Premier League Darts Betting 2024

This article guides anyone wanting to learn more about Premier League darts betting. Here, we provide useful information on this prestigious tournament, top players, betting tips, and different bets you can make. 

We offer valuable insights and strategies, showcase key competitions, and highlight Premier League darts features.

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Key Facts to Consider

  • Top Players and Competition: Premier League Darts features the world’s best players, including the current World Champion and other top-ranked players. Betting on players like Michael van Gerwen, who often dominates, or betting on promising newcomers can be strategic.
  • Tournament Structure and Format: The tournament, part of the Darts Triple Crown, runs from February to May with significant format changes. It includes 16 mini-knockout tournaments with a ‘best of 11 legs’ format in quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. This format offers betting opportunities, such as outright winners for each night or the entire league.
  • Scoring System: Points are awarded based on performance in each mini-tournament, accumulating over the season. This system impacts players’ strategies and can be a key factor in betting, especially for predicting playoff contenders.
  • Playoff Dynamics: The top four players, based on points, enter the playoffs, featuring the ‘best of 19 legs’ semi-finals and a ‘best of 21 legs’ final. Betting on playoff matches requires considering players’ season-long performance and ability to handle high-pressure games.
  • Different Betting Markets: In Premier League Darts betting, options include predicting the overall league winner (Outright Winner), individual night winners (Outright Night Winner), and bets on specific achievements like most 180s, highest checkout, or a nine-darter. You can also choose head-to-head, handicap, or accumulator bets, with successful betting relying on understanding top players’ forms, such as Michael van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price.
  • Following Expert Tipsters: Evaluating tipsters based on profit stats, consistency, and follower count can guide bettors in making informed decisions.
  • Recent Champions: Looking at the last 10 winners of Premier League Darts can provide insights into the players’ dominance and trends, which is helpful for future tournament betting on online betting sites.

Why is Premier Darts League Special?

Premier League Darts features the world’s best players in exciting matches across the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany. There’s a big prize fund, and players earn weekly bonuses and points for a league table, with the top players moving on to the Play-Offs.

The event includes the current World Champion, other highly-ranked players, past champions, and promising newcomers. Champions try to set new records each season, while new players aim to make their mark. Players returning from breaks add excitement to the league.

Betting tips for each season match are available, giving insights based on the players’ past performances and current form.

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Tournament Overview

The Premier League Darts is a high-profile event and a part of the Darts Triple Crown. The tournament, running from February to May, has undergone significant format changes recently.

The tournament has reduced its participants from ten to eight. They now compete in 16 mini-knockout tournaments on Thursdays. Each night features four quarter-finals, two semi-finals, and a final, using a ‘best of 11 legs’ format.

  • Matchups and Scoring: Players face off at least twice in the quarter-finals, leading to varied matchups. Points are allocated for each mini-tournament: two for reaching a semi-final, three for being runner-up, and five for winning. These points accumulate over 16 nights to determine the top four for the playoffs.
  • Playoff Structure: The top four players from the accumulated points compete in the playoffs. The semi-finals are ‘best of 19 legs’ matches, with the first place facing the fourth and the second against the third. The final is a ‘best of 21 legs’ match to crown the champion.
  • Venues and Prize Fund: The Premier League Darts is hosted in 17 arenas across the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Germany, featuring a £1 million prize fund. The winner each night gets a £10,000 bonus. The playoffs are held at London’s O2 Arena.
  • Betting Tips: When betting, keep track of player performances, points, and previous matchups throughout the tournament. Understanding the format and player standings is key to informed betting decisions.


🎯 What is Premier League Darts?

The Premier League Darts is a highly anticipated professional darts tournament that showcases the world’s top players. The contest takes place in a round-robin format across various venues in the United Kingdom and some other locations in Europe. This prestigious event is known for its excitement and draws large audiences both at the venues and through televised broadcasts.

🎯 How does Premier League Darts work?

The Premier League Darts operates on a round-robin format where ten players compete against each other over several weeks of matches. After the round-robin stage, the top four players advance to the playoffs, culminating in a final to determine the tournament champion.

🎯 When does Premier League Darts start?

The 2024 Premier League Darts will occur from February 1 to May 23.

🎯 How much do Premier League Darts players earn?

