

That’s how users can generate passive Bitcoin income:

  • Purchase Mining Rigs

RollerCoin allows you to purchase mining rigs to enhance your mining capabilities. By reinvesting your earnings, you can grow your Roller Coin mining facilities and increase your extraction power.

  • Boost Hash Power

Each new miner you acquire will boost your hash power, resulting in higher earnings of Satoshis per block.

  • Get Passive Income

With a sufficient number of rigs, you can generate a passive income in Bitcoin.

  • Use Exclusive Miners

The Roller Coin store offers exclusive miners with varying levels of hash power, such as RollerMiner S4, Rollerminer S7, Rolleron 741, RollerMiner S5+, Rollerminer R4, Rolleron Miner 761, RollerMiner S9, Dragonroller 16T, and Roller Fury B8.

How to Withdraw Satoshi?

Withdrawing money from RollerCoin is similar to real-life withdrawals. Players can easily withdraw Satoshi.

However, there are specific terms and conditions to be aware of. Withdrawals are limited to the available balance, and the processing time can take 1-5 business days, depending on the transaction amount. 

Using the correct network for transferring money online is essential to avoid irreversible transactions and potential loss of funds.

Earnings and Reinvestment

RollerCoin offers several ways to earn money, including mini-games and reinvestment. Playing games and reinvesting helps accumulate. 

Maximizing earnings is possible by: 

  • Multiple Avenues for Earnings

RollerCoin provides multiple money-making avenues, including playing mini-games and reinvesting your earnings.

  • Accumulating Satoshi

By playing games and reinvesting, you can accumulate Satoshi.

  • Reinvesting Earnings

It is recommended to reinvest your earnings in your data center to maximize your earnings per game.

Earnings from mining are determined by factors such as the coin(s) you mine, network power, allocated power, block reward, and incentives.

  • Rollerbuddy Calculator

RollerCoin offers a Rollerbuddy calculator to estimate potential earnings, although the platform does not officially endorse it.

RollerCoin Store Items

The RollerCoin store offers a range of items, including miners, loot boxes, racks, parts, and skins.

These assets can be purchased during the weekly exclusive sale and assist players in completing quick RollerCoin games.

To make purchases in RollerCoin's store, players need to use the in-game currency called RollerToken. 

This means that other cryptocurrencies cannot be used on the platform, and players must first exchange their cryptocurrency for RLT.

Safety and Security

The platform utilizes advanced encryption protocols to protect user payment methods and online transactions. 

This ensures that account information remains secure and prevents unauthorized access.


If you encounter any issues while playing games or making investments on RollerCoin, customer support is available 24/7 to assist you.

RollerCoin Review: Conclusion

RollerCoin is an online game that lets you mine virtual Bitcoin by playing mini-games. It's accessible, user-friendly, and even has events to help you get more crypto.

To get ahead, play daily to update your miners and collect rewards from loot boxes. Keep an eye on their site for the latest news.

It's not just playing—investing your virtual earnings back into the Roller Coin game can pay off by boosting your mining power.

RollerCoin Review shows that the game has a referral system, too, so you can earn more by bringing in friends. Plus, you can buy excellent game items with RollerToken, the game's currency.

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