Premier League Darts players typically earn varying amounts based on their performance and ranking in the tournament. Top players can earn significant prize money, with winnings ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of pounds per match, along with additional bonuses for reaching certain stages of the competition or achieving specific milestones.


🎯 Who are Premier League Darts winners?

The list of winners includes renowned players like Michael van Gerwen, Phil Taylor, and Gary Anderson, among others.

Premier League Darts Betting Types

  • Outright Winner Betting: In this popular bet, you pick who will win the entire Darts Premier League. Imagine placing a bet on Peter Wright before the tournament begins or spotting a potential comeback from Rob Cross mid-tournament and betting on him for potentially high returns.
  • Outright Night Winner: Each of the 16 nights is a new chance to bet on a night’s winner. It’s like predicting if Michael van Gerwen will dominate a particular Thursday or if Gary Anderson will surprise everyone. Remember, consistent performance is key, not just one-time winning streaks.
  • Most 180s Betting: Here, you’re betting on who will score the most 180s throughout the season. Think about backing a consistent scorer like Gerwyn Price for this. There’s also the option to bet over or under on the total 180s in a night – imagine betting over on a night when the players are in top form!
  • Highest Match Checkout Betting: This bet involves guessing the highest checkout in a match. For example, the bookie sets a line at 153.5, and you bet whether Michael Smith will score a checkout higher or lower than this. It’s a thrilling bet that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  • Nine-Darter Betting: Betting on a player to score a nine-dart finish is like wagering on a moment of magic. It’s rare, but it’s unforgettable when it happens, like when Gerwyn Price hit two nine-darters in one night. You can also bet against this happening, which is more common but less exhilarating.
  • Head-to-Head Betting: You pick one player over another in a match. For instance, you are betting on Nathan Aspinall to outperform Dimitri Van den Bergh in a head-to-head matchup.
  • Handicap Betting: Ideal when there’s a clear favorite. Say, giving a +2.5 leg advantage to an underdog against a top player like Van Gerwen, balancing the odds.
  • Accumulator Betting: Combine several bets, like Wright to win on night one, Price for most 180s, and Aspinall for highest checkout, to increase potential winnings.

Top Premier League Dart Players

These top Premier League Darts players are noteworthy for betting purposes. For betting on Premier League Darts, it’s essential to consider these players’ current form, head-to-head records, and performance in similar tournament conditions. 

  • Michael van Gerwen: Often dominating the darts scene, van Gerwen is known for his exceptional consistency and skill. He’s a multi-time world champion and a major threat in any tournament. He’s often the favorite when betting, but the odds might be shorter due to his high win probability.
  • Gerwyn Price: The Welsh player, known for his competitiveness and high scoring, is a former world champion. Price’s aggressive playing style makes him a strong contender, especially in high-pressure matches. His matches are often high-scoring, which can be a critical factor in over/under bets.
  • Peter Wright: Known for his style and precision, Wright has been a world champion and is always a threat in major tournaments. His ability to pull off big checkouts makes him an exciting choice for the highest checkout bets.
  • Michael Smith: A player with a rapidly rising profile, Smith has been a world championship finalist known for his fast play and high scoring. He’s a good pick for most 180s bets and can be a valuable choice in outright winner bets, especially if his odds are more favorable than the top favorites.
  • Gary Anderson: A veteran with multiple world championships, Anderson’s experience and calm demeanor make him a threat in any tournament. He’s especially worth considering in head-to-head matchup bets, where his experience can give him an edge.
  • Rob Cross: A former world champion, Cross has a steady and methodical style. He can be a strong pick in tournaments, especially in form. Cross might offer good value for bettors, particularly in matchups where he’s underrated against higher-profile players.
  • Jonny Clayton: Known as “The Ferret,” Clayton has been making a mark with several tournament wins. His ability to perform under pressure makes him a good choice for outright bets, especially in tournaments where he’s not the top favorite.
  • Dimitri Van den Bergh: A rising star in darts, Van den Bergh has shown he can compete with the best. His performances in major tournaments make him a potential dark horse in outright bets and a solid choice in head-to-head matchups.

Premier League Darts Betting Tips & Strategies

When betting on Premier League Darts, bettors often use several popular strategies and tips to increase their chances of success. Using them lets you make more informed decisions and increase your chances of winning bets.

✔ Study Players’ Form: When evaluating players in the Premier League Darts, it’s crucial to consider their recent performances.

For instance, if Michael van Gerwen has been winning consistently and posting high averages in the last few tournaments, it’s a strong indicator that he’s in top form and a good bet for upcoming matches. 

✔ Head-to-Head Records: Some players perform better against certain opponents. Check past matchups to see if a player consistently outperforms another.

For example, Michael van Gerwen has historically had a strong record against Peter Wright, often outscoring and outlasting him in crucial moments. 

✔ 180s and Checkout Betting: In Premier League Darts, players like Michael van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price are known for their ability to score 180s, which is the maximum score with three darts. Betting on them for ‘most 180s’ in a match could be wise due to their consistently high scoring. 

✔ Understand the Format: Premier League Darts operates round-robin, with players facing off in weekly matches across various locations. This means players must maintain consistent performance and adapt to different venues, which can influence their form and betting odds.

For example, a player who excels in consecutive weeks may see their odds shortened, while one who struggles might become a more extended shot for future matches. 


✔ Watch for Consistency: It’s wise to consider players like Michael van Gerwen or Peter Wright, who consistently perform at a high level and reach the late stages of tournaments.

Their steady form makes them reliable choices for advancing to the semi-finals or finals, increasing the odds of a successful bet. 

✔ Look for Value in Odds: Consider underdogs with a track record of upsetting top-seeded players. For instance, if a player ranked lower has won several previous encounters with a high-ranked opponent, their odds might be more favorable than the statistics suggest, potentially leading to a lucrative payout if they pull off another surprise win. 

✔ Consider External Factors: External factors such as the atmosphere of a venue can greatly influence a player’s performance in the Premier League.

For instance, a hometown favorite may receive overwhelming crowd support, boosting their confidence and focus, as seen when Scottish player Peter Wright feeds off the energy in Glasgow, often leading to a surge in his performance. 

✔ In-Play Betting: In-play betting, also known as live betting, allows you to watch Premier League matches in real time and make bets as the action unfolds.

For instance, if Michael van Gerwen starts hitting a streak of 180s, you could quickly place a bet on him to win the next leg or even the match, capitalizing on his momentum. 

✔ Keep Track of Points and Standings: Every match win adds points to a player’s total, influencing their position in the standings. For example, if a player is close to the top four, they might play more aggressively to secure a spot in the playoffs, affecting betting odds. 

Premier League Darts Last 10 Winners

To have a higher chance of betting, let’s take a look at the champions from the past 10 years to see which players have stood out in this prestigious event:

YearWinnerScoreRunner Up
2023Michael van Gerwen11-5Gerwyn Price
2022Michael van Gerwen11-10Joe Cullen
2021Jonny Clayton11-5Jose de Sousa
2020Glen Durrant11-8Nathan Aspinall
2019Michael van Gerwen11-5Rob Cross
2018Michael van Gerwen11-4Michael Smith
2017Michael van Gerwen11-10Peter Wright
2016Michael van Gerwen11-3Phil Taylor
2015Gary Anderson11-7Michael van Gerwen
2014Raymond van Barneveld10-6Michael van Gerwen

How to Choose Darts Tipsters?

Many expert darts tipsters can be found on various platforms. Some specialize in big events like the PDC World Darts Championship or weekly Premier League games, while others are experts in specific betting areas like Most 180s or Total Legs.

How to Check Tipster Performance?

To find the top-performing tipsters, look at their recent profit statistics on match and tournament tips pages. These stats show their profits over the last seven days, month, and year and give you an idea of their current form, consistency, and overall performance.

Successful Tipsters

For instance, as of September 2023, some notable tipsters include Tryinzion, who made a +263 profit on 10-point stakes in six months, and MonthlyJoyride, who has over 3,950 followers. 

Tipsters have different strategies; some aim for consistent wins, while others go for higher odds for potentially bigger but less frequent profits.


In conclusion, the Premier League Darts offers a dynamic and strategic platform for betting, driven by its unique tournament structure, the prowess of top players like Michael van Gerwen, and the insights provided by expert tipsters. 

Understanding the tournament’s format, from its mini-knockout stages to the playoff dynamics, historical trends, and player performances, is crucial for making informed betting decisions.

This comprehensive approach to analyzing the Premier League Darts underscores the importance of blending in-depth knowledge of the sport with strategic betting insights.

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